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In The Beginning

orgasmic energy

I noticed the little things in people and for Lanre, I noticed his freshly manicured fingers; I was turned on instantly.

I’m Folakemi but my friends call me Fola Money, it’s a nickname they gave me cos I believed in the “if I perish, I perish” way of life. I’m a 25-year-old student and a social animal. I am 5’9″ tall with an amazing body and a touch of fupa as big as a watermelon. I have got a nice ass and 38DD tits which stood amazingly on my figure. I have short dark hair and always had it braided in different styles or covered under my wigs. All these features come with brown eyes and what men liked to call dick-sucking lips.

I’m not a fashionista but I do love to look good as I tried my best to look presentable and smell nice too. My favorite compliment has to be “you smell nice, what fragrances do you use?”.

I guess you get the picture of how I look so let’s get right into this.

I met Lanre at the mall one Saturday afternoon when I was out with the girls. I didn’t want to go out that day (I am glad I did), but Dera forced me out with her and Shalewa; they are my closest friends, and we did everything together.

Lanre is a very good-looking man, and he’s every woman’s spec.

He’s a 30-year-old, about 6ft tall, dark-skinned, and had a very good fashion sense but what really attracted me to him was his smell; he smelt heavenly, and he looked like someone that takes good care of himself. I noticed the little things in people and for Lanre, I noticed his freshly manicured fingers; I was turned on instantly.

He introduced himself to us and sat down at our table, my girls said hi and left to another table to give us privacy. Unlike other guys I’ve met, Lanre wasn’t boring. He didn’t talk about himself throughout and he made sure to ask questions I was comfortable with. In the course of our conversation, I found out he worked with one of the big oil companies in Nigeria, Shell.

I was taken aback when he told me what his job was because he looked nothing like someone with that kind of job. I mean, he had on shorts, a tee, and slippers – he also had on a gold necklace and bracelet (okay, maybe he didn’t like to show off); we talked for a while, and I told him about me as well. Talking to him was fun and it flowed so well, I didn’t want it to stop. I had to go quickly but before I did, we swapped phone numbers and he offered to pay for our food and drinks. I turned to my friends who were already giggling in anticipation of the hot gist.

“Fola Moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, ore mi olowo,” Dera said hailing me. I looked at her and smiled while sipping on my long island drink.

“You better start spilling this child. don’t let me flog it out of you”, Shalewa said immediately I sat down by their side. If you didn’t know, Shalewa was the mother of the group and she never failed to act the part. We all loved her but sometimes her motherly attitude annoyed us.

“Calm down nah, I’m going to tell you,” I said in a somewhat angsty manner. Just like that, I pour out everything that happened while they stared back at me happily. We talked for a bit then decided to go to the club. That’s the thing with outings with my friends, we never had a definite place and just went with the flow.

While on our way out, Lanre texted just to know how we were. I smiled a little cos it was so thoughtful of him – told him where we were headed and we kept texting till we got there. Dera teased me cos I was on my phone and didn’t have time for small talks. “Wahala for who no get Lanre in their life oh”, she said jokingly. I just smiled and ignored her.

Clubbing was one of my favorite things to do. I enjoyed dancing a lot and music meant the world to me. It was fun watching people get tipsy and letting the music flow through them. I planned to have enough fun tonight and won’t let anything get in the way. We partied till daybreak – when we had confirmed we had enough to drink and enough for one night.

After a quick look at my phone, I saw a text from Lanre which read, “please stay safe and let me know when you’re home”. This was the second time he was being so thoughtful – I didn’t know if it was just a formality but I liked it. I texted back, booked a cab and we crashed as soon as we got home.

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How We Met (Lanre’s POV)

orgasmic energy

The End Sars protest was getting to me. I mean, we were just asking for our right to live and the Government wasn’t listening. I needed to clear my head, so I decided to take a stroll to the mall to grab a pizza. My name is Lanre by the way. I consider myself as just there even though babes say I am drop-dead gorgeous.

I am 6ft tall, slim, 30-years-old, dark-skinned, and I try to look good. I take out time to choose my outfits even if I am just wearing joggers & tees plus I like the compliments at work. I got to the Mall and saw three ladies giggling and waiting at a Shawarma spot.

The 3 of them looked good but the one in the middle made me open my mouth in awe. She was tall, maybe about 5,9 or 5,10. Dark-skinned, nice tits, thick thighs, and beautiful lips. I might have had an erection just looking at her lips.

Her friends must have said something because she smiled showing me perfect teeth. The smile broke into a giggle and I swear my dick throbbed. I thought of what it would be like if she giggled to my tongue or strokes. Usually, I don’t like meeting girls in public and it is even worse when they are in a group, but I was ready to try this out.

I walked to the girls and told her “Can you please end me; I would be your Sars”. Lame right? but it worked as she broke into laughter and replied, “Who be this Guy”. This was my cue to act, I introduced myself and we got talking. Her name was Fola, a 25-year-old, 400 level student at Babcock.

We talked a lot, and she laughed a lot. I am not so much of a talker; I prefer listening and that worked for us perfectly. It was time for them to go as she and her friends had to go clubbing, so we exchanged numbers. I could not take my mind off her till I got home and I texted to check if she was okay.

Orgasmic Energy

orgasmic energy

Lanre and I texted constantly after our meeting. He was everything to me – he said the right things, did things to make me smile and he was just the perfect gentleman. I always kept him up to speed with everything – I found myself being plain and open with him.

One night while we were texting, he told me he was seeing someone but it was more of an off-and-on thing and he was thinking of ending it. I was shocked cos I’d planned our wedding in my head. I was fucking attracted to him and wanted to spend my life with him but I didn’t know if he felt that way about me too. I didn’t say anything about the text, I just let it die there.

Over the next two weeks, I didn’t talk to him much. We were cordial while texting, made small talk when necessary but nothing further than that. Later that week on a Friday, I received a text from him. He said his “girlfriend” had left and he wanted me to come to his house today. My heart leaped into my throat as I read this. I deleted the text and went about my day.

I admit I was mad at him but it wasn’t cos he told me he had a girlfriend but because he kept that much from me when all I’ve been was open and plain to him.

One of the things that also drew me to Lanre was that he could tell my mood just by how I texted.

One time we were texting and instead of the normal “hey boo-thang, what have you been up to today?”, I texted “hey, your day?” – next thing he’s like, “young woman, who pissed you off and why are you taking it off on me?”

Because I didn’t reply to his messages, he sent a mail to my work email which read “babe, I know you’re mad at me rn but can we talk so we can fix this. I hate fighting you”. the mail put a little smile on my face and I quickly deleted it while praying silently the IT guys didn’t see it. I texted him back and told him I’d come over after work.

As I drove to his house, I played over in my mind what might happen and when I arrived, I was already as horny as I’ve ever been. He greeted me at the door and was wearing shorts and a band tee. “I thought you would like to see this again since you thought it was nice on me” he said as he took my hand and led me inside the living room.

“You look lovely Fola, was the plan to kill your office boys with your sexiness?” he continued as we got in.

“I hope you like my bachelor pad?” he concluded.

“You have an amazing place Lanre and you really did well with it?” I said while looking around. “I know you didn’t invite me here to show me your house. So please get to it” I continued.

He looked at me then smiled before going to the kitchen to grab a bottle of wine for us to drink. He knew I loved to drink and eat, he had everything planned out well – I gave him points for that. When he returned, he poured us drinks and said, “I know how this might seem to you but I promise I didn’t say anything cos we were so close to ending things, I didn’t want to bother you with it. I’m sorry Fola baby”. Fola baby is what he calls me when he’s trying to get on my good side – it was working.

I let him talk for a while and then I told him what my fear was and the reason I took a step back. It was quiet after that; I think he was processing what I told him. In my nah me fuck up mood, I just focused on my drink and the movie he was seeing on Netflix before I got there.

“I’m not sure what to do,” he said slowly. I looked at him and smiled. To show I wasn’t mad at him anymore, I laid on his lap and we watched the movie together. He ran his fingers through my hair and I was basking at the moment. At intervals, I’d get up, sip my drink, and lay back down. I did this for a while until the drink was about to finish in the bottle.

I was already horny and needed him so bad, I couldn’t say this directly so I did the next best thing; I sucked on the wine bottle seductively. He looked at me and was taken aback for a second then looked away almost immediately.

I think it got to him cos he tried so hard to keep his composure. I laid back on his lap and he continued rubbing my hair then slowly started taking his hands down and caressed my body. Finally, I was going to get what I wanted and I went nuts over it.

“Don’t worry. I won’t do anything to hurt you and just let me know if you want me to stop.”

I whispered, “OK.” Stop? Stop? Hell no! I want you to go all the way, I said in my head.

He continued touching my body which was already tingly from the wine I had. In a blink of an eye, his fingers found my mouth and he stuck it in. Remember how I said his fingers turned me on? I didn’t know when I started sucking on them. It was one of the weirdest things I’d done and I enjoyed it a lot.

He got up from the couch, laid me down slowly, and started to lick my belly from the top of my skirt. Then went in circles around my navel. I started to squirm and giggle.

“I’m a little ticklish there,” I said slowly.

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Orgasmic Energy She Said (Lanre’s POV)

orgasmic energy

And with that she went limp and was whimpering as she laid there. We laid there for a minute and she looked up at me and smiled then said “I want you to fuck me Lanre”.

I really liked Fola but it was too sudden to jump into another relationship. When she expressed her feelings, I wanted to assure her. I wanted her to know I felt the same way for her but I wasn’t ready to jump back into the dating pool; at least not yet.

I wasn’t sure Fola wasn’t the reason things ended between my girlfriend, Simi, and I. I just knew I found myself talking to Fola more.

I noticed her body language; she was horny but pride won’t let her tell me she was. Fola wasn’t like your average woman, she was proud and very stubborn – this was what made me attracted to her more plus her good looks and amazing body. So, it was only normal for me to try and create an atmospheric environment for her so she’d finally say the words I wanted her to say. Consent is everything to me and I made sure I got it before the do.

When she sucked on the wine bottle, a part of me wished it was my cock going into her mouth instead. I loved how her mouth covered the top of the bottle and how her fingers held on to it as it went in and out. She was a seductive woman and I was already falling for her tricks.

That’s why when she laid back down, I made sure to stick my finger in them (she did tell me once how much she loved it), and to find a way to get her on her back. When I did, I let everything flow easily!

I moved up to her navel and spent a few minutes tonguing her belly button and licking the area around it. She was starting to breathe a little heavier and squirming some more. As I continued to tongue her belly she reached up and undid the shirt she was wearing and exposed a black see-through bra. I could make out the large dark areola but the amazing thing was her nipples.

They were rock hard and about an inch in length, sticking out magnificently. As I looked at them, she said, “Sometimes my nipples embarrass me. I have to cover them up well so no one will notice. And when we’re in public depending on what I’m wearing I have to cover it too”.

“I think they’re absolutely gorgeous! And I’ll spend plenty of time teasing them.”

With that been said, I finished removing her top and bra. I started licking her stomach again and slowly made my way to her breasts. I started to lick her nipples and she started moaning,

“Don’t stop… please don’t stop Lanre”.

As I continued to lick them, she reached over and removed my shirt and started caressing my chest and nipples as well. I slowly moved my hand down her belly to her denim skirt and undid the belt she had on then pulled them down. She was wearing a thong the same color as the bra. I stopped licking her nipples to look down and could see through the thong a clean shave pussy. I looked up at her smiling and said, “someone came prepared” and she blushed.

I went back to licking her nipples and slowly moved my hand down her body. I reached the top of the thong and moved my hand even lower. As I reached her pussy, the thong was drenched with her juices and it was all over her thighs.

“Oh my God! I get really wet when I am turned on. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

I shushed her and said, “don’t be sorry. I feel kind of honored that you’re so turned on by me.”

I continued licking her erect nipples and now pushed her thong aside to get at her pussy. She started squirming and moaning again. I ran my hand over her pussy and could feel how wet she really was. I slid down and found her opening. She was moving against my hand and moaning even more. I rubbed her slit a little bit and then shoved a finger in her steaming, wet pussy. She grabbed my hand, screamed, and pumped even harder against my finger. I slowly moved my kisses down her body, licking her stomach and belly button while continuing to finger her.

“Ahhhhh… God don’t stop…”

I then moved down and started licking the insides of her thigh. She was trembling and moaning,

“You’re teasing me. Please, please eat me… please.”

I started tonguing her pussy lips and gently kissing the area around it while continuing to finger her. She grabbed my head and was pulling her pussy into my face even harder.

“God, you’re driving me crazy. Yes, yes… oh … keep going, don’t stop.”

She started to hump her pussy onto my mouth and my tongue moved faster and faster. My face was coated with her juices and she really tasted good. She was moaning really loud and starting yelling. I knew she was getting close and when I drove my tongue into her, I added a second finger as well.

“Fuck! Lanre please, don’t stop. Don’t you fucking stop.”

And with that, she went limp and was whimpering as she laid there. We laid there for a minute and she looked up at me and smiled then said “I want you to fuck me Lanre”.

“This energy is so orgasmic. I love the kind of person I am when I’m with you”, she continued. Hmm, orgasmic energy she said, well how can I argue with this – I felt it too.

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