Rosewood High  1

It was my first day at Rosewood High; I just got the job. I’m going to be the new Arts teacher which was something I really love. I’m Dave by the way, short for David though.

The school was really lit. It has a beautiful surrounding and a whole lot of space. As I park my car in a free space, I get nervous.

I alighted from my car; a sleek Mercedes Benz CL550. I grabbed my bag from the backseat and walked into the main school.

I could feel people staring at me and I started to get uneasy as I made my way to the Principal’s office.

As I entered, his secretary, a female of about 22 years; pretty with a nice body probably a C-cup motioned for me to have a seat as she dialed the principal’s office.

After hanging up, she told me I could go in; after seeing the principal, a man of about 58 years, we shook hands and he told me he looked forward to working with me.

While in his office; the bell signaling ‘assembly time’ rang and I could hear the students running into the hall.

The principal and I made our way out to the hall and I could feel the stares; I started feeling uneasy all over again. After the anthems, the principal introduced me and said I’d be the new class teacher of the C arm of the SS3 class and also the new arts teacher. By the way the girls of Rosewood wore a skirt and shirt.

He then motioned me to the podium where I introduced myself and gave a small speech.

As the students made their way back to their respective classrooms, the principal led me over to the staff room where I was introduced to other teachers I’d be sharing the room with and shown my table.

The new timetable was shown to me and I discovered I’d be teaching my class in the first period.

I was a bit perplexed as I didn’t know where the class was located; but another teacher helped me out as he had a class beside mine.

As I made my way into the classroom; the noise ceased and I got uneasy again; I summoned the courage and I introduced myself to the class.

I got off to a good start as they were all enthusiastic about introducing themselves.

I asked for the class representative who turned out to be a pretty girl with a huge rack and a well toned body by the name Remi.

I noticed she was all smiles since I came in but I didn’t pay any attention to her.

I asked her to compile the students names alphabetically and bring them to the staff room.
Things went fine until one fateful Saturday.

I went over to my parents house and I found out Remi was friends with my younger sister, Dolapo who was also an SS3 student but in a different school.

I was uneasy as the girls were mumbling and smiling.

As I was about leaving; my sister asked if I could drop Remi off at her house which I agreed.

As I navigated the car out of the gate and into the road; Remi started off by saying, “so Dave, you’re this young”.

I was taken aback by this and before I could say anything she added “Dolapo told me you’re just 21”; well I’m 18 and I think I’m old enough to have a fling with you.

At this I applied the brakes and looked at her. She was all smiles and I wondered who this brazen girl was; definitely not the sweet girl back in school.

As I got to the junction of her house; she gave me a quick kiss on the mouth and alighted.

I was shocked and worried but I decided to continue my journey home.

Come Monday; I had my class again and I was really uneasy with the looks Remi gave me.

After class, I told the whole class to prepare for a test on Thursday.

I made a habit of staying late in school everyday just to prepare for the next day.

I was surprised when I head a knock on the door of the staff room at around 6:20 pm.

I usually was the only one around by that time; I told whoever it was to come in and in walked Remi.

Her shirt was partially unbuttoned and I could see some light titty flesh; as she approached my table, I asked her what she needed and she replied “I want your cock in me”.
I actually coughed and launched into an explanation of why we couldn’t have anything to do together; while I was talking, she was done unbuttoning her shirt and the sight of her jugs got me speechless.

She walked over to the door and locked it; leaving the key in the keyhole. As she turned back; she nearly bumped into me and I kissed her.

I finally let my desires take over. I pulled down the cups of her bra and her breast fell onto my hands and I fondled her.

She was making soft moans.

I turned her around and unzipped her skirt; I allowed her step out of it before kissing her again. She wore a lacy black pant.

I went on my knees; as I took off the panties, I was amazed she was shaved.

She had a beautiful cunt and the outer lips were puffy.

I dug in; alternating between long licks and rolling her clit. It didn’t take too long before she orgasmed into my mouth, she had a tangy taste which I loved.

As I stood up; she assumed my previous position and unzipped my fly. Now I had a pretty impressive length but my girth was the issue. I was thick; which at times could be a problem.

She tried to take me all in and she choked; I told her to go easy. She sucked for a while; and I pulled out my cock, then I took her against the door.

I was about to thrust in when I remembered I hadn’t put on a condom.

I pulled one out of my wallet and rolled it on; she hopped unto my arms and she locked her legs behind me as I thrusted in.

I fucked her in that position for a while and I could feel the strain in my thighs. I pulled out and took her on the table in my favorite position, which was doggy.

As I thrusted in; I slammed harder and harder and at a point I hit her cervix and she cried out. Her walls were adjusting to my size and she took more flesh in with each thrust.

As I kept thrusting with force; I felt the urge to cum and I erupted my seed into the condom. I thrusted In two more times before pulling out and I pulled off the condom carefully.

After pulling the condom off, she got to her knees and sucked me clean. I let her dress up as I picked up the condom foil to avoid suspicions.

When we were ready and I was sure there were no traces left behind; we left the staff room.

She walked in front of me; carrying my bag and I could notice the slight change in her walking posture.

I smiled and thought of the next time I would fuck her again.

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