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Online Meet-Ups

Quarantine and Chill

Since we began our stay at home under quarantine three weeks ago, I was getting pretty bored. I had watched too many movies on Netflix, listened to music over and over and played games and still nothing was enough to make me really happy. I knew what was raging on my mind, making me so anxious. I wanted sex – I craved it like someone needing a glass of water after a long fast. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I thought of what to do for a while and when I didn’t get anything, I went on my computer to do a little research on the project I was working on. An AD popped up on my screen and it seemed it could read my mind cos I was shocked at what I saw, Meet a stranger near you, it said. Curiosity made me click the AD or was it my mood, well something made me click it and I wasn’t stopping now.

The site seemed pretty genuine and had lots of categories like cam sex, phone sex and the likes; I was interested at this point. I clicked on one of the male profiles scrolling to the ‘what are you into?’ section. ‘Dogging, Swinging, Straight Sex, Oral Sex, Threesomes’. Scrolling back to the top of the page, I created an account and in few minutes my account was created.

Refreshing the page, I saw a few accounts online and one caught my eye. The profile picture was of a man with toned abs and an obvious dick print showing, which made me focus on him. ‘Pervert_Me ‘, (M), 30, Lagos.” I clicked on his profile, eyes scanning over the information I already knew.

Profile Description: Horny black man, slim build, fat cock.

What kind of people do you want to meet?: Straight women

What are you into?: Picture exchange, Straight Sex, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Threesomes.

Build: Slim

Height: 6’2″

Status: Single

His description was short, though simple enough to make my pussy throb. That “fat cock” made me want him and crave for it. I texted him and to my surprise he was online. We talked for a while and fixed a meet up for this evening. It was funny how he stayed close. Plans were made and I told him not to forget to bring condoms and sanitiser; we can’t be too careful.

It was 1 pm and I needed to get ready for my ‘date’. I showered and put on some lingerie and perfume, I wanted this ‘date’ to be magical, at least for me. The lingerie sat well on my body and a one over in the mirror assured me of my beauty and sexiness. I was 5’7″, dark skinned, had 36 DD breasts and a fat ass’ I was what you’d call slim thick and I knew I drew attention anywhere I went.

This was my first time doing the whole “Quarantine and chill” thing and I was nervous and excited at the same time.

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A knock on my door woke me up from my sleep, a quick look at the time and I found out it was 9 pm. I must have slept off waiting for my ‘online stranger’. Upon opening the door, I was greeted by the sight of a 6’2 male with pale blue eyes and neatly combed hair.

“Hi, I’m Rashid” his eyes flickering instinctively towards my chest. My robe didn’t leave much to imagination and his eyes contained a glimmer of guilt as he looked up again.

“Come in” I said and led him in.

“There’s sanitiser and a box of condoms in my bag,” he said, his tone calm and soft. “I’m thinking, you strip off, and like… I put the sanitiser on then a condom, right?”

My eyes wide with disbelief. Is this really happening? He looked back at me and smiled.

“Of course it is! You’re not chickening out right?” he replied, his own voice muffled.

I breathed in nodded negative. “Cool,” and I watched as he stripped revealing his toned abs and huge cock, a live version of the picture I’d seen earlier and I could feel my heart race and my pussy throb.

Quarantine And Chill

Quarantine and Chill

I took off my robe, revealing my sexy bod in the lingerie. He dragged his eyes upwards, taking in my thin legs, my thighs; he looked at me with so much desire. “Wow you look so good. are you sure you want to go through with this?” he exclaimed, the honesty in his tone evident.

I shrugged my shoulders. “I’ve not had sex in a while and it was getting to me. It was either this or I fuck my neighbour and I don’t think I’d want that” I replied. “It’ll be fun.” he said to assure me then walked up to me and held my waist. Looking into his eyes, I leaned up and gave him  a long, slow kiss, almost sucking his lips as I withdrew. He put his hand round the back of my neck and kissed me again, with more purpose this time as our tongues found each other.

My arms were round his back holding him close to me. He groped my boobs and lifted me with ease and placed me on the dining table pulling me to the edge and spreading my legs. He kissed me once more before he slid into me. I savoured the glorious feeling of being filled up and once his entire length was inside me, I wrapped my legs around his waist and held onto his shoulders.

He fucked me with a strong steady rhythm, my pussy emitting a squishing sound with each movement. I felt passion building within and began moving my hips in time with his thrusts. The table creaking as we rocked towards an orgasm.

I felt my climax approaching, and suddenly pushed  him away, his cock springing up as it left my swollen pussy. “What’s wrong?!” he asked, looking at me with a mix of anger and curiosity.

“I want your cum all over me”

I then took his cock in her hand and sucked him like my life depended on it. His body began to stiffen and I noticed a glistening dot of pre-cum on the tip of his penis. I increased my speed sending him over the edge with each motion.

He put his fingers on my clit and started to massage the hood, moving in large, sweeping circles which sent me over the edge.

He let out a grunt and threw his head back, prompting me to increase my speed. Thick ropes of semen shot from his cock, into my mouth and unto my body as I was spitting it out seductively, as his stomach contracted and his face creased with pleasure. I was over the edge, crying out in pleasure “I’m coming” as his fingers worked on my swollen nub. As my climax gripped me and radiated from my pussy in an ecstatic burst, I lost all control, my eyes rolled back until I twitched out the last spasm.

Breathing heavily, we both leaned on each other, hair in a mess and our body gleaming with sweat. I put on my robe and grabbed a drink as Rashid dressed and left without a goodbye.

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