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Backshots And Henny In The Sauna 1

People usually go to gym to lose weight or tone their bodies or achieve body goals they have set for themselves, but it was different for me , gym was my only escape , it relaxed me in the most amazing way. If you thinking maybe I’m trying to escape from an Abusive home or something along those lines then you are absolutely wrong .

I have a loving husband and four beautiful kids and yes, I was escaping from them. I am a stay at home mom, with a busy husband who’s always on business trips, I’m not complaining because him being busy means more Gucci bags for me , but gym was my only chance of getting some me time.

Hi, I’m Jenny. I’m a 30 year old wife and mom. Me and my family stay at an amazing estate in Bryanston (Johannesburg ), my husband loved property so he decided to choose the best house for us.

I love my life , I married my first love , we have been together since we were 16, yes I know what you are thinking , I have only had Sex with one person in my entire life , but that didn’t bother me , my husband fucked me real good(not like I had anyone to compare him to ), he had an average size penis that was perfect for me, I have no complaints plus I am not really that into sex , I am fine with the missionary sex I got from my husband whenever his around.

I have the same routine everyday, I wake up , make breakfast for the kids , the twins leave for school and the nanny arrives to look after my younger ones ( who are 2 and 3 years old ) , while I head to gym for an hour session or more , depending on my mood.

If my Husband is around , I only go to the gym for 45 minutes so I can return quickly and spend time with him .

This morning was kind of different though , my husband has been home for about 5 weeks which is the longest he has ever stayed , we have had sex only once a week ever since his return so 5 times , he was on his laptop and like a good wife I wouldn’t disturb him plus I think I was kind of getting tired of him being around so this morning after breakfast I planned to spend a maximum of 2 hours in the gym , just to relax and be free

It’s like I knew that this gym session would be special , in a different kind of way .

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Backshots and Henny: Never Have I Ever

Backshots And Henny In The Sauna 2

I wore black tight leggings that highlighted my big round ass with a black tank top that belonged to my husband, I didn’t wear any bra

My boobs still looked perfect ,because I didn’t breast feed any of my kids .

My Uber was already waiting for me outside as I rushed inside of the car and sat at the back . The whole ride I was just thinking about how I could spice things up with my husband, my sex life to be specific, it has really become bad.

As usual , first thing I did when I got to the gym is go put my bag in my locker , but I was feeling so exhausted. I usually start with the treadmill but I just wanted to lay down and relax so I wasn’t sure where to begin until a young man tapped me on my shoulder while I was standing by my locker , he only had a towel wrapped around his waist, small enough to just cover up only his private areas .

“You look exhausted, let me help you relax a bit” he said.

I was shocked , I didn’t know what to say , he was tall , dark and so fucking handsome. I could see his dick print right through that small towel of his , and my imagination immediately ran wild.

I just stared at him , it’s like I had seen God. “Follow me” he said and guess what I did, I followed of course.

He had a small bag with him around his shoulder, he led me to the sauna , which I have never been and I have been attending this gym for more than 12 months .

It was just the two of us in the sauna , it was so hot , before he allowed me to sit down he told me to take off my clothes which was one of the rules , I can’t enter a sauna fully clothed.

“Close your eyes “ I told him, he laughed and just turned around

I shyly took a towel , and undressed myself till I was fully naked, I wrapped the towel around myself and took a sit on one of the sitting areas around. He took a sit too, a bit further away from me , which I didn’t mind honestly because I was really shy.

I saw him open that tiny bag of his , and he took out a bottle of Hennessy, we weren’t allowed to drink in the sauna but surprisingly I didn’t give a fuck , I needed a drink so I can let loose and enjoy this moment.

“Let’s play a game called never have I ever “ he said .i didn’t know what the game was so I asked him what were the rules

“It’s simple , I will tell you what I have never done , If you have done it , you take a shot “ he said .

“I will start “ he said again.

I was nervous but excited at the same time.

Backshots And Henny: A Penis From Heaven

Backshots And Henny In The Sauna 3

“Never have I ever fucked a stranger” he said , I have never done that so it was only right that I Be honest , so I took a shot of henny straight from the bottle .

He moved closer and closer to me and then whispered in my ear “ well sweetheart, there’s a first time for everything “ while he unwrapped my towel , I was fully naked and nervous , but I wanted him. I wanted him to kiss me on my lips and all over my body .

He got closer to my lips and started kissing me on my lips , I felt my whole body shiver and vibrate , I didn’t know what was happening to me , my own husband has never made me feel this way , I was in shock .

“ open your legs “ he said , something about being instructed made me wet , I did as he said and opened my legs wide open , he then proceeded to move down below , and put his head in between my thighs , he started licking my Pussy like he would win a prize for it , I wanted to scream my lungs out but I knew I couldn’t because we were still in the sauna and this was not allowed. He licked my Pussy so well and even used his teeth to gently bite my clit just the way I like it , I felt like I was about to pee or squirt , whatever it was , it felt so fucking good.

He then proceeded to lift up his head , his penis was so hard , it looked to beautiful, even though I couldn’t see it properly because of all the steam in the room , but I know a big penis when I see one .

Before I knew it , he had turned me around into doggy style position, and shoved his penis inside me , he didn’t even put on a condom but it felt so good I didn’t even care .

He fucked me so good, in and out , from gentle to hard , he pulled my hair like I was a bitch and I fucking loved it

He did all the great things that my husband didn’t do for me in bed

His penis felt amazing inside me , and before you know it I was throwing it back and shaking my big ass , and that’s when he lost it

He started going harder and harder , pulling my hair roughly and before you know it, he was pulling his penis out and came on my back , I felt his cum , it was so warm.

“ you can have this” he said , as he handed me the henny, while he wrapped his towel and walked out the sauna while I just laid there like the bitch that I was and asked myself “ what the fuck just happened?”.

I just cheated .

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