Before I knew it, it was Saturday afternoon. I organised a few platters of food and put a few bottles of wine in the fridge ready. I quickly jumped in the shower and got dressed putting on a pair of short shorts which showed off my arse and a white top. I decided to wear no underwear as I loved the feeling of my cleaned shaved pussy rubbing against my shorts.

Mandy was picking up the girls on the way over, and 5 o’clock on the dot I heard a knock at the door.

“Hi ladies. Come in.” I said as I opened the door.

“Pauline couldn’t make it. She had a date tonight.” Mandy said as she walked inside.

How It Started

Girl's Night 2

Mandy was wearing a short black thin dress and looked gorgeous, while Cindy was wearing denim shorts that were so short, they showed her arse checks. Looking at both girls my pussy was instantly wet. I grabbed out a bottle of wine and food before the three of us headed out to the lounge.

A few hours of chatting and a few bottles of wine later, we were all feeling nice and relaxed. Somehow, we got on to the topic of guys and lingerie, and I mentioned I had just been shopping and purchased a few new garments.

“I’d love to see them.” Mandy said with excitement.

“Me to. I love lingerie.” Cindy said.

I went into the bedroom and grabbed the three new pieces of lingerie, then headed back to the lounge. I passed them to the girls sitting on the couch.

“Wow they are very sexy.” Cindy said holding up one of the garments.

“When did you buy these?” Mandy asked with excitement.

“Yesterday from the new shop in the shopping centre.” I replied.

“Try them on if you like. You are both about my size. You can get changed in the bedroom.”

Mandy got up taking the see through pale pink baby doll piece and headed to the bedroom. A couple of minutes later she returned looking very sexy.

“Oh my god Mandy. You look so gorgeous.” Cindy said staring.

Mandy looked hot. Her naked body was visible through the lingerie, and her breasts were so perky and her nipples hard and very visible. I could feel the wetness of my pussy as I stared.

“Your turn Cindy.” I said waiting with anticipation.

Cindy got up and headed into the bedroom with the lingerie, and after a few minutes returned dressed in a short white lace baby doll. Both Mandy and I couldn’t take our eyes off her sexy body as she stood nervously.

“Well I guess it’s my turn.” I said as I stood up.

I took the last garment, the most revealing, and headed to the bedroom. It was a white lace g-string and a short lace top that ended just below my tits. I got changed and headed out to the lounge. To my surprise, Mandy and Cindy were sitting on the couch with their lips locked together. I stood watching for a minute before sitting back in a chair opposite the couch. Mandy moved to her neck slowly kissing her before kneeling between her legs. Cindy laid back on the couch as Mandy ran her tongue up her thigh before slowly teasing her pussy.

Very wet, I slid my panties off. As I watched Mandy and Cindy, I slowly rubbed my pussy and could feel my heart racing. After a few minutes, I got up and headed back to the bedroom. I pulled out a toy Mandy had brought over, which we used together a few weeks prior. It was a nice size double ended dildo which was nice and thick. I headed back to the lounge and laid back in the chair. Mandy was still between Cindy’s legs, and while still teasing her with her tongue, she started fingering her pussy.

“Yeah yeah, oh my god.” Cindy said as she pulled Mandy’s head closer.

Girl’s Night Or An Orgy?

Girl's Night 3

I hopped off the chair and laid on the floor with my legs spread apart. I took the double dildo and rubbed it against my pussy getting it nice and lubricated. It was nice and thick, so I worked it nice and slow until I felt the head spreading my pussy as it slid inside me. It felt so big inside my pussy, but it felt so good. I slowly worked it deeper as I heard Cindy starting to moan.

“God Mandy, Yes yes. Oh god I’m cumming.” She screamed.

I looked over as Cindy’s body started to shake as she came. Mandy pulled her fingers out and pressed her tongue against her pussy tasting her cum as her body continued to shake. After a short time, her body finally relaxed as she collapsed on the couch. Mandy looked over at me with a smile as I continued fucking my pussy with the dildo. She crawled over leaving Cindy on the couch and knelt over my face mounting her pussy over my mouth. Very excited, my tongue licked her wet pussy exploring every part. Mandy took hold of the dildo and worked it in and out of my pussy.

“Mmmm your pussy tasted so good.” I said as my tongue continued exploring her.

I looked over at Cindy laying on the couch. Her eyes were watching Mandy and I as she fingered her pussy. I couldn’t help but think how much I was looking forward to exploring Cindy’s hot body and tasting her.

After a few minutes Mandy got off my face and lay on the floor. Grabbing the other end of the dildo, she pressed it against her pussy. I looked down and watched the head spreading her pussy as it slowly slid inside her. Our legs interlocked and shared the dildo taking it deeper as we both thrust our hips. It didn’t take long before our pussies were rubbing together. I noticed Cindy slowly getting up off the couch and crawling on all fours over to Mandy and I. She looked very curious watching between sucking Mandy’s nipples.

“That feels so good. I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.” Mandy screamed. “Yes, yes, yes!”

Mandy’s body froze as Cindy continued sucking and squeezing her nipples. Eventually collapsing, I rubbed my pussy against hers one last time before she slid the dildo out and knelt beside me, slowly sucking my nipples.

“God Cindy. Rub your pussy against mine. I want to feel you.” I said as she slid the dildo In and out of me.

Cindy lay down positioning herself ready. Mandy moved down and started rubbing Cindy’s pussy as she grabbed the dildo in her hand. She pressed it against her tight pussy and slowly started easing the head inside her.

“Oh god, slow. God it is so big.” Cindy said watching the head of the dildo disappear inside her.

Cindy’s body froze as she let out a loud moan. I slowly thrust my hips, and with every thrust watched the dildo slid inside her pussy deeper until her pussy was rubbing against mine.

“God Toni. This feels so good in my pussy.” Cindy said as she started thrusting her hips.

OOPs An Orgy!

Girl's Night 4

I slid the dildo out of my pussy and stood up. “Follow me girls, I have an idea.”

The three of us headed to the bedroom where Mandy and Cindy lay on the bed. I opened the top draw of the tallboy and pulled out the lube. I squirted some on my hand then rubbed Cindy’s pussy getting her nice and ready. Mandy with the dildo in her hand, slowly pressed it against Cindy’s pussy trying again to insert it.

“God fuck. Oh god.” Cindy screamed as the dildo slowly slid inside her.

I lay at the other end of the bed and rubbed the remainder of the lube on my hand all over my pussy. Mandy grabbed the other end of the dildo pushing it inside my wet pussy. I slowly moved my hips feeling the dildo get deeper with every thrust. Mandy moved over Cindy rubbing her pussy over her mouth. Cindy let out a loud moan working the dildo deep as her tongue tasted Mandy’s wet pussy. It didn’t take long before her pussy again was rubbing against mine, and now I was ready to cum.

“Yes, yes, god I’m cumming.” I moaned over and over as I felt Cindy pressing hard against my pussy.

As I started to relax, I slid the dildo out and got up off the bed. I stood watching Mandy sitting on Cindy as her tongue continued exploring Mandy’s wet pussy. Suddenly, Mandy got up and turned around mounting Cindy in a 69 position. I slid the dildo out of Cindy allowing the girls to explore each other. I moved a chair to the side of the bed and sat watching, as I grabbed the lube rubbing it over both ends of the dildo. I put both feet on the bed and sat back in the chair propping my pussy up. I slid one end of the dildo in my pussy slowly working it in deep.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m cumming, honey I’m cumming.” Mandy screamed as she raised her head.

“Feel good honey?” I said looking at Mandy.

“God fuck yes.” Mandy said rolling off Cindy collapsing on the bed.

Both girls lay on the bed watching me fuck my pussy with the dildo.

“You like watching Cindy?” I asked looking directly at her.

“Umm yeah.” She said in a shy voice. “It turns me on.”

With one end of the dildo in my pussy I took the other end a teased my arse. Both Cindy and Mandy watched as they both fingered their pussy.

“Cindy, have you ever had a cock in your arse?” I said looking over at her.

“No I haven’t.” She replied.

Without a word, Mandy got up and headed to my top draw and pulled out two of my dildo’s. As Cindy watched, I pressed the dildo against my arse and felt it spreading me apart before the head slowly slid inside me.

“Fuck.” I moaned as both ends of the dildo filled my arse and pussy.

I fucked both holes nice and slow as Cindy looked on with excitement. I could tell she was enjoying watching and very curious. Mandy climbed back on the bed pulling Cindy up on all fours before sliding a dildo in her pussy. Cindy moaned with pleasure as Mandy fucked her hard. Mandy found her arse with her tongue and teased her getting her nice and wet. Now ready, she pressed the second dildo against her arse.

“No no. God no.” Cindy screamed.

“Just relax.” Mandy said as she continued teasing her arse with the dildo.

Cindy clinched her fists as she lay her head down, leaving her arse in the air. Mandy worked the dildo until the head was in her arse. Cindy let out a loud moan with a dildo now in her arse and pussy.

“Oh fuck, take it slow. That feels so good oh my god.” Cindy said breathing heavy.

Orgasms For Everyone

Girl's Night 5

Watching Cindy got me so turned on. I spread my legs and fucked myself harder and deeper and could feel I was ready to cum. My legs tightened and I felt a sensation rush through my body.

“Watch me cum Cindy. Fuck I’m cumming. Yeah yeah.” I scream staring at Cindy watching me.

My body shook over and over and I could feel my stretched pussy was dripping wet.

“Did you like that.” I said looking at Cindy.

“God yes. I want to cum. This feels so good. I want to cum.” Cindy moaned as she gripped hold of the bed sheets. “yes, yes, yes.”

I pulled the dildo out of my arse and pussy and could feel my pussy was so wet. Mandy pulled the dildo’s out of Cindy before hopping off the bed. With my legs still spread resting up on the bed, Mandy knelt between my legs slowly licking the cum from my pussy.

“Mmm you tasted so good.” Mandy said as she licked my pussy.

Cindy got off the bed and walked behind me and began squeezing my breasts. It felt so amazing; two women pleasing me. I felt my body tense as I was ready to cum again. I grabbed Mandy’s hair pulling her head harder in to my pussy as her tongue continued licking me all over.

“Fuck don’t stop, I’m cumming I’m cumming.” I screamed.

My body froze as Mandy’s tongue ran wild over my pussy licking my cum from my pussy.

My body relaxed as Mandy stood up. She took Cindy’s hand and led her to the lounge. Both girls lay on the floor as Cindy spread Mandy’s legs moving in close licking her pussy. I sat on the couch watching as I rubbed and fingered my wet pussy before laying on the floor. I moved behind Cindy spreading her, teasing her arse with my tongue.

“Shit that feels so good. Taste my pussy, you’re going to make me cum.” Mandy said as she ran her hands through Cindy’s hair. “fuck I’m cumming I’m cumming.”

Mandy’s body shook as Cindy continued licking her wet pussy until her body started to relax. As Mandy lay catching her breath Cindy got up and sat her wet pussy over my mouth. I licked her tasting every part of her wet pussy as we lay in a 69 position. While my tongue worked her pussy, I slid a finger inside her arse.

“Oh god. Don’t stop.” Cindy said.

I felt her body starting to tense and I was also ready to cum. I continued working her arse deeper and harder bring her to the edge of cumming. She started to moan over and over as her body tensed before she lifted her head.

“Oh fuck. I’m cumming. Yeah yeah, oh fuck Toni.” Cindy screamed.

As I continued licking her, feeling her wet pussy over my lips, I felt Mandy between my legs. Her fingers slid deep inside me as she licked my pussy. Within a minute I was ready to cum. Cindy got off and lay beside me. I spread my legs wider taking Mandy’s fingers deeper as she continued to lick my pussy.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Fuck.” I screamed as my body tensed.

Mandy pulled her fingers out as she continued licking my cum from my pussy. As I collapsed on the floor catching my breath, the three of us lay together.

“God I’d never been fucked in the arse before. That was amazing.” Cindy said.

“I told you that you would enjoy it.” Mandy replied.

After a few hours of drinking and chatting, the girls got dressed and headed home. I knew this was the first of many get togethers’ and I couldn’t wait to catch up again.

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