It’s going to be a busy day for me, one of my lecturers fixed a class so early and I had already made plans to sleep throughout the day. Mr Afolabi, is a very strict man and you dare not miss his class; that’s an automatic F. Like this man marks attendance and it’s not the type were you can sign for someone, he’d call your name and you have to stand up when your name was called. Being late to his class is also a big issue, you’d be sent out and won’t be able to attend any of his classes; he was that strict! His class was by 7, I still had 2 hours to go and I had to be fast if I wanted to make it.

Jeans, White tee and black sneakers was the outfit for the day. I was going to class barefaced, I don’t want to face that man’s wrath; I said goodbye to my roomies and made my way to the cab park which was opposite my hostel. “You people enter with you #30 change oh, I don’t have any change. Its early oh.” Is what the cab driver said when I got there. The first passenger and I entered the cab and we were waiting for the cab to fill up; we still needed 2 people to complete it. I looked at my watch and it was 6.15. “Gate! Gate! 2 passenger. Gate! Gate!” the driver was trying to get passengers. I looked at my watch again and it was 6.25, I needed to leave now or I won’t make it to class. “See baba let’s go, I’d pay for the seats. Please, let’s just go.” I told the driver. The man was reluctant at first but he agreed anyways. I told him to be fast as I was already late. We got to my faculty exactly 6.45, I gave the man #200 and ran to class. “Aunty, collect your change nah” he called after me but I was rushing.

I made it to class 2 minutes before the lecturer came in; That was so close. “Good Morning class. I hope you guys are all here. Remember, I won’t be allowing people in once I close the doors. If you’re not meant to be in this class, please leave.” He said staring at everyone like we just committed a crime. This man is the definition of “short devil”; he has a bald head and wore thick glasses. He always wore big suits and his tummy would be bulging out.

Class was finally over after 2 hours of sitting in that boring lecture; I left class and was looking for a cab when I saw Seun walking towards me; what could he want now?

“Hey you, been long I saw you. Where are you off to?”

“I just finished a class , i’m going to my room to rest.”

“Oh you live on campus now. Lit! How about we hang out later tonight?”

“Umm I don’t know though. I’d text you if I’m free.”

“Alright then would be expecting.”

I hailed a cab and went back to my hostel. I tried calling Goke but it was going to voicemail, maybe he was busy. I got to my room and found my room-mates arguing.

“Why you go talk say na me carry am? Abi nah only me dey stay thi sroom, see babe no vex me oh.” this was obvioulsy Rachel. “Babes calm down nah. You guys should stop shouting.” That was Tolu. I rushed in to the room and saw my room-mates and one other girl I didn’t recognise arguing.

“Aliyah, thank God you’re here. This babe said she’s missing an ear-ring. Please did you see it?” Tolu asked.

I was about to reply when the girl started ranting, “That ear-ring is expensive. I got them from Dubai last year and if i doesn’t come out soon, you guys would see another side of me.”

“Wait a minute, who do you even think you are? What’s this rubbish you’re even saying Are you the first person to go to Dubai? Better shut up now before I lose my temper?” I replied as I was losing my temper already. Tolu was shocked, she kept on staring at me in bewilderment while Rachel was just unbothered. I was just angry and was about to lose my cool, if she doesn’t stop throwing blames, I’d hit he and it’ll turn into a fight.

“Who are you to tell me what to do? I’m missing an item and you guys are the only ones in the room. I’ve been away for a while and haven’t been back until now.” Oh, she was the other room=mate, lol how nice. Someone from the other room walked in , “Sandra, what’s going on here? I heard you shouting.” she was obviously the mad dog’s friend and they both looked alike; two peas in a pod. They had the typical Lagos runs babe look; expensive weave, flashy makeup, long nails and tight clothes.

“Babe, remember the earrings I got on my last trip to Dubai? Well, they’re missing now” Sandra was telling her friend still shouting. I was already losing my patience and I shouted at the both of them, “can you just keep quiet for a minute. Have you even checked your corner, your locker and your things? You’re ranting unnecessarily.” I’d lost my cool, I just went to my bed, plugged in my earphones and left them to sort out their issues. It turned out she lent the earrings to one of her “friends”.

Seun texted me a few hours later and I agreed to meet up with him; this was the worst mistake I ever committed.

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