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Moving In With My Aunt

Dear Diary

Dear Diary, I am moving in with my uncle this weekend. His wife has occupied my thoughts for a while and I’m not sure I can control myself around her.

Growing up, I found myself taking the wrong steps in life. I was involved in trouble around town and I wasn’t doing well in school either. My parents were tired of everything and their solution was to send me to my uncle’s.  Plans were made and I was leaving this weekend. I had no choice than to go, what could I have done anyway?

My uncle worked for an oil company and was very intelligent, i was in awe of him. My aunt was also a top shot in a real estate firm, she was very attractive and had an awesome body. She was in her 40’s, about 5’9 tall, very thick, dark; her body was perfect and she loved to show it off. I always fantasized about her especially when she came over and gave me her hugs which were usually long.  she still thought I was a baby even though I’m grown and more of a man now.

One day, my uncle had to travel for an important meeting and he’d be gone for a while. I was alone in my room playing games, we’d just had dinner and I needed to be alone for a while. I heard my aunt go into her room, shutting the door behind her. The rooms were so close you could hear what’s happening in the other room.

My mind wandered for a minute and I thought to listen in on her, so I walked to the wall that parted our rooms and put my ear to it. I heard sounds of moaning and I was curious. I didn’t want to believe what I heard so I decided to go to her door to get a better listen. I walked to her room and put my head to her door and tried to hear better. I opened her door just a little bit so as not to give my presence away. My heart was racing and I was so scared.

To my surprise, my aunt was on the bed spread out on her back totally naked, watching 2 women satisfy one another sexually. She was using a vibrator on herself and was moaning loudly and she was so lost in it, you’d think she was one of the women.

I stood there totally aroused and hard, just looking at my aunt. I was so lost in thought I didn’t see her walk up to me until she tapped me and said smiling, “I silently wished you’d come in. I’ve been waiting for you.” I was lost for words and didn’t know what to do until she pulled me to the bed and told me to sit. Everything was happening so fast.

She climbed in next to me and took my face in her hands, kissed me deeply parting my mouth with her tongue. She kissed me with so much need and desire as she slipped her hand in my joggers. She was a really good kisser and I couldn’t help but kiss her back too.

She picked up the remote and turned off the Tv then helped me take off my clothes, I was naked now. We kissed and groped one another for a while, I was lost in this feeling as she toured my body from top to bottom. If I died, I’d die a happy man cos I was leaving my dream.

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Dear Diary: The Best Fuck Of My Life

Dear Diary

Dear Diary, I don’t know if I should be doing this but i love it so much and I don’t want it to stop. I want to keep fucking my aunt and I hope she does too.

She kissed me all over and she teased and played with my already hard cock. Stroking it, kissing it and fondling my balls; she knew how to handle a cock unlike the girls in my former school who always left me in pains from bites and their coarse hands. She took my cock into her mouth, making it wet from her saliva. I held her hair and fucked her mouth. She loved it and kept going deep taking my full length in her. I was so close and tried not to cum but the feeling was too good, I shot my load down her throat.

She looked up at me smiling and swallowed my load. My mind flipped and in that moment, I knew she was the one I’d been dreaming of. She wasn’t done with me yet as she pushed me down and tried to get my cock hard again. She was a horny woman and I loved it. I was finally as hard as she wanted and then she climbed me, lowering herself on to me.

She was so warm and wet, I was sure I was going to cum soon if I wasn’t careful. Up and down she went, her breasts bouncing with each motion. Her breasts were so full and her nipples were hard, I couldn’t help but take one in my mouth. She moaned as soon as my lips covered her nipples and increased the tempo and speed of her ride. I bit her nipples softly and it sent her over the edge. Matching her speed and vibe, she orgasmed for the first time that night.

The smell of sex covered the room now, making me much more needy. I pushed her off me and placed myself in between her thighs. As I spread her pussy lips, and her clit was exposed and throbbing, she moaned as I licked her clit with my tongue. I sucked it while thrusting two fingers deeply into her.

She was panting so hard I thought she was going to pass out. Her eyes rolled back and she was moaning out loud. her juices flowed down on to my fingers making them sticky and very wet. I put one finger in my mouth and licked it, she tasted so sweet. I took another lick and then shoved my fingers in her mouth so she could taste how sweet she tasted.

She begged me to fuck her and I made sure she begged well before I did. Long, hard thrusts were all she wanted and she got it. She was begging and screaming for me to go deeper and it sent me over the edge. She took my full length and we had a big orgasm at the same time and I shot my load into her.

We laid in each other’s arms and I saw the appreciation in her eyes. She was satisfied and I was glad I did. This was the best fuck I’ve ever had and I was looking forward to m ore great experiences with her.

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