A Trip To Dreamland!

Lustful Desires II 1

“Yes! Right there! Oh that’s the spot!”

“You like that don’t you, you naughty girl”?

“Yes daddy, I’ve been a bad girl. I want you to punish me”.

“Oh I would love to…”

And then he got out his ropes and was just about to tie me up when I was disturbed.

“Susan, get up. You can’t be sleeping while I’m downstairs working. Oya get up or I’d beat you out of that bed”.

My over dramatic mother is at it again. Ever since ASUU went on strike its been do this, do that and it’s getting really annoying.

“Can I please sleep for 5 more minutes? It’s a weekend and I need my beauty sleep”.

“Odabi pe nkan shey baba e (It seems like something is wrong with your dad)”. In yoruba land, parents don’t insult theirselves but rather their partners.

When my mum goes street like this, it’s best to do what she says. I get up grumbling underneath my breath and walk slowly to the bathroom to wash my face.

“Ba mi ni’sale oh (Meet me downstairs)”.

As I wash my face quickly with warm water, a smile forms on my face. I had a dream, not just any dream but a sex dream about Juwon.

I’ve had many but this one was very intense, it left a mark. I had pussy juice spilling out of me and down my thighs, I could feel it as I walked.

Remembering my chores, I quickly wash up and run down to meet my mum before she goes all rogue on me.

Fruity Tutty!!!

Lustful Desires II 2

In the kitchen trying to prepare breakfast, bread, eggs and fruit salad. Mum has been trying to infuse fruits into our meals hence the salad.

“The fruits are on the table and I want them chopped now”.

Carrots, water melon, pineapple and a whole lot of other fruits were laid out for me on the table.

I pick them all up, put them in a bowl and went to wash them. Mum got a call and left me alone in the kitchen. Guess I’m doing all the work alone cos her calls are lengthy these days. Trust her friends to always have gist especially Iya Ope.

Boom! I’m deep in thoughts thinking about how sex starved and horny I’ve been all week and imagining which of the fruits would do justice to my pussy.

I stare at the carrot, naah too Tiny. Then I imagine the banana, it’s good enough but I need my pussy stretched out. Just then my eyes caught a glance of this huge curved cucumber.

Oh damn! I said as I feel my pussy dampen.

“This would definitely stretch my pussy out and fill me up”.

Lustful Desires II 3

My thoughts wander some more and it takes me back to the dream I had earlier.

“A naughty girl like you needs to be taught a lesson. Don’t you agree?” he asked rhetorically and grabbed my breasts in his bare hands.

He sucked and pulled on them until they became hard for him. I moaned in pleasure. Crashing his lips onto mine, he bit my lip for entrance to my mouth which I tried to resist but he bit harder and I moaned so he took advantage and stuck his tongue into my mouth.

He searched hungrily and our tongues made contact. He left my lips and trailed kisses down my neck, between my breasts, down my stomach till he reached just above my pussy.

I woke up just then to my hands soaked as I was pleasuring myself. Running to my room so no one would see me, I ended my heated passion.

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