Hey there, Here I am again; This story is about a plus-sized girl I met in year one. She was a stunner, light-skinned, very thick, she was a Double D, had pretty face and lips that could suck the cum outta your nuts. We met via a group chat and hit things off, I knew she was nasty but also reserved. We met a few times in school and only did the customary hello. We never visited each other ; always one excuse or the other.

I was out of ideas on how to get her to come over, she would at times tease sending me a half nude that would instantly make me hard and I would have to relieve myself the good old way; get some lube and stroke my cock till ropes of cum fly out of my cock. I was tired of wanking. I just wanted to ease my cock into her wetness and screw the hell out of her head. We kept texting and she was still playing hard to get which was getting extremely frustrating, we would quarrel at times and make up again.

One day I saw her in school, I had been absent due to illness not truancy and when I saw her, I called her name. She was delighted to see me and crushed her massive jugs against me, this instantly gave me a hard on and I dipped my hand into one of my pockets to stylishly adjust things while we made small talk. I was losing hope on smashing till one fateful week when the S.U.G of our school decided to be really active and hosted some shows. I anticipated that week badly and asked if I could take her out on the last day which was a Friday. Our school had this mini-company that played the role of a cinema, I opted for that and she agreed, I was all smiles and hoped things went well.

Two days into the new week, things went bad. I literally went broke, how I blew through what I had in my account was baffling. It wasn’t an enormous sum but still I beat myself up about it only because I had a date. My room-mate was technically in the same shoe as mine so no hope there. So come Monday, I decided to play a fast one on my parents; I mean scam them. I forwarded a message to my mom which requested me to pay about #20,000; the message sender always appeared as the name of my school, so she never once doubted it and I had been doing it since I gained admission. I also reached out to an aunt asking for #10,000. All hopes were on them, if they failed no more date/hope of smashing. I crossed my hands and come Tuesday morning; my mom did what she does best, care for her children. An alert of #25,000 came in and I did a little victory dance again. I feel bad when I scam them at times but it is what it is. I had literally forgotten I asked my aunt for money and her own share came in on Wednesday. Man, was I loaded! Throughout my first year, I relatively lived on mommy and daddy’s money.

Come Friday, I stayed home; once my room-mate was out, I brought out my shaving kit and started shaving, I trimmed and shaved every thing that looked like a strand of hair. I was all ready, at around 2 pm, I stepped into the bathroom and used about 20 minutes making myself clean. I dried my body, got dressed and I admired my handwork in the mirror. My hair was well styled, another vain thing I spent money on lol; my hair was gold to me. I stepped out of the house and not wanting to trek to the school gate so I wouldn’t appear sweaty, I called my bike man; he came about 10 minutes later and we headed off for the school gate where I could get a cab inside school. After alighting, I headed to the ATM stand and thankfully, there was no queue. I withdrew #10,000, pocketed it and took a cab inside school. It took me quite some time to find her and when I did, damn she was stunning. She wore a gown and her curves were damn! Boys stared and I sharply collected my thing and we headed towards the venue for the cinema.

When we arrived, I got us tickets and they were showing a Star Wars: the force movie or so, I got us a corner which was secluded and very dark, even the rays of the outside light when the door was opened couldn’t get to us. I asked her what she wanted and she replied shawarma, I got her one and got another for myself too and a mini bowl of ice cream for her; I was eating and laying out plans all through. When we were done with our meal and had cleaned off our hands, I put my arm across her neck and drop my hands to rub the sides of her jugs. She allowed it and after some time said she wanted chicken and chips and I ran out to get it. Midway into the movie around 6 pm, I told her to let us leave, she asked where we were going and I told her my hostel. She refused saying she was going to her place, I asked after her roommate and she said she was in school at the show. I grabbed her hands and we headed out then I chartered a cab to take us outside the school where we grabbed a bike to her hostel.

Finally, I was at her place. Once we were in her room, I couldn’t hold it any more; pure lust and horniness took over. I grabbed her and kissed her, she was so thick. She pushed me back and smiled. She off her gown and her massive tits were encased in a black bra. I unbuckled her bra and let her tits fall out and immediately began sucking on her nipples. She moaned, then I forcefully squeezed her tits and she told me it hurt. I gently kissed them and sucked more on her nipples. I felt her pulling at my shirt and I took it off, then she knelt down and unbuckled my belt, unzipped me and pulled my pant together with my briefs down. I stepped out of them as I had already removed my shoes at the door; I was naked except for a pair of grey socks. She took my cock into her mouth and I felt my head do a back-flip, damn her mouth was hot and she was good. She kept sucking on my cock but she could only take half of me in her mouth, she twirled her tongue around my cap and I had to grit my teeth; she fondled my balls in her hand before swallowing it in her mouth.

I gripped her hair and had to pull out to stop myself from nutting so soon, she smiled coyly, stood up and pushed me towards the bed. As I laid down, she pulled her panties off and squatted over my cock; she grabbed it and took me home. She was hot, she rode my dick the best she could and she was very wet. I tugged at her nipples as she bounced on my cock, she took my cock in and twirled around it. It was so hot I knew I was going to nut soon, I felt her get wetter and she collapsed against me. I knew she couldn’t ride my cock again, so we switched positions with me being on top. After some thrusts I just knew I had to cum, I couldn’t hold it any more; I told her and asked where she wanted it, she pointed to her tits and I let out thick ropes of cum onto her tits, she rubbed it over her tits and after cumming I was still rock hard and I told her I wanted seconds. She smiled and I slammed into her once more, thrusting so hard and fast; she was losing it.

I pulled out of her and grabbed her thick thighs, then I brought them together. This move made her cunt look more delicious and I eased my cock in. I was thrusting into her slowly, I pulled out and placed her legs on either side of my head and I took her home. I slammed hard and forcefully with each thrust into her and my thrusts literally moved her forward. I kissed her and fucked her through her second orgasm. She was getting breathless and I could feel my balls tightening, I pulled out of her and placed my cock in front of her mouth, she sucked on me and I blew my load in her mouth. She didn’t spill any and swallowed it all, I pulled out and dressed up. A quick glance at my phone told me it was 10 minutes to 9 o’clock, I kissed her and told her I had to leave. She hugged me tight and asked me to call her when I was home.

I bought bread and akara at the junction of her house and took a bike home feeling satisfied and happy.

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