Come close to me
Let me feel the beat of your heart
as your body is pressed up against mine
Soft caresses and Sexual guesses
As you know we about to play the game
Kiss me so deeply
I wanna taste your feelings for me
I wanna hear you moan my name
Hold me so tight,
so Not even sweats can come between us,
the desire to know I need you,
the lust making me cross sanity,
indifference between sane n insane,
well Enslave by your lust is where i wanna be,
I wanna feel you all over me…
Me filling up your every space,
as i grow wild In the silence of your screams,
I see ecstasy written all over your face,
Digging deep to your depths
where you are, All alone,
you leave me drowning with your sexual pleasure,
Exotic tones and manly moans,
Drenched in chocolate as we get right down to this
The way you feel I can’t explain,
I could be here for days,
pondering on how to quit.
Grabbed your hair,
and you Cry out,
Scratch’s from your nails
Making me rage on your cunt,
Sharp with your tongue, you give me brain like never before,
My fingers clogging the dripping well,
your fingers leaving me stiffed as hell,
crossed eyes, now I’m looking blunt,
The romantic connection and our organic energy,
What others possess, is nothing compared to the love we share…

–  @black_ice.cream