Kaleidoscopic heart

Kisses like the air we breathe, moans sounding like you’ve just been pleased
Tainting your soul like my love’s been released
For Distance is only but hours in between,
I want more of you, I could wish you were a twin,
For you my heart’s been on a loop,
Taking over my thoughts, and you did it without a coup
Flaws of perfection, days I know Id make you feel down
Know even the rainbow makes a cute frown.
Not taking a rain check in seeing your beau face
Pace after pace, I wanna fill up your wet space
Say you love me, with truth and I’d call you my home
Dinner dates in a private booth, like we under our own dome
And when you’re not here, your scent lingers in my thoughts
Was too in deep, sinking through that rabbit hole,
Making me visualize more than the patterns in the kaleidoscope

– Moyosore (@black_ice.cream)