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Aisha's Tales 3 (Pleasing My Master) 1

Aisha’s Tales 3 (Pleasing My Master)

Hey guys welcome to the concluding part of Aisha’s Tales. Watch how my “pleasing my master” agenda makes me a favorite and opens up my submissive and freaky self.. Hope you guys enjoy this story as much as I do. Vanilla To Strawberry?(Josh’s POV) What


Aisha’s Tales 2

Here’s the second part of Aisha’s Tale. Sit back, relax and enjoy this story! And Then Came A Shocker What I thought would be a normal fuck turned out to be one of the freakiest I’ve ever had or even dreamed about. Josh was a

weekend in paradise

A Weekend In Paradise 1

How We Met Hi guys, It’s Aisha here. This is how I spent a weekend in paradise with the LOML. I’ll start by telling you what made me start talking to him and after that, i’ll take y’all down our weekend. I met Olamilekan, that’s

Hakeem: The Stud II

Hakeem: The Stud II (The Massage)

The Massage Parlour!!! I prepared for the massage Hakeem booked me. It was a surprising yet fascinating gift. I took an Uber downtown and pulled up the address he gave me. I was there in 20 minutes. There it was, a brown building with “Lavender

Hakeem: The Stud

Hakeem: The Stud

How I Met Hakeem! Hakeem is everyone’s dream guy and this is the story of how he became my man and our numerous “memories” I met the guy who would become my new boyfriend, Hakeem, at a restaurant one night while helping a friend go


Lustful Desires III

Cue The Seduction!!! It’s Saturday and I’m in my room trying to figure out what to do with myself; everyone travelled so I’m practically home alone. Remembering i owed Juwon a visit, I put a call through to him and after 2 rings he finally

My uber driver

Being Jazz!!!

I Fucked My Uber Driver!! I fucked my uber driver and I liked it. Yes, call me a slut or whatever but it was one of the best sex experiences I’ve had! I was at Derek’s and it was time to unleash the hoe in


Being Jazz!!

Remember Derek? Well we finally got to see and it was one helluva weekend but before then something really nasty happened… Please make sure you’re reading this whilst listening to Kranium’s Between Us (this song was playing while I was writing.) I was in my

sex freak

Being Jazz!

Hi, my name is Jasmine but my friends call me Jazz. I’m not a good girl per say but I am one most times. I am what you’d call a sex freak but I don’t go about giving it up just like that if you

Sonia's Adventure VIII 13

Sonia’s Adventure VIII

“Please,” I started to plead. “Please fuck me. Please, please, please, fuck me, fuck me….” His cock moved away from my clit and plunged into my hot wet hole. I gasped in shock. He was huge. I’d never felt a cock so large inside of