Hey little Bambi come closer, I been meaning to serenade you, so pull up your sofa
I can tell you about the sun and moon, about how they aren’t important as you
Jumping clouds and living in the stars, if only rockets could be replaced with cars
My dreams ever one to be impossible, so as my hopes on being with you, stay impalpable
You must be filled with riches, with all the dreams your eyes done sold.
Cause Seeing you with another, just puts my heart on froze
I can tell you about the late night’s, I stare at your window
With the zeal to catch a glimpse of your sweet glow
Hey little bambi, I cant help it, for it’s you I need
Hungry for your touch, at the sight of you I feed
And if it’s to lay down my life, baby for you I’d bleed
For I Still need you bad, And you know I do…
Cause I’m mad…
Over you…

– @black_ice.cream