I’m Crushing On My Best friend!

Love Bug! 1

Ever had a crush on one of your guys and you feel like fucking his brains out. Well that’s how I felt every time I saw him.

Love Bug! 2

Mayowa Akinsola is his name and lord is he so damn fine. 6 feet tall, chocolate skin, brown eyes all wrapped up in a skinny body, lord this is my weakness and I don’t even have to loud it. Don’t even get me started on the size of his junk (don’t ask me how I know, I just do).

It was a cold evening, Saturday I suppose and I was in my room finishing up some work when I get a call. It’s from him.

“Hey, I’m downstairs” he says. Instantly a smile pops up on my face. Needed to get out and I’m glad he’s here at least I’d laugh.

“I’d be right down” I say in a rush while trying to freshen up. Not like I looked bad or anything but I liked looking my best when I’m around him. I brush my hair, use some mints and told my roommate I’d be back and I run down to meet him.

I see him sitting down on the pavement all clad in brown shorts, a black tee and his favorite baseball cap. He’s not alone, he’s with Tamilore; what a bummer cos I really looked forward to some alone time with him. Anyways they’re both great company and I could really use that rn.

Love Bug! 3

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming”? I ask as I got close to them. Tamilore was laughing as usual and was about to say something when Mayowa interrupted him “Can’t two buddies hang out with their best girl anymore”?

Tammy laughs and says “guy I told you surprise visits don’t work on Fatima”.

Food and Booze!

We joke around a little and I suggest we get drinks cos I felt like drinking and Tammy really indulges my drinking habits.

Luckily for me, there was a store not so far from school which also had a restaurant in it cos Mayowa needed food. Sometimes I wonder how this store also had a restaurant and I came to the conclusion that the owner was probably confused when they started.

I pick out my favorite drink, orijin and some weird ass bitters for the boys; heaven knows I hate the smell of the drink and they drink it to piss me off. They were buying lunch so I pay for the drinks and wait for them outside.

After 10 minutes they come out and I sense they’d been gossiping about something. I shake it off and walk slowly in front of them.

The Plan!

Love Bug! 4

Back at the pavement, we split the food and drinks and dive in immediately and that’s when my not so little sister decides to show up.

“Hey guys, what’s kicking? Having a good time without me right?” We just smiled and let her join us and that’s when she told me she was going out. Knowing my sister, she was probably going to flex somewhere and I wanted to get out of school.

“Mayowa let’s go hang at yours. I really need to leave before I get choked. We could follow my sister, she’d drop us off”.

And that’s how we all took an uber, dropped Tammy at the gate, stopped at Mayowa’s while my sister continued with her journey.

I swear the trip and the whole plan was weird cos there was no prior notice and it just sort of came out of the blue from me.

Let’s Get It On!!!!!

If you’re reading this, you’ve just found out I have a crush on one of my best friends and my name is Fatima. My crush doesn’t know I like him yet and I’d really like to change that and here’s how I do it.

Love Bug! 5

At his house, I get comfortable and watch him change out of his clothes and into joggers. We talk for a while and then I sense some tension between us I’ve never noticed before until this moment. I may be wrong but I could notice he was staring at my tits as soon as we got in. To confirm this, I ask we go to his room.

Love Bug! 6

We get to the room, look at each other and start making out like teenagers. We’re out of our clothes in no time and jump into the bed.

I whisper in his ear “I’ve been wanting to suck your cock all day” and then crawl between his legs and start licking it up and down feeling it grow in my hand. I put the head in my mouth and begin to lower onto the shaft driving him crazy. I then move my tongue to his large balls taking them in my mouth one at a time getting them very wet. I am just mesmerized by his cock- the size, hardness, stamina.

Love Bug! 7

After 10 minutes of working his cock he sits up, grabs my hips and flips me around on top of him with my pussy over his face. My pussy is already drenched, and he eats it like he’s starving while I grind into his face and get as much of his cock down my throat as possible. Within minutes I have an explosive orgasm all over his face.

A few minutes of stillness as I come down from my orgasm and I put his cock back in my mouth. He starts licking me again, but I am so sensitive I keep lifting up off his face.

Realizing this he says to me “I’ll try another spot” and he twerks my hips down and puts his lips on my tits ! Starts with gentle kisses, then to light licks and finally his face is buried between them.

I am in total overload and I hold his face down and my hand is rubbing on his cock. Another orgasm ensues while he kisses my lips so softly.

Boom Boom Pow!!!

Love Bug! 8

As I recover from orgasm #2 I say, “I need this hard cock inside me now”. I lie on my back and he crawls up to me and we enjoy deep passionate kisses. I feel his cock grinding on my lower stomach, then onto my pelvis and then flat against my clit. I am still very wet and his cock sliding on my clit feels so good.

After a couple of minutes of this he sits up and reaches for his backpack on the floor. I grab his face and say, “no condom, fuck me bareback”. He asks if I’m sure, I reach up to give him a deep kiss and that says I am sure.

I see a big grin on his face, he moves between my legs and enters me. After 2 orgasms I am soaking wet and this time he slides in so nicely. Still big and he goes slow, but I take all of him much quicker this time. We spend the next 15 minutes making love.

His cock feels so good- I am so relaxed and in love with him inside me. We go from missionary, to doggie to cowgirl, finishing back in missionary with Mayowa cumming deep inside me.

He rolls off of me and we embrace facing each other, kissing and touching as we drift off to sleep.

This was the greatest love making night of my life.