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More Than Love: A Poem By Moyosore Adebayo

Come close to me Let me feel the beat of your heart as your body is pressed up against mine Soft caresses and Sexual guesses As you know we about to play the game Kiss me so deeply I wanna taste your feelings for me

Little Bambi: A Poem By Moyosore Adebayo

Hey little Bambi come closer, I been meaning to serenade you, so pull up your sofa I can tell you about the sun and moon, about how they aren’t important as you Jumping clouds and living in the stars, if only rockets could be replaced

Kaleidoscopic Heart: A Poem By Moyosore Adebayo

Kaleidoscopic heart Kisses like the air we breathe, moans sounding like you’ve just been pleased Tainting your soul like my love’s been released For Distance is only but hours in between, I want more of you, I could wish you were a twin, For you