Sex with Tobe was magical, he always knew where to hit and how to keep me coming back for more; He made me a freak (for him tho). We fucked everywhere in the house; bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, main compound, we’ve even done it in my house before when my parents weren’t home. We always used protection each time we had sex until one fateful day.

It was a stormy afternoon, I was home alone and bored as usual. I put a call through to Tobe and asked if I could come over, he said yes and I prepared to go. Got to his house and he was waiting for me with loving arms he was extremely happy to see me.

We were about to get down and I brought out the pack of condoms from were he kept them and he refused; he said he wanted to feel me. I was indifferent, it didn’t matter what or how we did it; I just wanted him. He went down on me skin dip and mehn it was the best feeling I’ve ever had. I think he enjoyed it a lot more better than I did cos he let out all his glory into me.

“Babe, I just came in you but don’t worry you’d be fine.” he said

I was worried mehn, I had no experience in this area; I was still a learner. How did I get into this mess? I can’t get pregnant oh, I can’t! What would I tell my mother?. I was just lamenting and Tobe was staring at me, he didn’t even flinch; He just stood up went to the kitchen and brought a cup of water. I looked at it wondering how it’ll solve my problem.

“Just drink it, it’ll help you.”

“How is water going to help me Tobe?”

“Its salty water, it’s going to flush out the sperm. Just drink it up ah.”

I drank it up and left for home after; I was still scared and I didn’t want him to know. I didn’t know who to tell or what to do afterwards, I just had to trust Tobe and his “salty water”.

I was supposed to get my period one week after the “incident” but I didn’t and I got worried so i put a call through to bae. He calmed me and told me not to worry that it was probably delayed. I was calm and didn’t think about it again.

I should have gone for a test at least to be sure ‘cos what happened to me next was my worst nightmare.

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