The Massage Parlour!!!

Hakeem: The Stud II (The Massage) 1

I prepared for the massage Hakeem booked me. It was a surprising yet fascinating gift. I took an Uber downtown and pulled up the address he gave me. I was there in 20 minutes. There it was, a brown building with “Lavender Massage” written boldly on a huge sign outside.

I went inside and was met by a tall, dark man wearing black pants. The lights were low, and there were candles that smelled like lavender on the front desk. The candlelight shown on him and lord, I could have sworn I saw his dick-print. At this point, I was aroused.

He seemed to know who I was and, without saying a word, led me down a hallway as dim as the main room. Somewhere, soft music played. The only other thing I could hear was our footsteps on the hardwood floor. He didn’t say a word as we walked, so I stayed silent as well. We passed a couple of doors, all closed and quiet behind them. As we walked, he kept his hand lightly on my shoulder. He touched me the entire time, and I soon felt moisture in my jeans as this mysterious stranger escorted me back.

He stopped in front of a door just like the rest, opened it, and gestured for me to walk in. There was a large massage table in the center of the room, as well as a rolling cart that had massage oil on it, a chair and a lamp on a small stand in the corner. The music was a little louder in here and it smelled strongly of coconut oil.

The man gestured for me to take my clothes off. I stripped down and folded my clothes before putting them on the chair. I got up onto the massage table which felt warm and lay on my stomach. A few minutes later, there was a soft knock at the door and the smiling masseuse came back in.

The Massage!!!


He started at my feet and I have to admit this was the best massage I’ve ever received. Even though his hands were pretty big, there was something soft and gentle about them. He knew all the right points as he worked his way up my legs, slowly and methodically. I started to relax more as he worked on my thighs and ass, moving the blanket aside to keep the half he wasn’t working on warm. More than once as he massaged the inside of my thigh, I could feel the warmth of his hand near my pussy; I was never so happy to be laying on my stomach.

After he finished with my legs, he moved the blanket off my back and started really digging into the muscles in my lower back. He was standing in front of my shoulders and needed to lean over me to get to my lower back. He was at least six inches taller than I was so when he leaned I could feel his breath against the top of my back. As he worked, he moved back and forth and no shit, I could feel his dick getting hard.

I’d begun to relax, but now my mind was running a thousand miles a minute. I was thinking about what his dick looked like. I got wet imagining his lips running through my back. He finished my back and moved on to my arms and neck and I started to relax again.

I guess I had drifted off a little bit, because the next thing I knew, I felt the soft handed masseuse tapping me on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and looked up at him. He smiled and motioned for me to flip over. After he lifted the blanket for me, I rolled over. He went back to my shoulders next and slowly worked his way down my arms.

The Happy Ending!!!


When he finished the arms, he moved to the bottom half of the table and moved the blanket off my legs completely. I kept my eyes closed and heard him squirt a little bit more oil into his hands before rubbing them together.

The next thing I know, I felt his hand close to my pussy. I’d stayed aroused therough the back massage, so there was enough moisture down there. I let out a moan as he rubbed my clit, slowly and sensually.

After a couple of minutes, he rubbed my pussy lips with his other hand, still rubbing my clit intensely and I moaned some more. I raised my hips a little and he firmly put them down. Realizing I wasn’t in charge, I relaxed and let him work.

I opened my eyes after to see my masseuse staring at my pussy while he worked it. His pant zipper was open now and I could see his rock hard cock throbbing. The thought of taking it into my mouth was too much, I began to cum, making my thighs slippery and messy. He kept rubbing my clit until I finally stopped.

I’d cum more than I can count but he never seemed to mind. He let go of my pussy and took a warm towel from the table to wipe me off. He spent the next few minutes cleaning me up before finishing the massage. When he was done, he whispered a thank you and exited the room.

As I walked out he was nowhere to be seen. So I left a tip on the front counter and walked back out into the sunshine. With an ear to ear grin.

All the way home, I contemplated how I would describe all this to Hakeem. Would he ask me about my experience? Will he ask if it was worth it? Or would he just let be and not ask any questions at all?

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