I Fucked My Uber Driver!!

I fucked my uber driver and I liked it. Yes, call me a slut or whatever but it was one of the best sex experiences I’ve had! I was at Derek’s and it was time to unleash the hoe in me.

My Night With Derek!

fucked my uber driver

“I think you owe me an explanation” he said as he ushered me into the house.

Do i tell him about my uber driver sexcapade? How would I look him in the eye and lie? That was my only option, I wasn’t going to jeopardize my relationship in any way.

“Baby, there was so much traffic and I didn’t know how to reach you cos my battery died”.

He stared at me and smiled looking at me from head to toe. “You look ravishing babe” he said.

I saw the need in his eyes, the burning desire and the need to quench his thirst. Good things come to those who wait, that’s what my mama taught me so I had to play hard to get.

“I need to shower and rest. The trip was stressful, my whole body aches.”

Although he was bothered by what I said, he composed himself. He showed me his bedroom and left me to shower. I needed to get away from him for a while, couldn’t lie to him any longer; feeling like a slut and I didn’t want him to feel the same way.

A shower was needed, I need to wash my sins away; a sin I’d still commit once given the chance to. The shower was long and refreshing. I felt really good after it.

went to look for Derek after my bath and I found him sleeping on the couch. He looked so good I couldn’t help but lay on him and kiss him. He woke up and smiled at me, kissing me with passion.

“Someone seems happy tonight” I said still lying on him all cuddled up.

“I’m with the most beautiful girl ever. Isn’t that enough reason to be happy?”

The Hunger And Desire!

fucked my uber driver

It felt good being in his arms. The mere thought of his body being so close to mine turned me on so bad, I got aroused. He must have noticed cos instantly he kissed me and rubbed my body.

“I love the feel of your tits through your shirt,” he said tracing my big D boobs with his fingertips. “Love your big tits Jazz,” he said while fondling and touching them. Using his thumb and index fingers, he pulled my nipples.

“I love fingering your nipples through your blouse and bra,” he said pulling out her nipples more with his thumb and index finger.

Every time he touched me, he made me wet and ready for sex. He made me want to cum. In the way that I’ve always made him cum . I needed him to make me cum with his fingers, his tongue, and his cock.

“I’m glad you enjoy feeling my tits and fingering my nipples through my clothes because I’m enjoying it too,” I said again wishing he’d do more than just touch me.

Although I wanted more, I kept my frustration to myself. I didn’t want to expose my secret. I’m normally not too freaky with him but after my experience with Andre, I wanted him to do better. It was a competition and I wanted Derek to win. The last thing I wanted was for him to think I was a whore.

The Build Up!

fucked my uber driver

He moved his exploring hands from my boobs to my ass. Rubbing on my panties and tracing my butt cheeks through it, it felt as though he loved my ass more than my boobs. I didn’t care, I wanted him to quench the ache I had down there.

“Take your clothes off.” he said.

I got up and took off my shirt revealing my naked body.

He moved close to me, lay me down gently on the couch, looked in my eyes and whispered, “I’d show you how much I love you.” I shuddered. He has never said this before and the look in his eyes was a little scary.

Instantly, he grabbed my breasts taking time to enjoy their weight.

His cock strained against his pants as he reached over to kiss me. His hand brushed against my nipple. He teased it between his fingertips, rolled it, and felt it harden. He took it in his mouth, licking it as though it were a lollipop.

His heart pumped so fast and his body shivered with excitement, I could feel it. He groped me one last time and stepped back. Raising my legs and leaving it to hang in the air, he rubbed my clit and I inhaled sharply, moving my feet wider.

His fingers slid through a patch of soft hair and he pressed his fingers against my clit. I stiffened, my body tightening.

Sensing it, he pulled his hands out from between my legs. I relaxed and my body loosened as he continued to grope my boobs. He squeezed harder and was rewarded with a quiet gasp.

“I want you. So bad babe!” I moaned

“Calm down princess. This is only the beginning.” he said

I wanted him. Needed him. He needs to calm my nerves.

As if he was hearing my thoughts, he slid a finger into me and I gasped.

“Yes. Just like that. Go deeper. Faster.”

“You are a little freaky tonight, aren’t you?”

He added one more finger and I almost lost my senses. It felt so good, I didn’t want him to stop. With each touch, I trembled.

And Then There Was Showers!

fucked my uber driver

While he touched me, I decided to be bold. I ran my hand through his hair and touched his face. Consequently, he moaned into my face and I felt his breath on my face. He took off his clothes and threw them somewhere and rushed back to me.

His face is expressionless. I didn’t know what he was thinking but it seems like he’s planning something. He kisses me again and pushes me back on to the bed, licks my nipples and works my upper thighs and vagina with clever fingers. I feel his closeness, an erotic mixture of his cologne, sweat and arousal. Our mouths, our tongues, meet. I hear both of us breathing sharply.

When Derek senses the time is right, he raises himself above me. I can see his cock, it’s so huge. He allows it to torment me between the legs before pushing it inside me. He holds his weight on his hands, his eyes digging deep into me and as he thrusts, he hums. My tits are hard.

I move my hips in time with his thrusts matching his rhythm. The thrusts come quicker and I shudder and cum at the same time he does.

Thinking he was done with me, I turn to my side to catch my breath. Instead, he flips me over so I’m ass up and face down. Instantly, he thrusts deeply into me. We both moan loudly. He thrusts deeply and fast grabbing my boobs in unison. Due to the pleasure I’m feeling, I moan and scream his name.

Because of this, he thrusts deeply once more and we both reach the peak of our orgasm at the same time. We had reached the height. Since we were both tired, we lay down all cuddled up.

Although the room smelt like sex, we weren’t bothered instead we were both comfortable in each others arms smiling.

Finally, I got all I wanted.

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