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3 hours sex experience

“You had 3 hours of sex? When and where? That was one of the first messages I saw when I woke up that morning. I was shocked cause I never put out that information. I picked my phone up, scrolled through it, and saw it. Someone shared my story without my permission. Not only did the person share it without my knowledge, but they also got it all wrong. I am here to clarify it!

My name is Bisola, Bisola Coker. I am a 26-year-old student. I am 5’9″ tall and, I have an amazing body. I have 38DD tits and a round ass. You can say I have an hourglass figure. I have short dark hair and always had it braided in different styles or covered under my wigs. All these features come with brown eyes and what men liked to call dick-sucking lips.

I am a spec and, I know it. I knew men loved all my features and used them to my advantage. I like to play games with them, tease them until they succumbed to my magic. Do not get me wrong! I do not sleep around. I am just a big flirt and a tease. I loved to party. Every weekend, I was out with the girls. Hanging out with my girls was something I always looked forward to and never missed; it was a vibe. Fola, my flatmate, suggested we go to W-bar to chill.

I am not a fashionista but, I try my best to look presentable and smell nice too. I loved to go all out when dressing up for events, and this one was one of them. I picked out an outfit – A thigh-high black slit skirt, a bralette, and matching heels. I made sure my makeup was perfect. Oge was our makeup plug – she ensured our liners and highlights popped. I loved red lipstick. It made me look seductive and daring. I always made sure I used it when going out.

The time is 11 pm and as usual, we have to wait for the rest of the girls to get here. It took them 45 minutes to get to us. Finally, we were ready. We walked out to the parking lot with our purses in hand, hair properly laid & our outfits killing.
Since I was the designated driver, I was not allowed to have a lot of drinks. I am not a fan of alcohol anyway. We got there & I was impressed with the setting. I placed an order for a drink at the bar, then the fun started.

Usually, I would let loose and have fun, but today I chose to watch my girls have fun. Fola was already throwing it down on the dance floor with Oge was by her side cheering her on. I enjoyed watching them. Fola dancing always put me in a good mood. Her vibe was so infectious and was why we became flatmates and are the closest in the group.

I sat in the corner sipping my long island and making videos of my girls. A few times, they would ask me to join them, but I would refuse. I was comfortable just sitting and watching. I got so engrossed with my phone. I did not know when someone sat beside me until I heard them speak.

“Hi, why is a pretty lady like yourself you sitting alone?” I looked up, wondering who had spoken when I looked directly into the eyes of this man. I have seen my fair share of fine men, but this man topped them all. He is 6ft, dark-skinned, had a good fashion sense, and smelt heavenly. He was neat, and I was instantly attracted to him. I noticed the little things in people, and as for this man, his cleanliness stood out.

“I enjoy my own company”, I said while looking back at my phone. He smiled, and that is when I noticed his smile. I get attracted to the weirdest of things, and cleanliness was one of them. I looked at him from head to toe, and I was impressed. I played difficult for a bit, I only gave short replies, and I did not look at his face during the conversation.
Through our conversation, he did not act like my antics bothered him. Instead, it made him push some more.

“Since you walked in, I have not been able to take my eyes off you”. I laughed at it cos that is the cheesiest line I have ever heard. When I laughed, his eyes brightened, and he made it clear he said that to lighten the mood. Okay, he has my attention now. We talked for a bit and exchanged phone numbers. I left him to meet my girls.

We texted every day after our meeting. He said the right things and did things to make me smile. I always kept him up to speed with everything – I found myself being open with him. The funny thing is we did not know our names. I saved his contact as “a mystery”.

One night while we were texting, he told me his intentions. He liked how things were going, but he was not looking for commitment. I was not looking for one too. It was perfect for us – at least, no one will catch unnecessary feelings over commitment since everything is clear. We talked for a bit and said ended the call.

I told Fola everything. I could not hide anything from her, and she could not too. She was my go-to advisor on everything. So it was only normal to tell her about my “mystery man”. She listened attentively and told me to be careful. She went on to say if my heart is telling me not to, then I should not. I let her know I felt comfortable with him and was not going to put myself at risk.

Conversations with my mystery man were fun. We talked about everything. He loved talking about sports and, I was not a fan. He made it his goal to teach me everything concerning his favorite sport, football. He is a Man United fan and, I ended up supporting cos of him. Usually, we talk about our day and then flow into different things except for sex. But today, we did. He asked me if I was sexually active and if I enjoyed sex. At first, I was shocked but, I went with the flow.

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3 Hours Sex Experience

3 hours sex experience

Here’s how I ended up having a 3 hours sex experience. Please fasten your seatbelts and hold on tight cos it’s about to get steamy!

Our daily conversations became heated and steamy. We found ourselves talking about sex often. It built sexual tension and left us counting down till we saw each other again. We shared tales of our sexcapades and fantasies. He was spontaneous and freaky. I think I’ve explored sex to have vanilla sex anymore. I was looking for freakiness and nastiness, and I wanted it with him.

I wasn’t going to give it up that easy (I told myself). It was more of a self-restraint battle cos I knew myself. Once I found what I was looking for in a guy, it won’t take me much to get in bed with him. Well, it wasn’t up to me anymore – if he wanted me as much as I think I do, I’d get in bed with him. As we continued to talk, I found out what he liked and, I shared my fantasy. I’d always wanted to have sex in the open – I’m an exhibitionist and a voyeur (I’d spare you the meaning). He seemed impressed with it and let out a slight chuckle.

“I want to see you this weekend. Will you be free?” I told him I had a few errands to run but, I could slot him in. We fixed our meeting for the weekend and made plans.

The day of my 3 hours sex experience started like every other day. It was a Saturday and, all I did on this day was to do house chores and lie lazily in bed. Since I had a date with my Mystery man, I had to finish them up early. The plan was to tease him so bad he won’t have any other reason than to fuck me on the spot. I chose the perfect dress. It was pink, sexy, and showed enough skin – I planned to ruin him.

I wore no panties because I didn’t want them showing underneath my clothes. While I was getting ready, he texted me the address – Apapa. When I saw it, I was like ah, this place! It wasn’t so far but, the road nah die. Looking at myself in the mirror, I was pleased with my appearance. I waved goodbye to Fola and promised to gist her when I was back.

Lagos traffic can be so predictable sometimes and, the road construction along the axis was annoying. I texted him in annoyance saying, I’d turn back if it got worse. He texted back, apologizing. He promised to make it worth my while. Luckily for me, I wasn’t the one driving. I could sleep for a bit. After what seemed like hours, I finally got to his house. His house is beautiful. It blew me away. He came out, offered to pay for my uber but, I declined to say I’d already sorted it. He looked so handsome even though he looked homely. I stole glances at him as we walked into the house.

“Welcome to my humble abode. Hope you like it? This is where I’m managing for now”. Managing! Did he say managing? This man is funny. I didn’t just like his home, I love it. It was classy and well designed.

“Lol you’re so funny”, I said as he led me to the living room. He told me to get comfortable and went inside.
I looked around some more taking in my surrounding. I made a mental note to ask what his job is. I didn’t want to be a victim. I texted Fola to tell her I’d arrive and, I relaxed on the sofa waiting. He came back with drinks and something to eat but, all I could see was his toned abs cos he came back without his shirt and was now wearing grey joggers.

Ladies, you know how hard it is to pay attention while a guy is wearing grey joggers? Well, I was going through that rn. I was skipping a lot and mumbling. I think he noticed cos he asked if I was okay. I told him I had a lot on my mind and just needed to drink water – if only he knew how bad I wanted to see the shape of his cock. He brought the water and, I took a sip.

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Here’s how I kickstarted the 3 hours sex experience! Please don’t judge me!

While drinking the water, I let the cup drop so it’ll spill on me. “Oh shit, I am so clumsy today,” I say trying to grab my handkerchief from my bag. Once I did, I start to dab on my dress.
“That is not helping, you know? Can I get you something else to wear? You are wet and might catch a cold”. I nod in approval. He took me to his room and gave me one of his tees, a big grey one. I remember this cos I still have the tee with me. My heart leaped for joy – I was one step closer to getting my prize. I took off my dress and wore the tee. Now, it was time to move to step two. I hit my leg on the chair on purpose and called for him in pain, and he came in hurriedly.
“What is going on? Are you okay?”, he asks in concern. I told him I stubbed my toe while trying to leave the room and could not walk. He put his arms around me in other to help me walk. The moment his arms touched mine, I took in a deep breath. He led me to his bed and told me to sit while he massaged my leg. He lifted my leg to his and started rubbing on it gently. I started moaning out loud in pleasure. I feel his hand move up to my thigh until he brushed my clit lightly.
“Do you want to do this? I can stop if you want”. I nodded in consent and sunk into the bed. That was all he needed, consent. He got up immediately and kissed me lightly on the lips, his hands still between my thighs. We start kissing passionately and, I take in every breath of him. He moved his hand all over my body and stopped when he got to my breasts. He rubbed on them so fondly, but it was not enough. I wanted him in me. I wanted to feel his cock. He asked if it was okay if he took off the tee, and without hesitation, I agreed.
Stop talking, and do whatever you want to do with me”, I said in the most submissive way possible. It seemed like giving him control woke up something in him cos he took off my tee in a split second and started feeding on my breasts hungrily. He put one nipple in his mouth and played with the other slowly.
You can scream as loud as you want babe, do not hold back,“ he said. That was all I wanted to hear. As he sucked on each one, I let out soft moans. “You are a naughty girl”, he whispered in my ears. I was eager to see what he wanted to do to me, and I was also scared. He got up and took off his joggers. As he walked to his wardrobe, I caught a glimpse of his cock – it was the size of my arm. Okay, now I was scared. Can his cock fit in me? Would I be able to handle it? I was panicking but, I convinced myself to relax and enjoy it.
He came back holding cuffs and blindfolds. One of the things we spoke about was BDSM. I told him I wanted restraints while being fucked. I was amazed he paid attention. He asked if I trusted him. I looked him in the eye and nodded yes. If I said No, would he have stopped? He cuffed me to the bed and spread my thighs apart – so wide it hurt a bit but, I got used to it. He kissed me then blindfolded me.
I hear music playing in the background, my favorite The Weeknd track, As you are. I feel the bed dip a bit and something wet between my thighs. He was about to eat me out. I wait for the contact and nothing happened. Instead, he licked my inner thighs slowly and sensually. He teased me so bad I had no choice but to beg him to eat me.
“Please! Stop teasing me. Please!”, I said out loud.
“Do not beg me. I will have no choice but to gag you. And for each time you beg, I will start over and tease you more than I did the first time”. I let out a sigh and relaxed. I was going to take this like the big girl I was. He continued teasing me. He got so close, I could feel his breath on it. it was hot. “You smell so good down here. I wonder how you taste like”.
I know I taste and smell good, I hear it a lot. He tongues my pussy lips and gently kissing the area around it. I can not hold him or do anything cos of the cuffs. He tapped my leg and told me in the most dominating way, “if you move your legs one more time, I have no choice but to cuff them too”.
I am not in the mood for threats. I move my legs to get on his nerve. He looked into my eyes, shook his head, and got up.
“You are so naughty. Now I will show you what you deserve”. He took out the leg restraints and cuffed me to the bed. He took position one more time and tongued me till I was out of breath and my juices were flowing uncontrollably down my thighs.
I begged. I begged him to put his cock in me. I could tell he was smiling hard. “I will give you what you want”. I heard him tear something. My guess is a condom – glad he liked protection as much as I did (wait, we talked about this).
I felt his weight on me and, he slid his cock in me slowly. As the tip got in, I moan out loud in pleasure. He asks if it is okay to continue and, I said yes in a low tone.
“Please, fuck me!”
He pushed himself in a little further and, this time he got in half-way. I moan out loud. My juices were flowing so well, it gave him the lubrication he needed to go all in. He thrust deeply and fully and fucked me slow and steady. I felt insane pleasure. He increased his speed and tempo. I scream out loud in pleasure. After a few minutes, he uncuffed me and told me to lie down and put my ass up – he wanted me doggy style.
I do as he says, and he slid into me again. This time, I felt his cock much more than before. He grabbed my ass and rocked my waist rhythmically with his movements. All I could hear was the music in the background mixed with his grunts and my moans.
It felt so surreal. I want to bask at this moment for a long time. I think he can hear my thoughts cos he flipped me over to my side and kept on thrusting deeply. We were sweating and did not mind. He slid out, took off the condom, placed his hand around my throat, and asked me to open up for him. I do that and, he shoved his dick down my throat. He fucked my throat for a bit. Tasting my juices heightened my libido and made me want him more. He enjoyed seeing me this way. It was all fun for me cos I enjoyed pleasing him.
We fucked some more. By the time he came, I had already had multiple orgasms. He came all over me, turning me into his nasty cum slut. I look at the clock on his bedside table and see we were at it for 3 hours. I was out of breath, and so was he. We decided to sleep.
I finally got up and, it was morning. I need to go back to my house. I get ready and we head out. The drive is slow and quiet. I want to do one final nasty thing before I get to mine. I grab his dick and look into his eyes. He smiles, knowing what I am about to do. I take out his dick and suck on it. Through the ride, my mouth is either on his dick or in my hand. Well, it depends on the traffic snd how fast he is moving.

As we get to mine, he has no choice but to fuck me one last time. Before he starts, I look at him and say tell me your name. Abdul, he says as he thrusts into me.

This is the story of my 3 hours sex experience and I hoped you enjoyed reading it!

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