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The Sex shock

bound to my nightmares

My brain froze for a minute, I could feel my whole body heat up, from head to toe. My nipples were hot as burnt coal, all I could hear and feel were vibrations, “Stop” I yelled, he turned it off.

For the past 30 minutes Master has been switching this electric machine on and off just to torture me, I guess this was my punishment for Masturbating without his permission.

“I have had enough Master, please it won’t happen again” I begged as tears filled my eyes. I was not joking, this was the most painful punishment I have ever received from Master, my body was shaking. I thought BDSM was all about pain and pleasure, but there was no pleasure from getting electrocuted just torture.

Master walked up to me and started untying me, he started with removing the clamps off my nipples, he could feel how warm my body is, and how I was still shaking. “Relax your body, that will make the shaking stop”, he told me.

He then went on to untie the ropes and set my legs free, as soon as he did that I fell on my back on the bed, my body just needed to lay down and rest. Master looked at me while I was laying on the bed naked, his eyes were so seductive.

“You did good today, you deserve a reward”, he said. God knows the only reward I would like right now is for Master to just put his cock inside me and fuck me till I cum.

“Well what do you have in mind, Master” I asked.

“Shhhhh, just stay in that position, close your eyes and just relax.” he said.

My body was still warm, but the shaking had stopped. I was so curious as to what reward he was going to give me, hoping and praying he just does what I want.

There I was, lying in bed naked with my eyes closed. I heard some footsteps, so I just assumed that he was getting some sex toys on one of the tables for us to play with.

He took my hands and put some cuffs on them, then he went on said,” now remember, do not open your eyes”

I said in a very excited tone “Yes Master”.

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Bound To My Nightmares

bound to my nightmares

His hands started massaging my neck, they were so soft. He was so gentle and patient, he took his time. Each and every movement of his hands made my pussy moist. He poured some scented oil all over me, from my boobs all the way to my pussy; I was dripping wet.

He didn’t utter a word, his hands were doing the talking for him, I on the other hand was making soft moans.

His hands moved from my neck to my boobs, he massaged my huge breasts one at a time. He started off gently, moving his fingers in circles around my areola. Fuck, it felt so good and the oil was just making everything feel ten times better.

Master loved my breasts, so I knew he would take his time with them. I wish I could see his handsome face right now but because he ordered me to keep my eyes closed, all I could was imagine and that also kind of excited me.

Master started rubbing my nipples and pinching them softly. My moans started getting louder, my nipples were still very sensitive and a little painful because of the clamps but I still enjoyed Master rubbing them I didn’t want him to stop.

He started licking them, oh fuck, I wanted to touch him and feel his body, I wanted to play with his cock while he sucks my nipples; I was so fucking horny for him. I just wanted to grab him and put his cock inside me but I couldn’t do that cos I was still handcuffed so I had to just imagine it all.

His tongue felt so good against my nipples, while he was licking, I could feel his hands run to my pussy. Fuck, my heart started beating faster. This is it I thought, surely after this he will fuck me.

He started playing with my clit, it was wet already because of the oil, it felt so good. I felt like I was in heaven, my nipples are being sucked while my Pussy is being fingered, what a fucking moment this was.

I was screaming so loud, everything just felt so amazing. I had forgotten about how I was being electrocuted a few minutes ago, I was in the moment and just wanted to enjoy it while it lasts.

His one hand continued rubbing my clit while the other hand moved towards my tight Pussy hole, he inserted 2 fingers, in and out, in and out. The feeling was un-explainable, I could feel my bladder build up like I’m about to pee or squirt, whatever it was, I was getting ready to release it.

But then I thought for minute, while both of Master’s hands are playing with my pussy, his tongue is still licking my nipples how is still possible,

I was so confused and I wanted to make sense of it all, it felt amazing yes but now it was getting scary, how is Master able to pull this off all by himself? If I open my eyes, I’ll get punished, but I couldn’t help it; I needed to see how he was doing it.

I slowly opened my eyes without warning Master, and I couldn’t believe my eyes

“What the fuck… Master who is she?” I screamed.

To be continued!!!

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