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The Student

Sex with the perfect stranger 1

Imagine being in a happy place , where your mind doesn’t worry about anything at all , where your heart is at peace , where everything is beautiful, a place of comfort, could be a person or a location, but whatever it was , Noxy searched for it and was determined to find it.

23 year old Noxy was a beautiful young lady , with the shape of an hour glass, her breasts were very big which is one of the first things men notice when they see her , her beauty was the second thing, then comes the wide hips and her beautiful flawless skin.

Noxy was staying at the university in Johannesburg, as she was doing her final year in Law , she has always been a book worm , so she was that nerdy person who no one talks to unless it’s about an upcoming test or homework.

Of course men in her class tried to use “books” to get close to her and hopefully get into her pants but Noxy was not about that life , she made it a choice of hers to not get involved in any relationship with anyone from campus , her reason was not because it would shift her focus , it was because Noxy had her type. She preferred grown men , above 30 to be precise , she often fantasized about making love to the perfect man , and she would call him Daddy and he would spank her just the way she likes it .

No one knew that sexual side of Noxy , she lived alone , and most of her close friends stayed in Durban which is another city where she grew up so she was pretty much a loner.

Noxy had decided to let loose in her final year , she wanted to explore sexually, drink more alcohol and just enjoy her fucking final year of being a student before she gets into the real world.

It was a Friday , Noxy didn’t attend on fridays so she decided to get herself a bottle of dry red wine, it was around 7pm and now she was tipsy , she had been thinking of ways for her to quench her sexual thirst , but she didn’t even know where to start looking for a man so she did what every lonely woman does, and no she didn’t masturbate , she decided to download a dating app.

Its A Match

Sex with the perfect stranger 2

Tinder was a popular app , varsity girls love it , it’s a good way to meet new people apparently.

Noxy was smart so she figured out how the app works in less than 10minutes, she was just scrolling and checking out all the men on there .

She was very picky , because she didn’t want to make a mistake and match with a serial killer

So she had to be cautious, she knew all the red flags of how to spot a Catfish.

Noxy was getting exhausted and losing hope because she didn’t find a single guy who she fancied on the app until she came across a gentlemen named Ola, he was 32 years old

Medium height , dark and very handsome .

In his bio it was written that his a Nigerian and his here in South Africa on business, and he would like a lady to show him around.

Noxy wasted no time and clicked on his profile , all she thought of were the rumors that were going around campus that West African men have big dicks, and she was ready to confirm if they true or not .

She texted him “hey”, she didn’t know where she got the courage from but it was probably the wine and the horniness.

Minutes later Ola texted her back saying “ hello beautiful lady , I hope you are well , unfortunately tomorrow morning I have a flight going back to Nigeria , but before I do I would love to have dinner with you tonight , if you are interested, send me your number and location .”

Noxy started screaming out of excitement and running around her bedroom, she quickly responded with her number and location then

Told him she will be ready by 9pm.

She rearranged her whole wardrobe looking for a sexy but not slutty outfit and came out with a short black dress at the end .

She wore it with red heels and with a maroon coat , it was abit cold outside.

It was 8:30pm and she was ready then she starts getting paranoid, asking herself questions like “what if his going to kidnap me , what if his a catfish , I didn’t even hear his voice , fuck !”

She was panicking, but luckily Ola called at that moment ,

The sound of his deep sexy voice calmed her down and made her crave him even more.

I hope you are ready , I can’t wait to see you. The driver will be there in 15minutes, see you soon” he said .

Noxy told him she can’t wait to see him too.

She finished off the remaining bit of her wine then she fixed up her make up again , making sure she looks proper .

This was the most spontaneous thing she had ever done , she was nervous and excited at the same time .

She got a text from the driver saying his outside.

The Perfect Stranger

Sex with the perfect stranger 3

The ride to his hotel was not long , in less than 15minutes she was already there .

When they pulled up at the drop off zone , there he was , already waiting for Noxy.

He was wearing an all black suit ,he looked like a perfect gentleman.

He walked over to the car and opened the door for Noxy ,

She got out and he gave her a hug.

He took her handbag and held her hand as they walked up to reception of the hotel , and got into the elevator.

They were both quiet on their way to his room , it was the nerves.

When they got in the room , Ola introduced himself properly, they both took off their coats and got comfortable.

He handed her the hotel room service menu so she could get herself something to eat but Noxy said she wasn’t hungry .

She wanted more wine.

Ola was drinking Hennessy, and poured her some red wine .

Noxy asked him a lot of questions about what business does he do ? And about Nigeria , the conversation was flowing between the two and so was her vaginal fluids.

Noxy hadn’t been sexually active for a very long time , and every time Ola opened his mouth to respond to one of her questions, she got wet.

Ola loved music so he started playing some tunes from his hometown for Noxy and she was feeling it .

The vibe was amazing , the mood was great as Ola leaned in for a kiss .

They started kissing passionately.

From the couch to the bed.

Noxy was feeling it more than he did , but he liked it.

He started rubbing her big breasts , but that wasn’t enough , he wanted to feel her flesh.

He asked her if it’s okay if he took off her dress , without hesitation she agreed .

Stop talking , and do whatever you wanna do with me daddy”

She said to him.

Her giving Ola the go ahead made him get extremely horny

He took off her dress and bra in less than a second

Then started playing with her breasts

He rubbed her nipples while she was laying on the bed , moaning like crazy

You can scream as loud as you want babe , don’t hold back “ he told her .

Noxy was still wearing her underwear, so she took it off and placed his hand by her vagina

She loved getting fingered.

Ola is a grown man , he knew what he had to do , he played with her pussy until she was dripping wet , She was enjoying and so was he.

Noxy wanted the dick now , so she unzipped his pants , Ola quickly got undressed and Noxy couldn’t believe her eyes.

Never in her life has she seen a penis that big , it was thick and long

The size of her arm.

She suddenly got scared , she wasn’t sure if she could take it but the way she was so horny

She wanted it so badly.

Why the fuck is your dick so big” she yelled out

Ola just laughed and said “ I’ll be gentle , but if you scared I understand”

Noxy knew that as much as she was scared , she was never going to turn down a dick like that.

He got on top of her , put on the condom , then put his penis inside her slowly, as soon as the tip got in Noxy was already moaning like crazy , Ola kept on asking her if she’s okay until Noxy told him again to just shut up and fuck her.

Only half of his penis was inside her , but Noxy was already having a very intense orgasm,

After that he changed the pace and started going faster , fucking her like crazy

She was screaming out of pleasure, he was fucking her so well, that moment for Noxy felt so amazing , she felt like a normal varsity student and not a nerd , she was at peace , she wanted that moment to last forever and ever.

By the time he came , she had already had multiple orgasms.

She wasn’t sure if she was allowed to cuddle him or not since his basically a stranger, but he wrapped his arms around her first .

Noxy laid on his chest and enjoyed each and every moment of it because she knew it won’t last forever.

In the morning she woke up alone next to an envelope with a note written “ we may never meet ever again but I had a good time, be good”

With the name Ola at the end .

She smiled , she was happy and had no regrets .

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