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Aisha's Tales 3 (Pleasing My Master) 1

Aisha’s Tales 3 (Pleasing My Master)

Hey guys welcome to the concluding part of Aisha’s Tales. Watch how my “pleasing my master” agenda makes me a favorite and opens up my submissive and freaky self.. Hope you guys enjoy this story as much as I do. Vanilla To Strawberry?(Josh’s POV) What


Aisha’s Tales 2

Here’s the second part of Aisha’s Tale. Sit back, relax and enjoy this story! And Then Came A Shocker What I thought would be a normal fuck turned out to be one of the freakiest I’ve ever had or even dreamed about. Josh was a

Aisha's Tales 1 9

Aisha’s Tales 1

Hey guys, welcome back to my website. Here’s a new story, Aisha’s Tales, about a young girl who likes to take life by the balls and enjoy herself no matter what. hope you enjoy it as much as I did while writing it! Aisha’s Tales

The Cougar In Vegas 12

The Cougar In Vegas

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in posts. School has been really hectic and i’m sure y’all want me to ace my classes. Here’s a new post about a cougar in Vegas who got down with two college boys and i’m sure you’d love it.

Welcome To Westlake 4 14

Welcome To Westlake 4

  Here is the final episode of Welcome To Westlake. This episode promises to leave you dripping as it drives you into a sea of pleasure. How It Started “I, however, thought it was a risk worth taking,” Tiwa added, “especially if it meant that

welcome to westlake 3

Welcome To Westlake 3

Looks like Shola caught Tiwa and Dimeji during their love bout. what do you think would happen? Stay tuned to find out what happens in welcome to westlake 3! Caught In The Act His head snapped up as the shimmering face of his hostess came

Welcome To Westlake 2 19

Welcome To Westlake 2

If you’re just reading this, I suggest you read the previous story to get an insight into what happens at Westlake. Here’s how dimeji’s life took an unusual turn. Welcome to Westlake! Down To Business “They are feeling good, don’t they?” she asked, adding that

Welcome To Westlake 23

Welcome To Westlake

Here is a story about Dimeji Adeniran who just started staying in westlake. He met two older ladies and his life took an unexpected turn. Welcome to Westlake! Welcome To Westlake The Westlake Tenant Association’s monthly meeting had ended a half hour earlier but Dimeji

Slave Santa And His Cruel Mistress 28

Slave Santa And His Cruel Mistress

Kinky Christmas Erotica: A Saucy Santa’s Tale Slave Santa  In this short & sweet sexy story, we take a peek into Santa’s workshop. As you can imagine, in the run-up to Christmas, Santa is extremely hard at work. Just maybe not in quite the way you’re

The Love Tales 32

The Love Tales

I met the most amazing man off the internet and for the first time I’m not scared! I’m Rania and this is my story, the love tales. In The Beginning As you all know, my name is Rania and i’m a 24 year old. I’m