How I Met Hakeem!


Hakeem is everyone’s dream guy and this is the story of how he became my man and our numerous “memories”

I met the guy who would become my new boyfriend, Hakeem, at a restaurant one night while helping a friend go through her recent breakup. Hakeem was the owner and, I know that everyone says it doesn’t happen just like that, but I caught his eye and he caught mine too.

By the end of the night (after a series of drinks shots to freedom, as well as a series of over-exaggerated shrugs and winks), Hakeem wrote his number on my tab and gave it to the waiter to pass it on. I waited a day or two to text him, I wasn’t that desperate; which he responded to almost immediately. We met later that day for a quick bite. Hakeem was treating me to a special meal he named after me.

Oops I forgot to introduce myself, please mind my manners. I’m Aisha, a not so tall, dark skinned, 25 year old curvy stallion. Yes, a stallion; a nickname my friends gave me that stuck. Hakeem on the other hand is a tall, slim and buffed, chocolate skinned man; every woman’s dream man, my man!

Mind Blowing Sex!

Hakeem: The Stud

Skip ahead two weeks, past some absolutely mind-blowing sex. You know, the kind that comes at the beginning of every relationship when just about nothing is off the table. I’d spent more nights than not at Hakeem’s place, and there were no signs of slowing down. Hakeem was always up just a little bit before me even though he worked a lot. Sucking my pussy to wake me up is his favorite thing to do, I’d cum a lot, he’d lick it all off then I’d take a shower and head to work. It was heaven, basically.

The Parting Gift!

After two weeks or so, Hakeem suggested I go for a massage with a happy ending. Wait…what?

“Your shoulders are always so tight, he said. You could use the relaxation, it’ll make you feel like more relaxed babe”.

I reminded him of how my well was running dry with how many times a day he made me cum, but he smiled and gave me an envelope. He told me he had to travel for a few days for work. He didn’t want me to be stressed out while he was gone hence the parting gift. In the envelope, there was a note saying “for my special one, hope this keeps you very relaxed” and a card of a massage parlor i’d only heard of in adverts.

Hakeem was packing up already, but he playfully brushed my breasts and tugged my nipples before leaving me with the envelope and something/someone to do in 3 days. Damn, I knew he was amazing and out of this world, but this blew my mind.

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