Sex 101: How To Eat A Girl Out  1

If you are not sure how to eat a girl out the right way, this guide is what you need to have her screaming every single time. 

You might think that knowing how to eat a girl doesn’t require any skill at all. You just go down, stick tongue out and watch her enjoy herself.  Honestly, doing this would get you no response. In fact, she’d probably make you stop. 

Women love a man who’s experienced to go down on them. We don’t want someone that doesn’t know what he’s doing and would have us regretting ever letting him down there. 

There’s more to eating a girl out than you think. It takes time, skill and lots of practice in order to do it right and make her want you like no never before. If you don’t put in the work, you won’t please her,and you don’t want to displease your woman. Trust me you don’t! 

Benefits Of Eating A Girl Out 

Some of you may be rolling your eyes because you don’t see the point in having to do this when you can just get right to the sex and please her that way. What you don’t know is getting right down to business might not be pleasing as you think. 

Women need foreplay. We take a lot longer than men to get off and tend to enjoy foreplay to get things rolling and make the big O even better. 

Tips On How To Make Her Scream While Eating Her Out

Like I said earlier, eating a girl out is a skill that some people don’t have. Luckily, this skill can be taught and with practice, you’d have her screaming in no time. 

If you really want to please your girl like never before, then these tips will give you all the information you need to have her writhing in ecstasy. 

  • Build Up The Anticipation – There’s nothing hotter than getting a text from your man saying he’s going to eat you out so bad you’d be screaming his name. It doesn’t matter where you are, once you get that text, you’re going to be “ready“. Build up the anticipation beforehand. Get her mind and body ready for what you have to offer, and you’d be surprised at how pumped she’d be to receive all you have to offer. 
      • Heat things up in other regions – Don’t just jump right down there and start eating her out.  You want to make sure you’re getting her whole body on edge before going down on her. Kiss her passionately, kiss her neck (nibble on them too), feel her up and make her know you’re ready to have her. 
        • Make your way down, slowly – This part is very important because it helps to build up the anticipation. You want her to be turned on because it’ll be that much easier to please her. So move slowly, licking and kissing your way down her body till you get there. 
          • Find Her Spot – By “spot”, I mean her clit. If you don’t know where this is, then we have a bigger problem. You’d have to let her guide you. The clit is at at the top of the vagina (inside it). Knowing how to eat a girl out is all about her clit. 
            • Flick Your Tongue – We all know how girls love vibrations in that region, and that’s because the repeated movement of the clit is what gets women off. So try to use your tongue to recreate that motion by flicking it back and forth and up and down. She’d go nuts if you get it right! 
              • Apply pressure With Your Tongue – Ladies also need pressure to get off. So don’t just flick your tongue around, but press down on her clit with that powerful tongue of yours while moving it back and forth as fast as you can. This will best recreate that powerful vibration feeling we love so much. 
                • Use Your Lips – Your tongue isn’t the only thing that you can use to get a girl off. If you really want to make her scream, you have to use everything your mouth has to offer, and that includes your lips. Kiss that area. Use your lips to pull on her clit. Get creative with how you work your mouth. Your lips are important in this. 
                • Use The Suction Of Your Mouth –Speaking of your lips, you can also use them to apply a kind of pressure girls aren’t used to feeling down there – Suction! Suck and pull on her clit and watch her go crazy for you. 
                • Don’t forget about your fingers! – Just because you are eating her out doesn’t mean that you can’t use other tools to get her off while you are down there. You can use your hands and fingers to stimulate her G-spot, too. Just slip in a finger while you’re going down on her and watch her back arch and her moans escape! 
                • Ask Her How She Likes It – Don’t be afraid to break away and ask her how she likes what you’re doing. If you’ve been doing everything I’ve been telling you so far, she should be gasping for air and unable to answer.  This will not only give you a chance to breathe  but it’ll help you to adjust your methods in order to please her just the way she wants. 
                • Stimulate Other Parts Of Her Body – Don’t just leave your attention down there. Use your hands! Put them wherever you want. Grab her Butt! Reach up to her boobs and play with them a little bit. By stimulating multiple regions, you’ll be able to please her in more ways than just her lady bits. You’ll have her practically overwhelmed with pleasure and sensations. 
                • Switch up positions – There are countless positions you can eat her out from. Don’t just limit it to just one. You can experiment and switch things up. Try them all and do the one that gets the best feedback. 
                • Switch Up Intensities – Don’t just eat her out hard throughout the time. Switch up the tempo by going slow, then speeding things up. You can apply a little pressure, and then a little more before softening up again. Variety is key!
                • Make Sure She Knows You Like It – Girls have insecurities about having a guy eat them out, and if they don’t think you like it, they won’t either. Make sure you tell her her how much fun you are having and how you like pleasing her. It’ll relax her and allow her to let go and truly enjoy the experience. 
                • Ask Her What She Wants – If you are not sure what she likes, ask her. Don’t be shy! This can be done in a sexy way if you lean in close and and whisper, “what do you want me to do?”. This would put her in control and you’d learn what she wants. 

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