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Tara And I

best friends forever

My best friend, Tara and I liked to mess around sometimes. We aren’t dating but sometimes we get so horny, we can’t deal with it. So we mess around with each other anytime, anywhere – we just did.

Tara is a pretty chocolate girl with the fattest, pointiest nipples. She’s kinda tall and fit, has a nice juicy ass and boobs the size of melons. She’s got an awesome body and boy did she like to show it off every chance she got.

Tara’s a bit of an exhibitionist who likes to tease boys by wearing the shirts that showcase her boobs. Every boy must have had wet dreams of Tara; yes, she is that hot. She never seemed to care what anyone thought of her, she’s carefree and gives no fucks.

One afternoon, Tara asked me if I wanted to hang out with her. I already knew what this was code for and that we were going to have a lot of fun.

It was hot so I decided to change into a short, strapless black dress – I also decided not to wear any underwear. I was feeling so sexy, naked under my dress. My nipples were rubbing against my dress and I knew I was going to get wet and it would be dripping down my leg, so I splashed cold water on my face just to take the edge off.

She calls to let me know she was waiting outside my house, I grab a bottle of wine and go out to meet her. I get outside and she’s in the backseat while some guy I assumed was her friend drove. I get in the car and exchange hellos. A quick look at him showed he had a hard-on, Tara must have been teasing him on their way here; such a tease she was.

She smirked and looked at me, “I’m horny. Let’s give Tope a show”. He turned on the AC and our nipples get hard from the cold. Then he turned on the radio and played trap music so we’re turnt. Tara tweaked her nipples like the “slut” she was.

I brought out the wine, which was already in cups and we start drinking. We’re having a good time and everything is all good when Tara reaches over and feels me through my dress. I moan a little and part my thighs. My nipples weren’t as large as hers but they were very sensitive and just a little touch makes me wet.

“Do you girls need space or do you guys want me to park somewhere”? Tope asked. Tara keeps pulling my nipples through my dress and I don’t hear her say anything because she started kissing my neck. Tope parked in a lonely street and Lord was I glad his windows were tinted.

He adjusted his rear view mirror so he got a clearer view of us. I wanted him to cum in his trousers so bad and i didn’t know why. Tara leaned in to kiss me and I moaned so loud. We’re kissing with so much intensity and need, I was hot. She pulled down my dress to free my boobs. I loved being naked, it turned me on so bad. It made me feel so naughty.

Tara starts tugging at my nipples and I got so wet, enough to leave a mark on the seat and my dress. Tope was stroking his dick, watching us through the mirror.

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Best Friends Forever

best friends forever

“I’m so wet” I moan.

“Let’s see”, she says.

Tara spread my legs apart and pushed up my dress, just so Tope could see my shiny pussy. She sticks a finger inside me and pulls it out, her finger wet with my cum.

Tara played with my cum between her fingers, looked me in the eye and said “Damn you are wet,” and wiped her fingers on the seat.

“Are you guys continuing?” Tope asked. He’s jerking his dick so hard, I’m surprised he hadn’t cum yet.

“We’re getting to it, calm down sir”, Tara said as she put a nipple in her mouth, teasing it with her teeth. It felt so good, I could feel my pussy throb and get even more wet. I reach over and grabbed Tar’s nipples through her shirt and it grew hard. I wanted to suck them through her shirt, damn I was so horny.

Tara gets off and takes a drink, I take one too.

“You’re so wet. Want to feel better”? Tara asked. I got wet in anticipation.

“Rub your clit with your fingers and don’t stop till I tell you to” she continued.

I start to rub my clit slowly and start moaning so loud because it felt so good. Tara continued sucking my nipples and I just kept on teasing my clit and rubbing the tip of my throbbing clit; it was so good, I felt I was in paradise.I just flicked it the best I could, pleasing myself.

Tope was still rubbing on his dick which was turning me on too. He was squeezing the tip of his dick and at that moment I wished it was in my mouth so I could taste his pre-cum which was probably pouring out now.

Tara bit my nipple a little too hard and Tope moaned loudly and then instantly, my toes curled and my legs shook and cum was all over my thighs and on the seat. I can’t believe I just came from teasing my clit; my pussy is literally throbbing from being so empty while I cum.

This is something Tara does to me; just plays with the most sensitive parts of my body until I’, quivering from her touch with no choice but to cum.

“Fuuuuuckkkkkkkkkkk,” I moan while she laughed. I’m weak and she stuck her finger up my pussy and pulls some cum out.

“Damn,” she says as she stared at her fingers with fascination. She played with it, laughing.

“Tope, come and taste this, she said “This is the closest you’d get to her pussy.”

He stopped rubbing his dick and leaned into the backseat with his mouth open and tongue out, obedient like the cuck hold that he was. She stuck her finger, sticky with my pussy juice, into his mouth and he moaned like it’s the best thing he ever tasted as he sucked her fingers dry. His eyes rolled back and it looked like he was sucking her fingers like he’d suck a dick.

When he’s done, she sat down, too off her skirt and sat with her legs open. That was my cue and I wasted no time. I dove in and stuck my tongue in her pussy as far as it’ll go.

She moaned, grabbed my head, held it in place and started humping my face. She used me like a toy and I didn’t mind; I enjoyed it. I knew she wasn’t goimg to take long to cum, she was moaning so loud and Tope was too. I wondered if they were going to orgasm at the same time. Yes, I said it cos I felt her juices flow down my face. It was so wet and warm.

Her legs were shaking so bad and it felt like her release was so huge. She relaxed and Tope came in his pants, moaning out loudly.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,” he said.

We all look at each other smiling and I couldn’t help but wonder if we were going to spend the night together.

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