Hi guys, this is a story of one of my fantasy’s; babygirl’s fantasy. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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How It Started

Babygirl's Fantasy 1

In my babygirl’s fantasy, you show up one afternoon unexpectedly. As you walk in, I notice there is a different look to Daddy today. You come in you tell me to get my shoes on because we are going for an afternoon ride. We go up to the levee and sit to look at the water. It is an overcast day and rain is expected. After we sit and talk a bit it starts to get a bit darker. We head back home and it starts to rain. We both are soaked when we walk in. As soon as we walk in the door you kiss me hard and push me up against the wall. You raise my hands above my head and use your other hand to gently take my neck. You slightly squeeze and deepen the kiss as if you cannot get enough. You take a step back and look at me. Your eyes are the darkest I have ever seen them. You order me to strip off my wet clothes slowly and then turn to face the wall. You watch as I slowly slip my clothes off and then I turn to do as commanded. I can hear the rustle as you strip your wet clothes off.

You come to stand right behind me without touching me.

“Does baby girl love Daddy?”

“Oh yes, Daddy, very much so!”

“OK baby girl, Daddy wants to play a bit.”

You slide your hands on my arms and there are shivers all through me. You slowly run your hands down my back and over my ass. You whisper in my ear, “I know what you want.”

You nibble on my ears and my neck and down my back. Reaching around to play with my piercings. Smack 1. “Count baby girl!”

I draw in a quick breath at the pleasure of your hand on my ass.

“Two. Three. Four.”

“Count baby girl. No cumming!”

“Five. Six. Seven. Eight.”

You are kissing my neck again. I feel something silky on my back and then you drape a blindfold around my eyes. You take me by the hand and lead me to our bedroom. You have me kneel in front of you and you slide the tip of your cock against my lips.

Strokes Upon Strokes

Babygirl's Fantasy 2

“Open up those sweet lips for daddy!” You slide your cock into my mouth and start stroking back and forth. “Does that make daddy’s girl wet, for daddy to be in her mouth?”

“Hmm, Yes daddy.”

“Don’t speak baby girl. I want you to just feel.”

You slowly stroke your cock in my mouth and I hear that slow growl that Daddy makes sometimes.

You step away from me and take the blindfold off. “Lay down baby girl.” You slowly climb up kissing my body lightly teasing. Back to my nipples teasing, pulling with those amazing lips. You slide into me. “Open your legs for your daddy, baby girl. Be daddy’s big girl. No cumming.”

You stroke ever so easy back and forth bringing me to the edge.

“Easy baby girl, not yet.”

You kiss down my body to my pussy. You start kissing and sucking my clit. I am so close to going over the edge.

Over The Edge She Runneth

Babygirl's Fantasy 3

“No cumming baby girl. Listen to Daddy. You can do it. You’re daddy’s big girl.”

You continue the assault on my clit.

“Awe daddy, I can’t hold it!”

“Yes you can baby girl. Be my big girl. Open up for daddy.” Kissing the sides of my legs slowly. Alternating back and forth with my pussy and the curves of my legs, bringing me so close to the edge.

“Awe daddy. I need you inside of me please. I’ll do anything! Daddy, please!”

“No baby girl. Be Daddy’s big girl or daddy will have to spank you. Open up for your daddy. You keep interrupting so I have to start over.” You come back to my nipples and start down again. Assaulting my pussy again after you kiss down my body.

I take a deep breath, and I feel myself slip into somewhere very familiar. It’s as if I am up above us watching everything going on. I relax and opened my body up to simply enjoy all that Daddy offers.

“See baby girl, you can do it!”

Then you reach up and climb between my legs positioning your cock to take all that is offered. You slowly slide into me. Stroking harder and harder, watching. “Now cum for daddy, baby girl! Cum for me now!”

I explode around you milking your cock as well. You collapse on me and we roll over entangled in arms and legs.

You wrap your arms around me and snuggle me close. Your lips touch my forehead as I settle back down. As our breathing relaxes you whisper to me, “Very well done baby girl! Daddy loves you!”

This is my Babygirl’s Fantasy!

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