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My Neighbour and I

caught in the act

“OMG, did we have sex? Please tell me we didn’t!” she said as she looked down and found out she was naked.

Oh sorry, I’m being too forward, before I continue with the story let me tell you about myself. I’m a 35 year old Uber driver who can get any woman at any gaddem time. I have long dreads, a tattoo on my chest and an amazing body. I’m 6’5″, muscular (not too big but not small either), brown piercing eyes and a charming smile. Ladies love to run their hands through my hair and body as they orgasm but that is another story for another day.

It was a Friday night and my wife, Derin was out of town visiting her relatives. I was at a bar waiting to pick up riders when someone tapped my window and got into my car. I looked through the rear view mirror and all i saw was brown hair and an amazing body. When she looked up to tell me where she was headed, it was then I noticed it was my 24 year old neighbour, Eniola.

Eniola was a flirt and was always dressed in short dresses and tight fitting clothes that showed her figure. When she looked up her face lit up in a smile as she recognized who I was.

“I figure you’re on your way home?” I asked with a smile on my face.

“Yes I guess so Mr Lawal” she mumbled slowly

There she was sitting with a huge smile on her face, her hair flowing over her shoulder and her thighs all out under the short skirt she wore. I would have loved to fuck her right here and right now. Instead, I swallowed my thoughts and drove off to the house.

About an hour later, we were outside and as I looked back to collect my fare, I noticed she had slept. I thought of looking threw her bag for her house keys and taking her in but knowing she stayed alone, I had second thoughts. With my wife away for the weekend, I decided to take her to mine. I’d put her in the spare room and she could leave in the morning once she was sober.

I carried her on my shoulder and into the house without anyone seeing what was happening. Finally she was in the house and on the bed. I took off her shoes, threw the duvet over her and left her to sleep while making a mental note to get my money in the morning. Then I went downstairs, made coffee and turned on the television to watch the Chelsea game that was showing before going to sleep.

A couple hours later, I was awoken by the noise of my bedroom door opening and the feel of someone climbing into bed with me. Eniola had climbed into bed with me and I could feel her body right next to mine and she was naked too. I doubt she knew where she was and whose bed she was in right now. The feel of her naked body on mine brought my cock to life. Here was the chance I’d been waiting for since she moved here and I wasn’t going to pass it up.

I pushed her away from me and got up from the bed. I didn’t want my thoughts to cloud my judgement. Yes, I was horny and would give anything to fuck her right there on the spot but she was indisposed and I didn’t want to lose my respect by forcing myself on her like this.

Just as I was about leaving the room, she woke up and mumbled my name still half asleep and wondering where she was. Then in a flash, it all came rushing back. She remembered getting into my car from the bar and it was I who drove her home.

“OMG, did we have sex? Please tell me we didn’t!” she said as she looked down and found out she was naked.

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Caught In The Act

caught in the act

I tried to calm her down as she was already freaking out. I finally calmed her down and explained how turned on I was when I saw her but didn’t do anything because of the state she was in. She seemed relaxed now that she knew we didn’t have sex.

“Can I sleep here with you? I don’t want to be alone” she said.

I shrugged and ran my palm through my face. I went to the bathroom to avoid further talks with her.

“Why did you bring her here? She’s not your responsibility you know? Now look where it has landed you”. My mind was racing and I didn’t know if she believed me. This was fucked up and I didn’t even get to nut! The thought of me nutting rushed in my head again, flashes of her body running through my mind; it wasn’t long before my cock shot out again.

It was rock hard and I couldn’t go out like this, I needed to do something about it and fast. the only option was to rub one off which I hadn’t done that in a while. I take off my pants and start to get down to business.

When I’m fully erect the skin around my cock feels like silk and stretches tightly around my cock. On the underside of my cock my veins bulge out quite visibly, and as I gently fondle, my arousal starts to build with the knowledge that I’ll soon be immersed in a sea of sexual pleasure.

I gently squeeze my balls, slowly rub and stroke my cock until I get pre-cum oozing from the tip. I continue stimulating my cock and balls and rub the pre-cum lightly around my cock head. I turn my attention to the underside of my cock, tickling with a single finger in a circular motion. Occasionally I pick up a fresh supply of pre-cum for lubrication whilst enjoying the sensation of my hand brushing and cradling my balls.

I place my thumb on the upper side of my cock and three fingers on the underside. Lightly, ever so lightly, I begin a stroking motion by moving the loose skin on my shaft up and down with a steady rhythm. As my arousal continues to build more blood is forced into my cock and the head feels so tight it could explode. I keep my excitement building with light stroking and the blue veins start to stand out and wind their way around my shaft like a roadmap.

I stop stroking for a second or two and cup my balls feeling the weight of them excites me further. The feeling is sensational and I wipe a huge bead of pre-cum from the tip of my penis with the index finger of my left hand. I release my balls and return to stroking. The sexual tension within my body is palpable, and I have to fight to control the urge to speed up and finish myself off.

With two fingers on the underside and thumb on top I increase the pressure on my cock and start stroking at a more constant pace. As the feeling of impending orgasm spreads throughout my groin, I fantasized about my cock being buried in Eniola’s pussy. My hand easily slides up and down my shaft now; just as it’s done so many times before. Pre-cum flows out of my slit and using my index finger I rub it around the glans making it shiny and spread it over my bulging head.

“God I’m getting closer now,” I think to myself. More stroking and I really feel my body now on the verge of orgasm. The familiar sensation of early stages of orgasm engulfs my body like slipping into a deep bath of hot pleasure. Soon my breathing becomes deeper and in shorter gasps and I’m totally focused on the exquisite sensations… “Oh God, this is bliss” I think to myself. Then it starts; the pure pleasure of the emission phase and impending orgasm begins.

I sense the tickling of the fluids moving towards my prostate. I feel my pelvic muscle contract and I realize I’m almost there, ready to go. My head is swimming with euphoria as the orgasm begins and the intense pleasure seems to climb the shaft of my cock. I’m only a millisecond away from ejaculation, head spinning with pleasure.

“Nearly there. Oh yes… And then…”

“Oh God I’m cumming. Oh yes. Oh yes. I’m cumming, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING…” My breathing stops momentarily as my body tenses. As I look up, I see Eniola staring down at me with a smirk on her face.

I didn’t know what was going to happen next but I’m very sure we won’t be doing any sleeping tonight.

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