I want full control…

From the top of your head to soles.
From your skin to soul, I want it all. Submit to me and trust me with thy dark abyss. Leave your pleasure in my hands so I can make you cum and cum again. Let me blindfold you, let me tie your ankles and wrist, push your legs and spread them like jam and eat you like its my last supper and handcuff your toes to your finger tips. I want to have my way with you, I want you to scream my name. I want to push you to the edge of pleasure and and give you just a tiny bit of pain. It makes me hesitant to even say things as you have no idea how bad I want to just wear you out in different ways. My feelings are carnal, my lust is filled with heat and raw emotions. I’m writing this words with my hands wrapped around my widths going up and down stroking you. I need to have you, I need you to trust me.

I want full control.