Hi, my name is Jasmine but my friends call me Jazz. I’m not a good girl per say but I am one most times. I am what you’d call a sex freak but I don’t go about giving it up just like that if you know what I mean, I love freaks too and it was no surprise when I fell for this particular guy. He was everything I wanted and I always get carried away when I’m around him, the mere sight of him makes me warm and leaves me wet most times; His name is Derek.

He’s not like your average guy, he’s perfect. He’s very tall (oh how I love tall guys), had full lips and was dark skinned. Something about him portrayed him as a bad boy but I didn’t care; I was already in love. I heard so much about his bedmatics and I really wanted to have a feel. He was really popular around the ladies and it seemed they always spoke about him everywhere I went. I always got jealous when I heard the stories but then he wasn’t mine so I always got comfort by pleasuring myself to thoughts of him. He was dating this girl, Shola and I knew cos I stalked him everywhere. They were a perfect couple, always taking pictures together and posting then up with long mushy captions. I wanted him and I won’t rest until I have him.

One night I got a DM from someone on Instagram one night, lo and behold it was from Derek. It was a “You up?” text. I started blushing like a baby and replied yes. He asked if he could talk to me on phone and I gave him my number. He called few minutes later and our conversation went thus.

“Hi, glad you called. Funny how i was thinking of you before you texted.” I said so boldly. I didn’t know where the courage came from but I was glad I said it, no time to beat around the bush.

“Oh yeah, and what were you thinking about? ” he asked enthusiastically.

Didn’t know when I opened my mouth and said I was thinking about his cock. He had an evil laugh and went shy. I asked where he was and he replied, my room alone and then I decided to take charge.

“Can anyone see you? Take it out for me baby”

“Got it out? Stroke it for me baby.”

“Slide your hand back and forth and think of my pussy lips, wet and puffy and waiting for you to slide into me.”

“Think of how hot I am sitting here and thinking about what that beautiful piece of meat could be doing to me right now.”

“The crotch of my panties is soaking wet. You know what number I’m thinking of right now?” I asked.

“Ummm no.” he replied.

“Sixty-nine.” I said.

I heard footsteps and someone calling my name.

“Hey, got to go. Keep stroking it baby, I want it ready for me whenever we see.”

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