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Bathroom Shenanigans


living with an older woman

“Just come shower in my bathroom,” she yelled from her bathroom.

Again, I couldn’t believe what was happening. My mind raced. Are we going to shower together? While I’m naked and she has a swimsuit on?

I climbed the stairs after tucking my throbbing boner into the top of my towel. The door to Ronke’s bathroom was slightly ajar, so I pushed the door open and Ronke was waiting next to the shower as the water warmed up. She was still wearing her swimsuit. Without seeing me she went under the stream of hot water. She began to rub soap on herself and occasionally her hands slipped under the black material, but majorly, she just rubbed down her outside. I stood there giving her that same dazed stare I’d given her earlier. Ronke looked at me through the steam and giggled.

“Come on Yusuf, take off the towel and come here.”

I removed the towel and let it fall to the ground. Ronke looked at me up and down, pausing briefly to take a longer look at my rigid cock. I don’t have the biggest dick in the world, it’s 7 inches, but at that moment it was as hard as a rock and as big as it had ever been – perhaps half an inch longer than usual. She lightly bites her lip and continued to smile as I walked towards her, my cock bouncing out in front at a 45-degree angle.

I felt vulnerable and nervous, but also excited. As I got closer, she looked directly into my eyes. Ronke grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to her. My cock slid up between us and poked into her swimsuit, under her low-hanging breasts. I could’ve cum right there and then.

She put her arms around me and grabbed my ass, while her head rested on my chest. I looked down at her arched back and admired the way her two massive ass cheeks curved out from the base of her back. Her swimsuit looked as though it had been sucked into her ass, disappearing into an abyss that I was eager to explore. I couldn’t see her feet.

My hands grasped her fat ass, massaging it gently as the hot water fell on us. We held each other briefly. Ronke then pulled away and squirted some soap into her hands.

She began rubbing soap onto my lean body, up to my neck. My cock was sticking out towards her, but she didn’t look at it, even though it continued to twitch. I lifted my head back and closed my eyes. I could feel my cock occasionally poking her, and sometimes her hands would lightly brush it, making my body shudder.

“How’s that Yusuf,” she asked.

“This feels amazing,” I stammered.

Ronke giggled. She continued to rub soap down my chest and then turned me around to do the same to my back. Ronke began rubbing soap on my ass and then her hands came around to my front. I could feel her breasts pressed up against my ass as she washed my balls. My pubic hair was trimmed short, so short that it looked as though I’d shaved my balls. She played with my balls, but didn’t touch the shaft.

There was no talking. Perhaps we were both shocked at what was happening. I didn’t know what to say. Ronke was old enough to be my mum, but I was naked in the shower with her and she was massaging my balls. My boner made it obvious how I was feeling, and I could tell she was just as horny, her faint groans gave that away. At 50, Ronke might have assumed a young man in his 20s would never lust for a 50-year-old, but she was wrong if she thought that.

My cock was aching for her touch. I needed her mature mouth on my youthful dick. I wanted to suck on her big, round, tits. I wanted to bang her pussy from behind so I could enjoy the sight of my dick disappearing into her huge fat ass. But most of all, I longed to have her thick thighs wrapped around my head, with my face in between her thighs.

I leaned back in the shower and put my hands behind me, onto the top of Ronke’s ass. I pulled her tight, but with her hands caressing my balls, I was afraid I was about to cum, so I turned around and took half a step back. Ronke stared at my cock and then gradually leaned forward until her face was only inches from the tip.

She bent over, almost at a right angle, so I put my hands on the top of her head. I thought she was about to suck me off, but she bent lower and washed my legs. As she squatted her ass became bigger – it spread out behind her and towards the sides too. Her thighs widened as well. Then she rose to her feet, kissed my chest, and looked up at me and smiled. My cock was squished between the two of us again, poking her breasts.

“You’re all clean now,” Ronke said as she rubbed her hands on my chest. “But I missed a spot. Do you want me to clean that with my mouth?”

“Please do,” I stammered.

“OK, since you’re so sweet Yusuf.”

Ronke slowly bent over in front of me, gently dragging her red nails down my chest, across my slender stomach and towards my throbbing cock. Her hands reached my cock and she cupped my balls with her right hand. Meanwhile, her left hand grabbed the head of my dick, before moving slowly down the shaft.

Being 5’9″ and with small hands, Ronke made my cock look bigger than it actually was. It seemed large enough for her. She looked up at me and smiled as she gripped my cock firmly with both hands. The shower sprayed into her face, so I turned it off and the steam began to clear.

“Oh Yusuf, I want to taste your cock.” She said as she placed her pouty lips over the tip.

My cock slowly entered her warm mouth and it felt amazing. I’d imagined Ronke’s mouth on my dick many times, but I never thought it would feel this good. Ronke’s lips closed tightly around the head as her tongue caressed the tip. She moved her hands back up to my stomach and her head bounced up and down on my stiff cock. Ronke lifted her head to look up at me and her hands returned to my shaft. She smiled.

“You feel so good,” I whispered.

“My God, you’re hard Yusuf, is it always like this?” She said as she stroked my cock.

“Not always. Please more,” I begged.

She lowered her head onto the tip of my shaft once again. Her tongue worked the tip of my cock, but only for a few seconds before she pulled it out again.

“Cum in my mouth Yusuf, cum for me, I want to taste you,” she pleaded before wrapping her lips around the head again.

By this stage I was trying my best to not blow my load, so her request came as a relief. I arched my back and as I looked down, I saw Ronke increasing the intensity. Faster and faster. Without warning I ejaculated suddenly, and since my dick had only been in her mouth for a minute or so, she wasn’t ready for it. I groaned loudly. My powerful blast caught her off-guard.

Most of the cum shot into her mouth, but some of it dribbled down her chin. She pulled my cock out to wipe the cum from around her mouth, and as she was licking her fingers I pulsed again, shooting a big, stringy load of cum across her face, from the top of her forehead down to her chin, right between her eyes.

“Oh Yusuf, yes Yusuf!” She exclaimed as she stuffed my cock back in her mouth, eager for more.

“Oh Ronke”, I moaned, as I continued squirting.

Ronke kept her mouth wrapped around my dick to make sure she didn’t miss any more of my cum. I balanced myself by widening my stance and putting one hand on the wall. She was sucking furiously and moaning loudly. Slowly, I began to regain my composure. I looked down to see Ronke with her mouth still wrapped around the head of my cock, her left hand jerking my shaft in a desperate attempt to extract the last few drops. It was a beautiful sight; a posh, sexy, mature, BBW, with cum across her face, sucking my cock clean, her tits and ass spilling out of her swimsuit.

“Oh Yusuf,” she exclaimed. “I want more.”

But I was drained. I had nothing more to give. When she was sure I had nothing more to give she began wiping my jizz from her face and licking her fingers. After a minute or so Ronke stood up, holding my deflating shaft, reluctant to let it go.

“I’ll make a deal,” she said with a smile. “If you give me foot massages, I’ll give you blowjobs.”

We both laughed.

“Sounds good to me, but what about your back massage?” I replied.

“Do you still want to give me one?” she asked.

“Of course, but let’s rinse off first.”

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Living With An Older Woman (Plus Sex)


living with an older woman

I turned the water back on and Ronke washed her face as I soaped down her back. I lifted the swimsuit straps over her shoulders and she pulled her arms through. Leaning over from behind, I slowly slid my hands down her tits and under the tight stretchy material. I pulled her towards me and my semi-hard cock slid between her fat soapy ass-cheeks. My mouth nibbled her earlobe and I kissed her neck, she giggled and squirmed. I could still smell her perfume.

“You’re so sexy Ronke.” I whispered in her ear. “Your ass feels so good.”

She moaned as she rinsed her face. The crevice between her cheeks smothered my stiffening cock, and as she rocked back and forth, my dick sank deeper. My hands moved further under the yellow fabric until I cupped her breasts. Her large stiff nipples slid between my fingers.

“Oh Yusuf, that feels amazing. Hold me, please.” Ronke groaned.

Ronke’s tits were finally in my hands, but my hands weren’t big enough for them. Her erect nipples were thick and long, about the size of screw, and just as hard.

“How does this feel?” I asked as I gently squeezed her nipples with my fingers. “Do you like that?”

“Yes, yes, yes. Pinch them Yusuf, I like that.” She responded. “That feels so good, your hands, they feel so good!”

Each time I pinched her nipples she flinched, causing her ass cheeks to tighten around my stiffening cock. Ronke looked up at me, over her shoulder, moaning with her mouth half-open. I leant down and kissed her gently. She kissed me back passionately, so I pulled my hands out of her swimsuit and turned her around to face me. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths and my hands groped her ass.

It was our first kiss. A long, intense kiss. Ronke held my head in her hands, occasionally running her fingers through my hair or down my neck. We paused to catch our breath. I looked down into Ronke’s eyes, and her dark sultry eyes looked up at mine. She smiled. We held eye contact for what seemed like an eternity, but it was probably only a minute or so. Our eye contact breaking only briefly when our mouths occasionally reconnected.

“You’re beautiful Yusuf.” Ronke whispered. “You make me feel special.”

“You are special Ronke.” I said. “You make me happy. You’re perfect. I want to be with you. I think I felt this way from the moment I met you.”

“I think I felt the same too Yusuf, but I wasn’t sure. I’m sure now though.”

As we kissed passionately the sound of the shower muffled our groans. My hands gripped Ronke’s massive firm ass again, pulling her into me. My cock was hard, even though she’d just sucked me dry. Ronke grabbed my dick and began stroking it.

“I love this thing,” she giggled as she looked down.

“I love these,” I said as I slowly pulled down her swimsuit to fully expose her enormous olive-skinned tits. When I pulled the black material down, Ronke’s breasts and nipples sprang out. She giggled and breathed heavily, but I didn’t make a sound. I stood there stunned at the sight of her huge breasts and stiff nipples. The biggest nipples I’d ever seen. Her hefty tits hung just below her belly button and her nipples pointed down at an angle, slightly towards the sides.

I moved over to one of the marble slabs and sat down on the corner. Ronke turned off the shower and walked towards me, her exposed tits swaying with each step. She remained standing and her thick legs straddled mine, her breasts dangled in my face. My erection was pointing directly up and Ronke rubbed her pussy against the head of my cock, up and down, forward and back.

If she wasn’t wearing a swimsuit, my cock would’ve slipped inside her. Each time she moved back and forth; her boobs gently slapped me in the face. She pulled my head onto her cleavage, threatening to suffocate me, before then lifting her left breast and guiding her nipple to my mouth.

“Suck me Yusuf, suck my nipples,” she insisted.

I gladly obliged. My lips locked onto one of her massive nipples. As I sucked her left boob my hands caressed her wide hips and massive ass. Her glorious, fat, bare ass. This was heaven. Ronke grabbed the base of my cock with her right hand and rubbed it against her pussy. She was pleasuring her clit with the head of my throbbing cock.

“You’re going to make me cum Yusuf.” Ronke murmured.

She made a face as my mouth continued to devour her nipple.

“Now this one Yusuf.” Ronke said as she pulled her left breast out of my mouth and pushed my head towards her right nipple.

I gave each nipple equal attention and every time I switched Ronke groaned passionately. I glanced up to see the pleasure on her face, mouth wide open and eyes half-closed. After a while I gently pushed Ronke away so I could get her swimsuit off. I slowly pulled the material down, and once it was past her knees; it fell to the ground. Just below my eye-line was Ronke’s beautiful pussy. Her cute little pussy was bald. It glistened in the well-lit bathroom and I could see her clit at the top of her plump pussy lips.

“Do you want that massage now?” I asked as I grabbed her hand.

“Come with me,” Ronke replied as she led me through to her bedroom. Her tits and ass bounced from side to side in front of me. We were both still wet from shower, but too eager to bother drying off. Ronke sat on the edge of the bed and as she pulled me closer – my stiff cock slid effortlessly into her mouth again.

But I protested as I pulled it out, “No, it’s my turn.”

I lay down on the bed and rolled over onto my back. She jumped on top of me and her breasts smothered my torso, her ass pointed towards the ceiling. We kissed again, and as we kissed; she stroked my cock. I gently pushed her to the side and rolled her over so she was underneath me, her head on a pillow. I mounted Ronke and kissed her neck and ears, causing her to squirm.

Her moaning was now getting louder. I moved down to her breasts, which were both splayed out to the sides. My instinct took over and before I knew it, one of her nipples was back in my mouth, but she pushed my head down until I was face-to-face with her moist snatch.

“My pussy Yusuf, please, I need you to make me cum.” Ronke pleaded.

I didn’t need a second invitation. It was glistening, but not because of the shower. Her lips were plump and at the top I could clearly see her clitoris. It appeared to be pulsating, but Ronke was writhing around on the bed, so it was hard to tell. It smelled musky, but sweet – like melon. I blew air on to her clit and Ronke’s hips shuddered, causing her powerful thighs to tighten around my head. I kissed the outside of her pussy lips and I knew she was gagging for it. I gently placed my tongue between her lips at the base of her pussy.

“That’s it,” she moaned. “Eat my pussy Yusuf.”

As my tongue moved up her pussy lips, I spread her thick legs. My head was finally between her big sexy thighs and she tasted amazing. My tongue caressed her clitoris and I sucked it gently, causing her hips to shake violently. She didn’t cum, but she was close.

“Tell me when it feels good,” I said.

“It all feels good Yusuf, your tongue, your lips. It all feels good. Oh Yusuf,” Ronke squealed as she breathed loudly.

Ronke was dripping wet, so I gently slid a finger into her pussy. Her hips then began to pulsate rhythmically. I kept sucking her clit and finger-fucking her, not too fast, just going with her movements. Ronke let out a muffled scream. Her thighs gripped my head so tightly that I could no longer keep my finger in. Her body convulsed, so I kept sucking her clit with my mouth, trying my best to keep a steady rhythm.

My hands moved up until they found her tits, and as I squeezed her nipples, Ronke’s pussy squirted. It took me by surprise, but I loved it. I wanted her to keep squirting, and she did. I couldn’t move my head if I wanted to because her legs were locked around my ears like a vice. Her hips lifted violently off the silk sheets and her muffled screams were no longer muffled. I buried my face deeper into her hot, wet snatch.

“Oh Yusuf, oh Yusuf, oh Yusuf,” Ronke kept repeating, even though she was out of breath.

I kept my face between her legs, my tongue still lapping up her juices, but she eventually pulled my head up.

“Kiss me Yusuf.”

Our mouths embraced again, this time with Ronke’s juices all over my face and neck, but she didn’t seem to care. Ronke then realized my cock was still rock hard.

“You’re still hard Yusuf, did you enjoy that?” She asked, her face bright red.

“Of course I did, you taste so good.” I replied.

“I want you to fuck me Yusuf, I need you to fuck my pussy.” she whispered in my ear.

She rolled over on top of me as I lay on my back and her tits smothered my chest. Her hand guided my head to her nipple again. Slowly, she slid down until her pussy was just past my cock, thus detaching her nipple from my mouth, despite my attempts to keep sucking. I could see her huge ass sticking out on both sides, while her big breasts hung down in front of her, brushing against my stomach. She leaned forward while squatting on the bed, squashing her hard nipples into my chest.

We kissed again, passionately, both reluctant to stop. All that yoga training kept Ronke strong and flexible, so she never looked uncomfortable as she squatted on me, despite the size of her ass. She pushed herself back up and with one hand on my stomach, she grabbed my shaft and rubbed her clit with my tip.

“Does your dick feel good on my pussy baby?” Ronke asked, knowing exactly what my answer would be.

“Yes,” I gulped.

Her eyes remained closed. I enjoyed the view from below. Ronke was a woman who always seemed in control, a composed and confident woman, but at that moment she was overcome with lust and desire. She’d lost control of her desires. And so, had I. Her swinging breasts had me hypnotized. When her eyes finally opened, she smiled at me as she pushed the head of my cock into her dripping wet pussy. Her mouth opened and she whimpered.

“Your cock Yusuf, your cock, it feels so good,” she groaned as she lowered herself onto my shaft, slowly and gently.

She sat upright. Her massive breasts rose up and her nipples pointed directly towards my face, my hands instinctively reached for them. I caressed Ronke’s breasts as her pussy slid up and down my stiff wet dick. Like my cumshot in the shower, Ronke’s second orgasm came without warning. She suddenly gasped and squealed as her pussy gripped my cock tightly, so I responded by pinching her nipples, which intensified her orgasm.

“Oh, again Yusuf, I’m going to… I’m going to… I’m going to, again.” Ronke stammered incoherently.

She gripped my hips firmly as she bounced up and down on my cock, slapping her fat ass on my thighs. I enjoyed watching her body convulse, both legs shaking so much that she began to lose balance, toppling forward, pushing her tits deeper into my hands. Each time I squeezed her nipples I could see the reaction on her face, an expression of pure pleasure.

As her shaking subsided and she regained her balance, she remained squatted, gyrating her pussy on my stiff cock, which was still inside her. It felt so good, her wet, warm pussy, still occasionally twitching, enveloping my shaft. Ronke opened her eyes and smiled at me. I smiled back. The look on her face was one of satisfaction, contentment and pleasure. Mine was probably the same as I lay under her, drenched in her pussy juice.

“Your cock feels so good inside me,” she exclaimed. “Suck my nipples again, that feels so good.”

I was more than happy to oblige. I sat up slightly, just enough for her breasts to reach my mouth. She groaned as I sucked her nipples. I switched from one to another, and each time I did she told me to suck them some more. Finally, I rested my head back on the pillow so I could enjoy watching Ronke. My cock was still rock hard and still inside her as she moved back and forth, with a sly grin on her face.

“I quite like the view from up here, but it could be because your cock is inside me,” she giggled.

“Well, I like the view from down here, and it is because my dick is inside you,” I replied with a laugh.

“I’ve never been this wet before Yusuf, did you make me squirt?” Ronke said as she smiled.

“I’m not sure what happened to be honest, but I liked it.” I replied. “I also liked it when your ass was slapping against me, can you do that again, please?”

“You mean like this?” Ronke asked.

Leaning forward again so that her ass lifted up, she began gently bouncing up and down, slowly at first.

“Yeah,” I replied with a big smile. “Like that.”

I could see my cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy, past her plumps lips. Her massive tits almost blocked my view, but when her ass bounced up and down, her breasts clapped together, and when they separated between claps, my glistening cock came into view. Every time my cock thrusted in and out of her snatch there was a squelching noise. Although Ronke was facing towards me, I still had a good view of her massive ass.

I could see it bouncing up and down behind her, and I could see it out the sides as well. Ronke gradually increased the pace until her ass was pounding my dick like a jack-hammer, and her hungry, wet pussy slurped loudly as it repeatedly swallowed my cock.

The pounding continued for a few minutes and I couldn’t hold it anymore, I was going to cum again. Ronke’s ass just kept going up and down, her massive round ass cheeks smacked loudly against my thighs, but she wasn’t tiring. It must have been 10 minutes straight. Meanwhile, her boobs were bouncing around more and more, as she increased the intensity. My hands were struggling to control them – they were too big.

“Cum in my pussy Yusuf, cum in me, I want to watch you cum in my pussy,” she whispered, as her ass continued to bounce on my cock.

My hips trembled and my head lifted off the pillow, and although Ronke emptied me earlier, I ejaculated powerful streams of cum again, this time into her warm wet pussy. Ronke let out another muffled scream.

“That’s it baby, cum for me, cum inside me,” Ronke said, as she smiled down on me. “Cum for me baby.”

“Oh Ronke, oh, oh, oh.” I gasped. “You feel so good.”

My head hit the pillow and my eyes closed. I felt my cock flinching in Ronke’s pussy, and when I finally opened my eyes, I saw her still bouncing, but with a strained look on her face. Her mouth was open and her eyes were closed. She began shaking again so I reached for her nipples, and as I squeezed them, her pussy started gushing. My cock was still hard and she was still moving up and down my stiff shaft, but with less control than last time.

Ronke froze, still in a squatted position, but no longer bouncing, so I began thrusting my cock into her pussy from underneath, in and out, in and out. I held Ronke’s hands to steady her and looked up to see her face flinching with pleasure. Another gush. And another gush. Her body convulsed and her body weight fell forward onto her knees. As her breasts smothered my chest, I hugged her tightly and continued to drill her pussy with my dick from below.

It was my turn to slap her fat ass with my thighs. ‘Thwack, thwack, thwack.’

“Oh Yusuf, again Yusuf, I’m cumming again!” Ronke groaned.

I can’t be sure, but I think she squirted four times, it was a bit of a blur. My cock began to soften, but I kept fucking her pussy for as long as I could until I was too soft to continue. Ronke finally opened her eyes and when she did, her smile returned. Her face was just above mine, but her hair covered her eyes, so I brushed it to the side.

“This has never happened to me before. I’ve never gotten this wet,” she gasped, her face bright red.

I was too out of breath to respond with anything more than a satisfied grin.

“Kiss me Yusuf,” Ronke whispered.

Our tongues embraced again with my half-soft cock still inside her.

After a minute or so Ronke lifted herself off my floppy cock, which made a funny noise as it slid out. Her juices and my cum dribbled down her leg, and onto me. She giggled. I pulled her close and we hugged. Ronke’s breasts pressed firmly against my stomach and my hands cupped her big, round ass. We lay there kissing gently in the wet sheets, both out of breath, both wet, and both unable to move.

“I think that massage might have to wait until tomorrow,” I whispered into her ear.

“Sounds good to me baby,” she said.

Ronke fell asleep in my arms, not long after. I lay there gently caressing her ass, staring at the ceiling, in a state of shock. Ronke breathed gently on my neck as she slept, and I wondered, was that just a fuck or am I falling for an older woman?

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