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Watch Me Fuck Myself Master

a master and his slave
“What do you think you doing ?” He repeated, our eyes locked and we stared at each other. Master had big eyes, they were dark brown but so mysterious in a way that I couldn’t look at him straight in the eyes for long. I quickly looked down in fear and shame.

“I just wanted to cum Master, I just wanted to please myself, forgive me” I said. I took a deep breath and gained some courage for what I was about to ask.

“I know I am due to get punished, but before that I would like to ask Master to allow me to finish what I have started, at least let me cum and I would love it if Master would stay to watch me” I said.

Master looked at me, I was still laying on the bed naked. He then took a chair, put it right opposite me and sat down. He reached out for his cigarettes in his pocket and put it on one of the tables. I knew Master smoked, we shared a cigarette the day we met at the sex party even though I didn’t smoke, I just wanted an excuse to talk to him. “Go ahead” he said.

All of a sudden I was nervous but looking at him just made me so horny all over again. I felt like this was my chance to make Master horny so he can crave for me then fuck me. I moved to the edge of the bed, sat up straight and slowly opened my legs. I had read in a magazine that eye contact was good when trying to seduce someone, so I looked him straight in his eyes while I wet my fingers with my saliva and started rubbing my clit.

It felt so good so I started moaning softly, I was so sure that I sounded really sexy but Master just stood there, no movement. I rubbed my clit until I felt myself get really wet then started fingering my tiny hole, oh my God, seeing him just staring at me made it so much better. It felt like he was on top of me.

I started moaning louder and louder. I was about to cum, I started screaming and moving as a white liquid oozed out my hole. Oooh it felt so good! It felt like water had been drained out of me, I felt lighter. All I wanted to do was sleep at that point so I just laid on the bed and sighed.

Master lit his cigarette and said “you not done yet, sit up straight and open your legs “…

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A Master And His Slave

a master and his slave

I was so drained and tired but I had no choice but to get up and do as he said. Master was still smoking his cigarette, he got up to get a rope, then told me to squat on top of the bed and I did as he said.  He then went on and tied my thighs and my legs together, made them attached to be one, more like I was a frog. I balanced with my hands by putting them on the bed .

My Pussy was out in the open and I was tied down, there was no escaping whatever was about to happen. I was curious. Master’s cigarette was about to finish, he needed to ash but he didn’t ash on his ashtray but told me to open my mouth instead, Master then ashed on my tongue, it burned a little but I didn’t mind. Master went on to one of the tables in the room, I wasn’t sure what he was getting but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.

He came back with duct tape, and an egg shaped vibrator. He put duct tape on both sides of my inner thigh and held the vibrator right on top of my Clit and put tape on it as well in a way that it was stuck on me, then he switched it on. The vibrations started off normal, then he increased the pressure and it was so intense that I felt them all over my body, I started to moan softly it felt good.

While the vibrator was on my clit, Master then inserted a dildo inside my tiny hole and at that moment I felt like my bladder was getting full all over again. I started screaming and saying anything that came into my head like, “Fuck it feels so good”. He fucked me with that dildo, in and out, in and out; I was dripping wet, everything was so intense, a feeling I had never felt before.

I couldn’t move my legs and I couldn’t move my arms either cos I was using them to balance, I didn’t wanna fall. I felt trapped but with so much pleasure. Master left the dildo inside me, the vibrator was still vibrating on my clit. Master moved to another table, I was going through so much already, what else could he be getting?

Master came back with some wires, that had clamps on each end. I was terrified, as soon as I saw the wires I knew what it was. I had always seen videos of slaves being electrocuted, but it was also deadly. What if I die or what if I explode? It was so hard for me to think while a vibrator was on my Clit and a thick dildo inside me. Master clamped both of my nipples and the wires were attached to a remote control he had in his hands.

“ARE YOU READY ?” He said

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To be continued…

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