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The Pain Became So Sweet

bound to my nightmares“How sorry are you ? Will you be a good girl now? Take it, you dirty little bitch.”
My face was red and so was my big round ass. I could feel some liquid touch my ass, I thought it was saliva but Master had poured scented oil all over my voluptuous ass. It ran all over, from my asshole to my pussy, making my pussy drip and so fucking wet; It was satisfying.

Every time he took out the buttplug, he would lick my asshole, move his tongue in circles around my damaged hole; It felt so good, I didn’t understand the feeling I was feeling but oh my God.  It felt so good and at that moment I wanted him to insert the buttplug back inside my asshole. The fear was gone, I didn’t care about the pain, I just wanted it inside.

Master kept on rotating his tongue around my asshole, he then slowly ran his fingers towards my pussy, I started breathing so heavy, I wanted him to finger my pussy so badly but I had to be patient and just wait. He slowly inserted one finger inside my pussy, I moaned softly.

“You like that huh” he said.  I didn’t respond. He then inserted his two fingers then said “I asked do you like that huh, you slut?” Before I could respond master inserted 3 fingers, and his middle finger was faced up inside me making movements that I couldn’t understand; my pussy was so wet, it felt so good.

It felt like… like my bladder was filling up and I wanted to release, and the movement of his tongue around my asshole was making my whole body shiver; I was feeling so many things at the same time.  I couldn’t think, I didn’t know what to do.

“Oh Lord, it felt so good.” Am I having an orgasm? I haven’t never had one before I thought to myself. His fingers kept on pressing inside me.

“I think I wanna pee. Should I ask him? Will that get me get in trouble? Oh God I don’t know what to think. It’s so nice I feel like I’m about to pee.” I thought in silence.

“Ahhh Master I think I’m going to c…u…m” As soon as I said that master removed his tongue from my asshole and took out his fingers out my tight pussy and just said “we are done here” and walked out of the room.

Fuck!!! I was so close, why would he do that to me? What was the point? I regretted telling him. I should have just wet the damn bed and came on his fingers .

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Taking Matters Into My Own Hands
Bound To My Nightmares 2 1

I was still horny and wet, so I thought, I could just please my myself and get a nice happy ending but I was scared. Master said I should never masturbate without his permission, but he had left and he can’t see me so I could just play with my myself, I needed it. I looked around to see which toy I could use.

Master’s naughty room was very dark, with just small light in every corner, more like a cinema. There were four tables around the bed, each had different sex toys. I looked at the one with dildos, they looked too big; I wasn’t allowed to touch any without his approval, I was scared to use any of them .

I closed my eyes and imagined my sexy Master on top of me. I licked my fingers one by one, spit on my palm until my whole hand was wet with my saliva. I quickly ran my fingers to my clit, rubbed it, making circular movements, similar to the ones Master was making on my asshole .

The image of master on top of me, fucking me, harder and harder choking me till I ran out of breath. Oooh it made me wet. I slowly inserted two of my fingers inside my tiny hole fingering myself harder harder, oh it felt so good.

I was close , getting there. “I’m about to…to… c…u…”

“What do you think doing?”

Oh shit, it’s Master, I have been caught….

To be continued…

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