Cue The Seduction!!!

Lustful Desires III 1

It’s Saturday and I’m in my room trying to figure out what to do with myself; everyone travelled so I’m practically home alone. Remembering i owed Juwon a visit, I put a call through to him and after 2 rings he finally picked.

“Heyyyy, what’s good”? he said

“Yeah I’ve been aii. sorry I’ve been a stranger I’ve just had a lot on my plate”

“yeah I figured… What are you up to atm?”

“Umm I’m just home doing nothing.. no plans”

“Well I just got back in… would you like to come over or is it too early?”

“Yes sure.. I’d be there soon. Okay I’ve got just one chance to get this dude to fuck the hell out of me and I’ve got to use it well… A slutty outfit was in order so I pick one out; one which screams fuck me on sight. Shaving was my number one priority cos I hadn’t in a while and no one needs to see a forest while working the gives….

Fuck Shit Up!!!

Lustful Desires III 2

I gave myself one last look in the rearview mirror before I got out of the car. Perfect, I thought. Just the right mixture of innocent virgin and pouty sex goddess. I touched up the deep red gloss on my full lips and gave myself a smile. I climb out of the car and walk towards the front door; the security guard let me in as I was a familiar face. My soft, round curves generously filled out the low-cut sweater and the short black skirt. The thin heels I wore emphasized my height and long legs. Licking my lips, I was ready to fuck shit up.

Tonight I was feeling particularly feisty. It had been a long week and I was really looking forward to having a little fun. I smoothed my skirt down over my hips and tugged m sweater a little lower just before he opened the door. I walk in sending an innocent smile to Juwon whose eyes followed the sway of my hips and the bounce of my breasts. Target was locked down!!!

I sat on a couch and crossed my legs, causing my skirt to ride up revealing more of my smooth, long legs. Tossing my thick, dark hair over my shoulder and gave him a dazzling smile. “Hi, Juwon,” I said seductively.

Juwon grinned at me. “Well, if it ain’t Little Miss Trouble.” my laugh was low and sensuous, causing a stir from him. He shook his head at me. “Girl,” he said with a wink, “I swear you’re gonna’ come in here and catch it one day.” He handed me a glass of ice cold fayrouz with a little drop of vodka. I winked back at him and patted his hand affectionately.

Its on!!!

Lustful Desires III 3

I could see the longing building in his eyes. Not to mention that I could feel it growing in his pants.

He circled my waist with his hands and lifted me up onto the edge of the wall. I laughed and pressed a hand against his chest. “What are you doing?” I asked. “I can’t talk to you from up here.” Juwon leaned down to me. “I can,” he responded. His lips pressed down on mine and his arms wrapped around me, pulling me even closer into his body.

I reveled in the feeling of his mouth urgent and hot on mine. I let a seductive little sigh escape as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. He was a fairly good kisser, I thought objectively. Little too much tongue for me to taste. What was he trying to do? Lick my lips? I pulled back a little and smiled coyly at him.

He pulled me close again and kissed me insistently. I let myself enjoy as I felt his hand sneak up to cup my breast.

“Susan?” he said uncertainly but he couldn’t hold himself back any longer. He crushed his mouth down on mine. I struggled a little and tried to pull away, but his grip was firm and his body pressed mine back against the wall.

He deepened the kiss, trying to savor the sweet taste of me. I stopped struggling and stood tense, absorbing the emotions that were pounding at me from every direction. Then I let out a little sigh and he slipped his tongue into my mouth to explore. I moaned appreciatively; instantly feeling his body begin to heat against mine.

Regrets Or Nah?

Lustful Desires III 4

The phone rang and we sprang apart staring at each other in disbelief. I lifted a hand to my lips. They were warm and tingling from the kiss. The phone rang again. Juwon crossed the living room and picked it up, his eyes still locked on mine.

I hear the blood rushing in my ears, blocking out the sounds of his phone conversation. Standing still for a moment, trying to figure out what had just happened. He kissed me, I thought to myself. Spent so much time planning this moment and I’m second guessing. I felt the aftershock of the kiss in every pore. I lean against the counter, grateful for its support.

He hung up the phone and stood across the room, hands in his pockets, looking over at me. I shifted uncomfortably and then turned away from him. Picking up the glass of drink he earlier offered, I took a sip..

I glanced over at him and then away again when I saw he was still staring at me, I moved closer to him.

Juwon started to cross over to me and I looked up apprehensively. He stopped halfway across the kitchen. “Susan,” he said gently. “I’m really sorry about that. I got carried away and…” I interrupted him and shook my head.

He came a little more closer until we were standing so close… His mouth lowered and he began nibbling at my ear. He traced his tongue along my jaw and my head fell back instinctively, inviting him to trail his lips down my long, smooth throat. He kissed and sucked at my neck, trying to taste as much of me as he could. I moaned softly, driving his already insistent desires closer to the breaking point.


Lustful Desires III 5

Closing my eyes as all coherent thoughts fled my mind. No one has ever seduced me before. It was a strange new sensation. I felt his teeth nip gently at my neck and I let out a soft gasp. I raised my arms and circled them around his neck while his arms went around my waist and pulled my body close to his.

I could feel the warmth emanating from his body. He smelled strong and natural–like a man. No cologne could compete with the heady scent of desire. His mouth worked its way up until his lips covered mine. I heard a groan, but I wasn’t sure if it was his or my own. His mouth possessed mine with heat and passion, and I couldn’t help but to respond by nipping at his lips with my teeth.

Juwon’s needs hit the boiling point when I nibbled at his lips. My scent was flooding his senses-like exotic wildflowers after the rain. His tongue pushed into my mouth and I sucked gently at it in response. He groaned and pushed us both down on the couch.

I lay on the long, soft sofa with his body covering mine. My head fell back and he attacked my neck with his teeth once again. My hands moved through his hair, pulling his head towards me, demanding he take more. His mouth traveled down to my chest and he began to kiss the smooth skin that the low-cut sweater left exposed.

Whimpering at his touch and yearning to have his skillful mouth at my breasts… He continued to kiss and suck at my neck and upper chest. One of his hands slid up under my skirt to stroke a smooth thigh and I rocked my hips up against his body.

He groaned at the movement, was already rock-hard and trying desperately to slow himself down. He tried to make himself think, but I was incredibly responsive and his desires were blocking his ability to reason. He wanted me badly–he longed to capture my full breasts in his mouth and to feel my lush, naked body wrapped around him in passion.

His hand sneaked up under my sweater and he practically growled when he discovered I was naked beneath it. His hand clamped possessively over my breast and I gasped in delight. He rolled a hardening nipple between his thumb and his forefinger and I cried out to him, “Yes! Please, yes!”

The sound of my voice jolted him back to reality. He looked up at the dazed expression on my face and was completely shocked with himself. Immediately he rolled off of me and onto the floor. His body objected and I groan in disappointment. I tried to clear my thoughts but all I could remember was the feeling of his hand on my breast. I wanted more. I whimpered softly and looked up at him expectantly.

He turned and left the room. I groaned again. My body was taut, like a string waiting to be plucked. I could feel the heat and wetness between my thighs. I felt miserably abandoned. I forced myself to sit up. As I sat, my thoughts began to clear and I realized what had been happening.

A few moments passed before he walked back into the room. I looked up at him–hurt and confusion clear in my eyes. He looked away shamefully. I looked so vulnerable. He walked over to the couch and set a glass of water on the table in front of me. Then he moved over to stand by the wall.

He watched as I pick up the glass and sip at the water. He looked like he wanted to say something comforting, but he didn’t know how to begin. He cleared his throat and I glanced up at him. He looked away and then berated himself for his cowardice.

“I’ll take you back to your car now,” he said without emotion. I nodded in acceptance. I stood and smoothed down my skirt and sweater. Avoiding his eyes, I walked to the door and myself out.

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