On this episode, I’m doing a flashback to Aliyah’s younger life to give you guys a deeper insight into her childhood and the reason she became who she is.

I don’t remember ever being in a relationship, I can’t even remember having a toaster; Goke was still just a friend since he hadn’t made a move yet. My first relationship started the moment I got back home.

He was a neighbor and I was the landlord’s daughter, still young and naive. He wasn’t all that physically, he was short and dark skinned; he was Ibo and his name was Tobe. He was everything to me, treated me like a queen and never ceased to show how much he cared. Our love story wasn’t a fairy-tale, it didn’t even start with him asking me out; we just had a vibe and you can never go wrong with a good vibe. You know when you’re in love and you can’t get enough of your partner? That’s how I felt with him. He was everything to me and I was proud of him. We didn’t mind the age difference (he was 7 years older), we promised to love each other till eternity. He always wrote me letters and told his junior brother to give them to me (I wished I kept them), he wasn’t rich but he took care of me the little way he could. He cooked for me, bought me new clothes and made sure I got a good morning and good night text everyday.

“Aliyah, I have something to tell you. I hope you don’t get angry but I really need to talk to you about it, it’s eating me up.” He said one night when we were together.

“You’re scaring me. Just tell me what is going on” I replied looking frantic.

“You know we’ve been dating for a while and it’s one of the best thing to happen to me. I don’t want to chase you away with this request.”

He noticed my uneasiness and decided to go on with it.

“I want us to have sex”. This hit me deep! What was I supposed to say? How should I react? What should I do? I’m a virgin and I don’t even want to do “IT” yet. I just looked at him and walked away… Home was where I needed to be.

I couldn’t possibly have sex with Tobe yet, I don’t even know what it was. I’ve heard my friends talk about it but I’ve never really experienced it; the closest I’ve gotten to a guy is when I sat beside my lab partner in Biology class and he grabbed my hands. What was I going to tell him? I’d just sleep and decide tomorrow.

The next morning, I was going to see Tobe; I had to tell him what I thought. I was gonna tell him I wasn’t interested in having sex yet; I’d tell him and whatever happens after that was fine by me.

“Tobe, I’ve thought about this and I’ve decided that I don’t want to have sex.” As soon as I said this, I saw the disappointment in his face; his mood changed and it was one of the saddest I’ve ever seen him. Instantly, he went in and left me standing outside bewildered. I went in after him and looking back I wish I didn’t.

“How can you tell me you don’t want this? How do I endure? I don’t want anyone but you. I want to feel you” he said. He begged and cajoled me until I finally gave in; instantly his mood was better. If I was wiser, I would have known he just wanted SEX.

It was the most painful thing ever! As soon as he thrust in, I felt something drop from my eyes. I could feel the tear and instantly I was in pain and he was trying his best to ease me into it.

“Please hold on. I’m sorry. It won’t hurt again” were the words he whispered into my ears. It was finally over, I cleaned up and prepared to go home.

That was the beginning of our many sexcapades and finally led to do the one that broke me totally!

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