This is a series about a true life experience of a young girl starting out a new life in the university . It’s going to be a mixture of erotic and non-erotic. I can’t wait for you guys to read this. It promises to be funny, suspense filled and extremely intense.

Hi, my name is Aliyah. I’m 22 and i’m from a family of five. My family is not so rich; the kind you’d say are “comfortable”. We stay on the mainland, Surulere to be precise. I’m a graduate of Architecture from the school of first choice “University of Lagos”. This series is about my university days and the numerous troubles I got into. Damn, it was one helluva time!

I gained admission 2012; I couldn’t believe I got in. Like, i’d heard stories of how hard it was to gain admission into Unilag and how you’d have to “know someone” to even stand a chance. Anyways, I got in on Merit and didn’t have to bribe my way in.

I remember getting a call from my friend who was a student in the school at the time.

“Aliyah, wassup? Where are you? Have you checked the admission list? You’ve gained admission oh. Your name was on the merit list”.

I was shocked when I got the news; mainly cos my score was low in the postume and i’d already given up . I just smiled and told him thank you then ran to my dad’s room to share the news.

“Dad! Dad! I have gained admission. My name was on the merit list” I said jumping up and down in his room. He was smiling too and I could see the pride in his face.

“You’d have to go to the school tomorrow. Find out about the admission process and every other thing” he said.

“Okay dad. I’d check the school website and would let you know. They put up the registration details online.”

The day of registration finally came. My dad told me to dress corporately for it; I wanted to wear my jeans and sneakers but I dare not disobey him. we left our house 8 am and got to school 9 am.

He had shown me around the day before so I had no problem in finding my way. He dropped me at the Multipurpose hall and gave me five thousand naira and told me to call him if I needed anything else.

I was alone and I didn’t know anyone. In my head, I was like this is going to be very hard; basically because I wasn’t used to being alone and I always had things at my beck and call.

I sat down at the section allocated to freshers like myself. People were dressed so flashy and I was beginning to think I was under dressed.

I picked up my phone and decided to go through my Facebook before it was my turn to be screened. Someone approached me and was talking to me but I was on earphones and obviously couldn’t hear.

“Sorry, were you talking to me?” I said taking out my earphones.

“Are you with your necessary documents? Have you arranged them how we were asked to?”

I was shocked and I stared at her confusedly.

“I’m with my documents but no one told me about any arrangements.”

“Don’t worry, I’d help you out. The screening officer has been sending people away ‘cos of wrong arrangements.”

She helped me out and I went back to pressing my phone. After what seemed like 2 hours, It was finally my turn to be screened. The officer went through my documents and gave me my screening certificate. I was finally done with registration and I was to head over to the bank to pay my dues.

I called my dad and told him, I had to pay for Faculty and department due and he told me to wait where I was, he’d be with me in a bit. It was while I was waiting, I met Amaka who was my friend for a while.

I was staring at her whilst she was buying a drink; she was fair and had this rich kid look. She was obviously an ajebo as she was acting like a novice; I know i’m not any different but at least I was not forming. She approached me and tapped me on the shoulder.

“Sorry, do you know when we’re to pay the dues?”

I smiled at her and replied, “Well, I don’t know either but I guess we can find out at the front desk.”

We walked up to the front desk and found out we were to pay immediately. I paid mine but she couldn’t ‘cos she didn’t have enough. She was asked to come back the next day and pay unfailingly. We exchanged phone numbers and we went our separate ways.

The journey back home was long and tiring; it seemed that way ‘cos my phone had died, I couldn’t listen to music and I was bored sick. The driver kept stopping at every bus-stop to pick up passengers and it was annoying ‘cos I was tired and needed to sleep.

We finally got to Yaba and I was walking to where I’d get keke to Ojuelegba when a car parked in front of me; It was a Black Mercedes Benz. I kept walking as I didn’t know who the person was.

“Hi, excuse me. Where are you headed?” he said.

I totally ignored him and kept walking, thinking If I didn’t answer he’d go away.

“I promise I don’t bite. I just want to help you out”

“Sorry I don’t know you. I don’t talk to strangers so please leave me alone.”

“You look really stressed, I just want to help you out. Please, get in the car.”

I admit I was tired; I was already imagining my journey and it was still very long. I stayed at Bode Thomas and that area was traffic prone. I had no choice than to hitch the ride.

“I know you were a little scared maybe you thought I was a kidnapper or sumtin. I don’t bite at least not beautiful girls like you.” he said smiling at me.

I laughed at his joke and looked away trying not to look at him. I glanced in his direction and found out he was really cute; he had a nicely trimmed beard also. Okay, bearded guys are my weakness especially a well kept one. You could always tell the cleanliness of a man from his beard and his car; and this one was a really neat guy.

“I don’t know your name, I’m Sandra.” I said looking at him

“Please mind my manners, I’m Adegoke Williams.”

“Wait a minute, you’re the Adegoke Williams of Greenville Group of companies. The youngest and richest bachelor on Forbes.” i said excitedly almost hitting him.

“Hey, calm down. Yes, I am. Should I call you a stalker or what? How do you know so much about me?”

I told him about how I follow all his social media accounts and how i always bragged about him to my friends. He just smiled and we continued talking until finally I got home.We exchanged contacts and he drove away; he also gave me his card in case he forgets to call.

I got in, greeted my parents and went straight to my room. I was going to have a long day tomorrow and I needed my beauty sleep. I threw my clothes on the chair as I was undressing while climbing up to my room; I plugged in my phone and went to shower.

On getting out of the shower, my phone was ringing and I was shocked ‘cos no one ever called me by this time. I looked at my screen and couldn’t recognise the number. I picked up and the next thing i heard made me laugh.

“Hi stalker, its your friendly neighbourhood biter”

“I don’t know who you are and i’m really not in the mood for jokes. If you don’t have anything to do with your time, I do.” I said acting like I didn’t know who was calling.

“Calm down babe, Its Goke. I dropped you off at home.”

“Lol I knew it was you. I am just very tired from my trip, that’s all” I said smiling

“Oh okay. I”m sorry i’m calling now, I just had to hear your voice again. I don’t know why but I can’t stop thinking about you.”

“‘You need to try harder, there should be better things for you to talk about. Like work, your family and other things.”

“You’re one difficult babe, you know that right?”

“Well good things in life don’t come easy so i’d be difficult Mr. Adegoke Williams.”

We continued talking and then I told him i had to go ‘cos I had needed to sleep ‘cos I had a long day tomorrow. He said goodnight and hung up.

I put on my nightgown and jumped on my bed ready to sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a long day and I needed to rest well.

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