Hi everyone, I’m EroticNey and I’d be dishing out lovely content for you. here’s my first BDSM experience, bound to my nightmares, hope you enjoy it!

Welcome To My Not So Vanilla Life

Bound To My Nightmares 1 1

Normal sex was never enough for me!

Making love felt great but It never got me the feeling I needed to be fully satisfied, I wanted more.

I was tired of being told you are beautiful during sex.

I wanted to hear “shut up and take it you dirty bitch!

I wanted someone to spit on me and tell me I have been a bad girl.

I wanted to feel pain and beg for mercy.

I wanted to be punished.

I was bound to my nightmare!

Hi , My name is EroticNey, but you can refer to me as “busty bitch” just the way my master calls me. I have been a slave for 3 years and I would like to welcome you to my world.

Imagine being caned on your bare ass every night before bed? Sounds painful right? Now imagine being caned while there’s a vibrator attached to your clit? Pain and pleasure at the same time, the feeling is beautiful.

Master loved playing with my clit, cos he knew how to touch it in a way that I release so much that I wet the bed, and I would get punished for that .

I have always been curious about BDSM. I would have dreams of being tied up to a chair naked , and being electrocuted, I would feel the vibrations all the way to my clit and fluid would just ooze out of my tiny hole.

Aahhhh what a dream!

Well I have turned that dream into reality and have decided to become a submissive

This is my first initiation: Enjoy!

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My First Initiation

Bound To My Nightmares 1 2

His height always intimidated me, his big arms and broad shoulders made me fear him along side with his sharp tone, but his sexy body made me weak.

I wasn’t sure what was expected of me, but I wanted him; I wanted to feel him inside me, I wanted to taste his cock and choke on his cum but he wouldn’t let me. With force I touched his cock, it was getting hard; I rubbed it and spat on it, I could feel my Pussy getting wet, I was so Horny for him. I kept on sucking his cock , it was so fucking hard and as I put up my face to ask Master to fuck me, he slapped across my face so hard I fell down instantly.

Didn’t cry I just laid there, naked. He ordered me to lay on my stomach, with my ass up on the bed. I obeyed. Again, I was bound to my nightmare so I couldn’t complain.

“Face forward, don’t look back or you will regret it” he said.

“Count for me” he said again.

Seconds after that I felt a sharp pain on my Ass, the cane hit me so hard my hands quickly rushed to my ass while I looked back at him.

“Strike one, I said don’t look back” he said . Tears filled my eyes in that same moment, he caned me till I couldn’t cry anymore; my ass was red. I could feel the vibrations of that cane when it smacked my ass all over my body, especially my pussy but I was still faced forward, didn’t dare to turn to look back.

Master put his cane down and inserted 2 of his fingers inside my asshole, I flinched .

“Never been fucked in the ass before I see” he said and he was right

I didn’t say anything I was still faced forward cos I didn’t wanna disobey him.

He then went to fetch something oval, I have seen it before when I was watching porn. I was so scared cos I have heard that anal sex hurts so I was shaking in fear .

“Now for that strike one punishment, I will insert this butt-plug in your asshole, it will hurt a bit but it’s for your own good”.

I screamed begging him not to do it. I was scared, it looked so big . I wanted to ask him to fuck me in the pussy instead but I didn’t wanna talk too much because that will get me strike 2.

“Master please, I won’t do it again. I will listen next time, please.” I begged


To be continued…

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