So I don’t know how to tell you guys this but more than sixty percent women fake orgasms – Yes, we do! When she’s saying ‘Oh my god, yes, yes YES!’, she probably means “Oh my god get me out of this act”.

Some women regularly fake it while the others do it some selective times when they’re totally not in the mood. You’d be shocked to know, a considerable percentage of these women have never felt a real orgasm. And you actually thought you were the King in bed!

A man and a woman orgasming at the same time is a rare occurrence. If your girl usually comes the same moment as you do, it’s not real. I’m going to tell you how to tell if she’s faking it.

Her Expressions Look Rehearsed

Nobody looks pretty in an orgasmic state. Real orgasms always make girls let out strange and funny sounds, loud moans and heavy gasps and their faces look completely distorted. If she’s putting on a perfectly practiced expression instead of random gasps and moans that remind you of the porn film you watched the previous night, she’s faking it.

She Seems Disinterested

I understand how you’re in a state of nirvana right after an orgasm and just want to have some quiet time to live that ecstatic moment; being silent is one thing and lying there as dead as a corpse after a steamy sex session is another. It’s probably because she has been faking it all this while waiting for you to finish and now that you have, she just wants to draw away. She might be regretting ever doing it at this point.

The Awkward Smile

She knows you’ve cum and she obviously hasn’t. In order to match up to the bliss oozing out of your eyes and that stupid giggle after finishing, she slips out a structured smile. It is, according to her, the culmination to the show she just put up. And I trust you to tell a real smile from a fake, obligatory one! She’d be smiling with her lips but it would never reach her eyes.

Her Heartbeat Is As Calm As The Sea

Sense her breathing. Though she can fake heavy breathing if she’s good at the game, her heartbeat is something she cannot fondle with. Feel her heartbeat. Yeah, we know you love ‘feeling’ it but you’re getting off topic. A real orgasm makes not just a woman’s heart pound but also makes other movements of her body pacy. If she’s lying there like a mannequin, letting out heavy noisy breaths like she is put under a cardio pump, she’s bad at faking it, really bad.

Her Pupils Don’t Dilate

Instead of her pupils dilating, they look as if you’re shining a torch straight into them! Expanding pupils are a sure shot sign of her reaching an orgasm and another one that she cannot fake. The next time, make sure there is enough light in the room for you steal a glance. Tell her you want to look into her eyes as you climax. No girl would say no to that romantic sounding request. Plus, she needs to look dazed!

Her Lips Don’t Redden

Yes, I mean both the pairs – her vaginal lips too. A great sign of knowing if she is really feeling what she is expressing is to look for swollen and reddened lips. Just make sure you’re not too rough with either of them.

Cervical Contractions

This is the easiest way to find out. Her vaginal muscles will tighten around your tool and this is something she cannot fake or hide. During an orgasm, a girl has about three to ten cervical contractions. Okay, I had to research this and its true!

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