In The Beginning!

Lustful Desires! 1

It was in the afternoon, something around 2pm when I got a call from Juwon. He missed me and wanted us to hang out. I admit I missed him too and wanted to see him so I agreed. The meeting was fixed at his house.

I went to the bathroom took a bath cos I had to smell good. Figuring out what to wear was a problem cos I had so many options and my stylist wasn’t around. Looking through the few items that made the cut, I settled for a Jean skirt and black tee.

It took me an hour to get to his house and it all had to do with Lagos traffic, to top it off my Uber driver decided to take a long route. A trip of #900 became #2200. I really hated Lagos and it’s traffic but I could not do anything about it.

Ringing the bell, I adjusted my outfit and waited patiently for him to open the door.

“Susan, you made it”! he exclaimed as he welcomed me in.

“Sorry I’m late, you know Lagos and it’s traffic”.

“I can totally relate and it’s one of the reasons I didn’t go out today. Make yourself comfortable while I get you something to drink. Would water be fine?”

“Yes, please. Thank you so much”.

I’ve known Juwon for over a year and this is the first time I’ve ever been to his house. It’s not like I didn’t want to go, I guess we’ve both just been busy.

He came back with a glass of water and a bowl of cookies.

“My sister made these last night and I wanted you to try it” he said.

The cookies were so yummy and delicious, I didn’t know how to put my delight into words but I think he got the message as I finished the whole bowl in under 20 minutes. I’m a foodie like that and I’m sure he knows.

And There Were Blanks!

Lustful Desires! 2

We got talking and he told me about how he’s been hustling a lot to push his career. The look on his face while he spoke was just so refreshing. He talked with so much joy, I could actually see that he was happy with what he chose.

I didn’t know why I didn’t notice earlier but he had taken off his shirt revealing his rock hard abs. Damn, it was so toned.

Trying to get him out of my head proved difficult as I kept playing a lot of sexual scenes which had him in lot of weird positions.

“Susan… Susan…” he called out to me but I was too far gone to even acknowledge his calls until he tapped me.

I jerk back to life almost immediately “I’m sorry I blanked out like that”.

“I’ve been talking to you for a while and you didn’t even reply my question. Are you sure you’re fine?”

“Yes I am. Just have a few things on my mind”.

“Let me grab you a cup of juice. You look like you need it”.

How do I tell this man the only juice I’d love is the juice that’ll be pouring out his cock once I’ve had it between my lips? All I just wanted was for him to take me right here and right now on this couch. I so much want to scream his name and feel him inside me.

I think I blanked out again cos this time he tapped me so hard, I felt it in my dreamland.

“What was that for?” I asked feeling slightly pissed.

“You blanked out again and this time you were drooling. Are you sure you’re fine?”

“I wasn’t drooling please. Don’t say what you don’t know” quickly running my hand through my lips to see if he was right.

He laughed at me and handed the juice to me.

“You actually need to rest so I suggest you go home ASAP. Let me put on a shirt so I’d see you off” and he was off not waiting for a reply.

Oh how I want him balls deep in my guts. How I’d love to roll my tongue all over his cock. What I’d give to feel him deep inside me right now… I guess I’d just have to wait.

He was back and he wore a black tee that almost matched mine.

“I called you an Uber and he’s outside. Just get home safe and call me” he said walking me to the door.

“I’d surely do that. I’m sorry for the inconvenience though and I’d make it up to you some other time”.

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