It’s 5 o’clock in the morning, my alarm just finished ringing in my ears; it was time to start my routine. I said my prayer (I’m a Muslim in case you guys don’t know) and then I went to have my bath. After showering, I went to my closet to pick my outfit. Looking through, i didn’t know what to pick. I didn’t want to dress corporate again; I decided to wear jeans, a tee and sneakers. I’m actually a sneaker freak, I own over 20 pairs. Mum used to tease me a lot, calling me a tomboy and all that; I’ve never been the girly girl and I love me this way.

I dressed up and went down for breakfast; Breakfast was bread, egg and tea. I went to the living room to wait for dad as he was dropping me off on his way to work. He was finally ready after 20 minutes and we left the house.

On getting to school, I went to my course advisers office to sign some documents. She wasn’t in her office when I got there so I had to wait for her. I sat in front of her office and was going through my twitter. I sent a tweet saying “Who’s in unilag, let’s link up.” I couldn’t wait for my course adviser outside, I had to leave and come back later.

I got a call from Amaka as I was leaving my course adviser’s office.

“Hi wassup? Are you in school?” she said.

“Yes I am but I might leave soon. What’s up?” I replied

“I’m bored and I don’t want to roam about. Can we hang out?”

I thought about it for a minute before I finally replied in the affirmative. She said we should meet up at the lagoon front and I should ask anyone for directions. I found my way there and saw her siting by the water-side. She was with a few friends, I’m guessing from her department; she was in Marine sciences. I sat down with them and we were gisting.

My phone beeped and it was a text from Goke; It read, “Hey Beautiful, how’s your day going? Would really love to see you today. Let me know if you’re free.” I’m not trying to play hard to get here but am i to see this guy every time. I don’t even know anything about him, he doesn’t either and he’s already all over me. I texted him back saying I was busy and won’t be free for a while and I’d let him know if I was later on. That should hold him off for a while.

We hung out for an hour and then I went back to my course adviser’s office to get my stuff signed. Immediately it was signed, I went to eat at a restaurant called Marvis. The restaurant was full and hot. I contemplated going back but I changed my mind as I was very hungry. I ordered jollof rice, salad, meat and 2 sausages; it would last me until I get home.

As i was eating, i got a dm from a follower on twitter. He was someone I’d been talking to for a while, his name was Seun. He wanted to know where I was and if we could hook up as he was in school too. I texted him back, giving him the necessary details and waited for his reply. He replied immediately saying I should wait where I was that he’d be there in five minutes. I dropped my number so he’d reach me easier as I was gonna turn off my data; Samsung phones have a low battery life. I paid for my lunch and waited for him to come through.

He got here 10 mins later and was looking very sharp. He had on an African print tee and a baseball cap with black trousers and sneakers. He walked up to me and I stood up to hug him.

“You are more beautiful in person Aliyah. Your pictures don’t do justice to your beauty at all.”

I just smiled and kept mute. I was really shy around people, I hardly talk and I just listen more. I analysed him in my head; he dresses well, he has a good physique and he looks good (you guys should calm down, I’m not falling for him). He tapped me and said, “Did you hear what I’ve been saying to you? You’ve been staring for a while now, are you okay?”

“I’m sorry, I just have a lot on my mind. This school is really stressing me out and I’ve not even started yet.”

“It’s the way the school is, it has a way of sucking out all the life outta you. Don’t worry, you’d get used to it.”

We spoke for a while and decided to take a walk around school. After walking around, he told me he had to see one of his friends at his department and I should come with him. We went to the science faculty and headed straight to the mathematics department; I was tired from the walk but he assured me he won’t take long.

We got to the class and saw his friend sitting by the window; he was reading a book. Hello’s were shared and I was introduced as his friend, we said hi and then I stepped away for them to talk. I was listening to music and I got lost in it, I didn’t notice them walk up to me. When I saw them, I took out my earphones and gestured at Seun so we could leave. He said goodbye to his friend and we left.

I told him I wanted to leave and he decided to go home too as he didn’t have anything to do in school.

“I really do enjoy your company. I want us to be more than friends. What do you think?”

I kept quiet and didn’t say anything. We got to the bus park and boarded a bus to Yaba; he paid our fare. He sent me a text repeating the same question and I replied saying I don’t know. He sent another saying, “What if I kissed you?” and I replied with, “I only kiss the person I’m in a relationship with.” We kept on texting till we alighted the bus; he took a BRT bus and I went to take a Keke.

On getting home, the house was empty ‘cos my parents weren’t back yet and my siblings were out; I had the house all to myself. I plugged in my phone and quickly took a shower. When I was done, I wore my black sweatpants and a crop top then I picked up my phone and decided to text Goke. Sent him a text saying, “Hey big head, miss me?” then I went to get dinner prepared.

Dinner was Yam, egg and vegetables. I got the items out and started cooking; I needed to do this before mum came home ‘cos she’d start shouting at me and I’m not ready for that. It took me 45 minutes to get it done; I’d not finished setting the table when the whole fam got in, I greeted my parents and helped them drop their bags in the room then went down to have dinner. After dinner, I cleaned up the kitchen, said goodnight to my parents and siblings then went up to my room.

I saw my phone blinking and that meant I had a text, I checked it and I had 2 missed calls from Goke, a text from him and one from Seun. Goke wanted us to hangout soon and I replied with I’d let him know when. Seun wanted me to reply his question but I ignored it, I didn’t need stress in my life.

So, I have two guys after me… Let’s see who gets lucky.

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