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My First Threesome!!

Bound To My Nightmares 5 1

I was so confused and in shock , I wanted to react and jump from the bed , but I couldn’t because I was still hand cuffed

“Who is she ?” I repeated

She looked at me , she had long black hair ,

And brown eyes , she was so beautiful

She smiled at me with her thick pink lips,

And said “ relax darling , I won’t hurt you , you can call me Prada, and nice to meet you Busty Bitch “.

I had never had a woman touch my pussy before , and her fingers were still inside me , shit I had never even kissed a girl before ,

This was too much for me , I didn’t know what to do , I found her attractive,Yes, but I just thought it was me and Master , is she his girlfriend?

Like what the hell!?.

She slowly got up and removed her fingers from my Pussy , she moved closer to me , touched my neck and just started kissing me , I kissed her back but it just didn’t feel right So

I pulled back and turned to Master (who was just standing by the edge of the bed) and asked him “ Master i have never been with a woman before , I would like to enjoy my first properly,could you please uncuff me?”

He moved closer and Uncuffed, I was free .

As soon as he did , me and Prada continued kissing , I started touching her body , I was abit scared but I wouldn’t let fear get in my way , I wanted her.

Her body was so soft and sexy , she was wearing a red lace bra that matched her g-string,while we were kissing , she came on top of me , our bodies were touching

I wanted to feel her boobs and rub her nipples

I tried to take off her bra but I struggled for abit but eventually got it , her boobs were perky and cute , not big like mine

I started rubbing her nipples, fuck it felt so fucken good

I squeezed them , gently though

She started moaning , damn I never knew being with a girl sexually felt so good!

I was getting excited and so horny for her ,

I got up , shifted positions with her and now I was the one on top ,

The thought of Master just smoking his cigarette, and watching us made me more hot!

I started licking her nipples , I was moving my tongue in circular movements around her nipple, she was moaning like crazy

Her moans made me more excited and made me wanna do more

I was turning into an animal !

Licking her nipples felt so good , I wanted to

Fit her whole breast in my mouth , I was loving it !

Prada started fingering me , that was my weakness, I loved it when my Pussy was being played with , I couldn’t moan properly because I had a breast in my mouth so i kept it in but the way she was shoving her 2 fingers inside my tight hole I could feel my legs were starting to shake

I didn’t wanna be the weak bitch who orgasmed first , I wanted Prada to be the one to cum first so that Master can be impressed with me , so I had to do something quick,

The only thing I could think of was that I go down on her and suck her pussy

But I had never tasted Pussy before,fuck!!!


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The Happy Ending!

Bound To My Nightmares 5 2

Her Pussy was hairy , which made it even harder for me , but mama ain’t raised no weak bitch , I had to give it my all.

We were both still on the bed , she was laying down, I was close to the edge of the bed , on my knees , my head was in-between her legs and my ass was in the air ( basically I was in a doggy-style position) and Master was still sitting down just watching us , he was probably on his 5th cigarette now.

I started licking her clit , i can’t really explain the taste , it wasn’t bad but it didn’t taste like chocolate either , let’s just say it was salty .

She was wet as fuck, I used my teeth to tease her just a little but I didn’t bite her , she was screaming like crazy

Her hands were on my head and she kept playing with my hair but she was rough .

I spat on her Pussy , to make it more wet while I got ready to put my fingers inside her.

My mouth was still on her clit , as I started sliding my index finger inside her , fuck she was so tight , I slowly push my finger in and out (just the way I do it when I’m masturbating) doing that made me so fucken wet , it just felt so good , her screams , my wetness, all of a sudden her Pussy was tasting so good , the moment was just amazing!

While I was still in action , I felt a huge cock enter me , Ow my God , I couldn’t believe it

It was Master !

I have been waiting for this moment for almost all my life , his cock was so thick , and he just shoved it in , it felt so good but that didn’t distract me from that fact that I was still muffing Prada and fingering her at the same time.

I was starting to feel her legs shake ,

“Shit I think I’m Going to cum” she yelled

I felt the same way she felt , Masters cock has only been inside me for just a few minutes and I was already feeling like I need to pee and that’s usually a sign that I’m about to cum

I guess it’s because I have been wanting him for so long , because I have never had an orgasm that quick .

“Me too , I’m about to cum “ I yelled

Master started going faster and fucked me hard , like I was being punished, and I liked it

“ you have been a naughty girl busty bitch and you need to get punished “ he said

Hearing his voice made my whole body shake ,

Just like Prada

I couldn’t keep it in anymore

Shit , I needed to scream so I removed my mouth from her clit and just continued fingering her but with 4fingers this time

She was shaking

And at the same time , all three of us yelled


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