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How It All Started

Quarantine in Lagos

Everyday was as boring as the last, since quarantine started. Lagos is a usually bubbly place and everyone always loved nightlife here but since the isolation, everywhere was boring. No one has left their house in weeks. Food was bought on a particular day and palliatives were shared. The thought of being indoors much Longer broke Shalewa and she wished things went back to normal soon. She longed for the outdoors and craved for times when things were normal and she moved around without fear.

It was the 2nd Thursday of the month and things were looking normal even though it wasn’t. The Government had relaxed curfew meaning people could move around without fear of the police. This didn’t mean the pandemic was gone, it just meant life would have to go on so everyone had to learn to live with it. Shalewa stared out wondering when she’d get to see her man, it’s been a while they saw and she was beginning to miss him. If not for the quarantine, they’d be together now as planned before the quarantine started. Thoughts of him ran through her mind, she needed and craved him.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and her daydream was disturbed. She assumed it was one of her neighbours bringing food. She couldn’t see who was there from where she stood, she took a deep breath and walked to the door wondering who it was.

There was a young man standing in front of her masked up, he pushed her inside and locked the door. She was terrified and wanted to scream but before she could he had his hands over her mouth and her hands were cuffed together. A clothe was put in her mouth so she won’t scream. Restrained and immobile, Shalewa sat there helpless.

She was scared but she tried not to show it. She wondered who this man was and why he was here but it didn’t matter now as she was lifted on to his shoulder and carried to her bedroom. “How did he know his way around her house and who was he?”, she thought while she was thrown on the bed.

Without wasting anymore time, he locked her room door and stripped except for his mask. He was naked with a very noticeable hard-on. He walked up to her, tore off her blouse revealing her pink bra and her perfect breasts. She tried to cover herself from him but he didn’t seem to care. He walked up to her, rolled her onto her stomach and tore off her grey joggers. She could feel his hardness on her thighs and it sent shivers done her spine.

Once she was naked, he stood back to take in all of her. She couldn’t see his face through his mask but something told her he was smiling. She was scared and began to fight him, but he held her down, and said to her: “Relax, Shalewa. It’s me.”

She heard her boyfriend’s voice and it calmed her, relaxing every tensed muscle in her body. She had jokingly suggested that he break in and have his way with her someday, but she had never thought he would actually go through with it. His fingers traced circles around her lower abdomen, getting closer and closer to her now dripping pussy. She was so aroused and wanted him to put his fingers inside her.

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Quarantine Sex

Quarantine in Lagos

Just as his fingers brushed her clit, his hand withdrew and she winced. “Not yet,” he said, as he brought out a vibrator from his trouser pocket. She began to shake her head as she saw it. She knew what it’ll do to her and she didn’t want to feel that way. She wanted to be penetrated.

Slowly, but firmly, he rolled her on to her back and pressed her hips down into the bed. He spread her legs, inserted one long finger into her desperate pussy, and then started gently rubbing the vibrator against her clit. She grunted in pleasure as the vibrator sent pulsating vibrations to her mould.

“You like that don’t you? You naughty girl.” he said to her. She tried to speak but the words couldn’t come out as she was in so much pleasure. “Cum for me you slut” he continued. She moaned a little but it was muffled as the clothe was still in her mouth. He took it off and she finally let it out. “You’re one crazy girl, you know that right?” he said.

He rubbed his already hard cock all over her mouth and told her to suck it. She began to grumble and he was growing impatient, he shoved it into her mouth. Shalewa took his cock in her mouth, using her cuffed hands to hold it as he began to thrust. Soon, his cock was half way into her mouth. She loved his feel inside her mouth and made it a challenge to suck and swallow as much of his cock as she could.

She had gotten all the way down, when he pulled her away from his dick and told her to lay face down, ass up. She did that gladly because she was finally going to be penetrated. She wanted him so bad and she couldn’t wait for him to thrust his full length into her.

He stood back to take in the lovely view before him as he slowly thrusted in her. His huge cock slid in with some difficulty. As soon as he was in, he pulled back and slammed back in with force. With every thrust inward, she moaned his name. His full length deep inside her, It was then that he began to move faster and hard, teasing her clit with one hand, but with less focus now. He was losing himself in her. Soon, he was unable to contain his orgasm and she not wanting him to stop, held him down with her legs and he poured his warm cum inside her.

He didn’t stop there, instead he used the vibrator on her until she was hit with a very big orgasm, shaking her legs and curling her toes. She was panting so hard as he took of his mask and kissed her. “I hope you enjoyed it babe” he said as she shook her head in affirmation and hugging him in the process.

Quarantine might not be so bad after all.

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