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It was 7pm and I was in my hostel with nothing to do, it was another boring night. My roommates were out and I had to sleep alone which I hated. A call came through and I was more than happy cos it was from the LOML.

“Hey beautiful, how are you?”

“I’m doing well and you?”

“I’m great. What are you up to?”

“I’m stuck in the hostel alone. My roommates went out without me and I’m bored as hell.”

“Seems we’re in the same boat. I’m also home alone and bored. Would you like to come over?”

“It’s 7.30 babe, you obviously don’t expect me to come all the way and by myself.”

“Who said anything about you coming alone? I’m sending the driver over. Please be ready in an hour.”

“Alright babe. Love you.”

“Love you too princess.”

I had an hour to get dressed. Muyiwa hates it when I’m late and I really want to please him tonight. I jump in the shower for a quick bath. Once I’m done, I decide on an outfit; skater skirt and a yellow see through blouse. I chose this outfit cos I wanted to look sexy for him and most importantly, to tempt him. I though about not wearing underwear but my plan would be too obvious so I chose black lace panties and a matching bra. It took me 45 minutes to get dressed and do my makeup and as if Muyiwa knew I was ready, I got a text saying

He’s outside. Can’t wait to see you!

I grab my purse and quickly stuff all my necessities in it. It would be a long night and I wanted to make it a memorable one.

The drive was very silent and kinda long. My battery was flat so I couldn’t text or talk to him instead I stared out the window thinking of how I’d love to have him in between my lips at that moment. Another hour and we were finally there. His house was marvelous, I’d been there once but there was something different about how it looked like today, it kinda had a glow to it or was that me? I was ushered in and I saw my prince all dressed in black waiting for me with a smile all over his face. I could eat this man up right now.

“Wow beautiful, you look ravishing”. He said as he ushered me into the living room. I was just blushing anyhow. We spoke at length, talking about everything and anything. And suddenly , he reached for a kiss. This was the moment I was waiting for and I took it immediately, I kissed him back with need and a burning desire.

As if I ignited something in him, he kissed me deeper and with a raging desire; he was everywhere. His hands were under my blouse in no time trying to unfasten my bra which he tossed alongside the blouse. His finger picked a nipple and I moaned loudly, my nipples were my weak point and the right touch would send me over the edge. He pulled and teased it a little whilst kissing me, I was in heaven.

You smell amazing Toks (this was his favorite nickname for me. My name is Toke) . I’m going to savor you, but not for too long. I’m needy, too.”

He was, too. I’d felt how thick his cock was, and I desperately wanted it to fill me.

“I want to feel you, Muyiwa.”

“You will baby, trust me.”

He lifted my skirt and his hand met my warmth, he easily slid two of his fingers inside me as his lips left gentle kisses over my low abdomen. I reacted instantly to his tongue on my slit as it slid up from where his fingers were, right over my sensitive nub. I latched my fingers in his hair, and rocked into his mouth softly. He let out a low chortle that vibrated my hairless mound, and I felt a flow of fresh juices flow over his mouth. His tongue hungrily lapped at them, and I heard his tender moan of approval. His head came up my stomach, his soft lips left gentle kisses over my abdomen, his tongue swirled over each of my nipples before his mouth came to rest on mine. I tasted myself on his tongue, and parted my thighs even further as his hips met mine.

“I don’t have any…protection. I’ll go find…”

“Don’t you dare go anywhere. Just, pull out before you cum.” I said

He nodded and kissed me again, I lifted my ass up and our parts rubbed together. Instant pulses ran over my entire body as his cock slid between my puffy pussy lips. His eyes slowly darkened, he needed this, maybe as much as I did. His body pulled away from mine, but only for a moment, and I was filled in one push.

My hole had been so slick with need, I adjusted to his size as he left himself deeply buried into me. I felt his cap brush my cervix, no one had ever been that deep.

“You feel so amazing babe. A perfect fit.”

“I was going to say the same. No one has ever reached inside so deeply.”

He leaned over me again, wrapped his arms around me and I embraced him as we molded together. I entwined my legs with his, and we began our slow dance of passion. Slow, but sure movements from us both and I savored every moment. His long fingers stroked my body, heightened the experience.

“I want to explore you. Just…time.”

Our kiss was passionate, and we left each others’ embrace. His body leaned back on his knees, and I lifted my right leg. His hand grabbed behind my knee, and he gently pushed it toward my head as he began to rock faster within my walls. Our hands met on my clit, and together we rubbed it. My spare hand tweaked my hard nipple as I began to spasm. My stomach clenched, and I was there.

“I’m cumming!”

“Fuck, me too!”

I gripped him with my walls, not wanting him to leave as I cried out in pleasure. His shout nearly overpowered mine and I felt him pulse 6 times, each jet of cum filled my body. I reached for him, kissed away his fallen tear as he lay his body on top of mine.

No, we didn’t stop there. We had more fun all through the night.

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