Remember Derek? Well we finally got to see and it was one helluva weekend but before then something really nasty happened… Please make sure you’re reading this whilst listening to Kranium’s Between Us (this song was playing while I was writing.)

I was in my hostel one night when I got a call from Derek, he was home alone and wanted me to come over, I was excited. Was this the night we finally got to let out our hunger? Was this when I got to show him how much of a freak I was? I instantly said yes and told him I’d be ready in 2 hours, needed to look good and sexy; wasn’t going to leave his house without having my fill.

I picked out my dress from the locker which I saved for occasions like this; my roommates called it the Slut Kit. It was black, tightly fitted, had a zip at the back and was quite short. For underwear, I picked out the lacy lingerie I got as a birthday gift, luckily for me they matched. Headed straight to the bathroom to clean up then dressed right after. I wasn’t going to be late for this meeting. In an hour I was ready, didn’t know if to call him or just wait for his call; I didn’t want to seem desperate. After what seemed like years, he finally called.

“Jazz, I sent an Uber already. He’d be waiting in front of your hostel in five minutes.”

“Oh okay. I’d be down in a sec.” I said picking up my bag and making a note to call my roommates later.

The Uber driver was outside when I got down, I got in and met the sexiest guy ever. I told you guys how I liked tall guys Yeah? He was tall, very very tall and his head was almost hitting the roof. He was dark skinned and had a slur each time he spoke. I was having goose bumps already. I tried my best to calm down, I wasn’t going to fuck him, but damn I really wanted to. He was so fine, I didn’t want him to slip away just like that.

“Hello, good evening. I’m Andre and I’d be your driver for tonight. Can we start the trip?”

“Hi, Good evening. Yes, you can. Hope you know where I’m headed?”

“Yes I do. There are sweets at the back, you can help yourself. Please feel free to use the aux cord.” he said before driving out of my hostel.

I kept staring at him from the rear view mirror and our eyes kept meeting. He had blue eyes and I was lost in them. I winked at him and I think he winked back but I’m not too sure. Was he making a pass at me?

I picked up my phone and got a text from Derek, he sent a dick pic with a caption, “someone’s waiting for you to get home”. I moaned a little. His dick was black, huge with a pink cap, roughly 7 inches and it didn’t even look rock hard yet with veins running through it. I was lost in it. I didn’t know when I put a finger down my panties and started touching myself.

With each thrust of my fingers, I let out a soft moan. I could already feel the wetness coming out of me, I went deeper. Because I was so lost in what I was doing, I didn’t notice the car come to a stop.

Andre got out and opened the back door, he looked at me with a smirk on his face and I instantly knew I was in for it.

“Seems like someone’s a little slut tonight.” he said looking at me closely. On a normal day, I’d be really pissed off but something about the way he said slut turned me on a little and I moaned.

“Oh shit, look how hard you’ve made me. You’re gonna pay baby girl.” he said. I look up and I can see his dick fighting to get out, it looked really huge and I wanted to put it in my mouth.

“You like it don’t you? Tell me how bad you want it. Tell me how much you like it.”

I was speechless, I couldn’t say anything. I just stared at him dazed as fuck. He brought out his dick and it was nothing compared to Derek’s, it was huge! I stared at the head of his swollen cock and my mouth watered instantly. I knew thinking about tasting and sucking him was slutty but I didn’t care.

He noticed I was swallowing a lot and licking my lips and he came closer.

“Just touch it honey. You’ve made me hard. Take off your panties I want to see how beautiful you look.”

I took them off and put his cock in my mouth, it tasted really good. He unzipped my dress and brought out my tits and fondled them then whispered in my ears, “I love them”. He teased and pinched my nipples and I sucked him harder.

“Like that?”, I asked in a breathy voice. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, still pumping and slipping through my lips wet with saliva and precum.

“Oh yeah! Just like that”, he was thrusting so hard into my mouth and squeezing my tits mercilessly. He licked and sucked the side of my face and neck.

“Yes! You fucking slut,” he growled at me. “Don’t fucking stop!”

Cum began to shoot out of Andre in thick globs falling all over my hand and arm.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Ugh!! Ugh!! Fucking shit,” he exclaimed. He grabbed my face and began to kiss me roughly while continuing to pump into my mouth. Once he broke the kiss, he told me, “Lay down on the seat and on your back.” I did as I was told and left a little wet spot on the seat from where my pussy made a mess.

With me on my back, he climbed onto me and began to fuck my tits. Thrusting into them and watching them wobble on my chest gave him the urge to cum again. “You’re such a fucking slut, honey”

“I’m not a slut,” I said biting my lip and feeling a strong tingle down below. I insisted I wasn’t a slut but when he called me that, it always got me wet and he noticed.

“I know you love this and you want it,” he told me. “You’ve got me so hard. You keep turning me on and I’ll fuck you before I take you home, slut.” He pinched my nipples and pulled them as he gave several powerful thrusts into my chest.

I cried out, “Oh gawd, please cum on me!” my pussy was dripping and the torture of my nipples only made it worse. “My tits! Please!”

Andre lost it and began to cum. “Ahhh! Ohhh, fuck yes! Fuck yes,” cum shot out across my neck and tits. He continued to jerk and groan as he gripped his cock and slapped it on my nipples, rubbing the cum across my stiff buds.

I licked my lips loving the feel of the warm mess on my chest. “Will you take me to my destination now?” I asked him.

“I’ll take you, babe. But come out and get in the front seat,” he told me. I didn’t know what he wanted now but I did what he wanted anyway. We both got out of the car on his side and I walked around to the passenger side. He didn’t bother to put his dick away though.

Once we were in the car, he whispered into my ears, “rub that pussy for me and face me this time.”

I turned my back towards the window and spread my legs out then thrust two fingers in and started pumping as fast as I could.

“Yea, you want that cum, don’t you,” he goaded me. “Keep fucking that pussy, princess,” He pulled in front of Derek’s, parked and let the engine run a little. He rubbed his dick with one hand and used the other to play with my swaying tits.

“Oh, yea, baby! You’re gonna make me cum, baby!” he kept rubbing his dick and teasing my tits harder. He started to grunt with his mouth gaping open and quickly shot out cum all over his steering wheel…

“We’re at your destination. Can I end the trip now?” he said smirking.

“Yeah sure” I said still shaky as I had also cum too all over his seat.

“It was a card trip. Thank you for your time and please don’t forget to rate me.”

I straightened out my dress and walked towards Derek’s house and I felt like a real whore which I knew was wrong but I loved it. I was so wet, I could feel it on my thighs close to my pussy. My thighs glided against each other as I walked and I couldn’t wait to get fucked by Derek. I knocked on the door, waiting for him to open and looking back to watch Andre leave…

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