It is my first day of school and I’m very excited; I was moving into school, I’d be finally free from my parents protection.

“Be careful in school Aliyah. Remember the daughter of whom you are. I don’t want to hear any story oh.” mum said.

“Aliyah, remember all i’ve told you. Don’t keep bad friends. Remember the saying, show me your friends and I’d show you who you are. Abooro l’an so fun omoluabi, to ba de ninu e a d’odindin.” Dad said too.

All their prayers and advice kept ringing in my ears throughout the trip to school. I kept thinking, what if I made bad friends? What if I fell in love with the wrong guy? What if I was a bad girl? I pushed the negative thoughts out of my head and decided to be a good child as I’ve always been.

My hostel was the famous Moremi hostel, the residence of the biggest girls on campus. Mum was amazed at the way the girls were dressed. They were wearing bum shorts walking around the school; I was even wowed. You need to see the different cars parked at the car lot, the amount of guys that came to pick up girls; the hostel was bubbling.

“Wo Aliyah, tin ba ri e pelu awon girls buruku yii, ma pa e afi to ba jepe emi ko ni mo bi e (Wo Aliyah, if i see you with these wayward girls, i’d kill you except its not me that gave birth to you)” mum said in anger.

“Iya Aliyah, calm down. You need to trust your daughter to heed all our advice. We’ve brought her up well, give her some breathing space.” dad said in my support.

Dad has always been my rider, he always has my back and only admonished me when I was wrong whilst mum was a Kung-fu fighter, Jagunlabi one of Africa. She complains about everything I do; even when I do the right thing, she’d find a fault. Notwithstanding, I know they’re just her way of showing how much she loves and cares for me.

My parents left after I’d moved in; I had two room-mates, the last one hadn’t moved in yet. I share a bunk with Tolu, she was a 200 level student of mass communication. She is smallish looking and has a tweety voice. My other roommate Rachel, is a Ratchet type of girl. She had 4 piercings on both ears and she was the life of the room; I knew I was going to have fun with these girls.

I unpacked and arranged my clothes in my locker and jumped on my bed. I put a call through to Goke and he picked up after 2 rings.

“Hey baby, How are you?” he said

“I’m fine and you?”

“I’m fine just busy with work.”

“I just moved into school and I wanted to let you know.”

“Oh that’s beautiful. What hostel are you in? And hope your room-mates are not troublesome?”

“I’m in Moremi. My room-mates don’t seem like they’re one. I’m still getting used to the environment and having to share my room with other people”

“Lol. I know how that feels. How about I come over from work and take you out , what do you say?”

“Alright no problem. Just let me know when you get here.”

We spoke for a while and then I hung up. Goke was a really caring person, the way he treats me like a baby is really sweet. I get goosebumps just seeing a text or a call from him, it was almost as if he had my mumu button. Goke was the best thing to even happen to me so far. I can’t count how many times he’d taken me out and spent lavishly on me. He treats me like his queen and I’m not even one. I mean, I’ve not even said yes to him yet.

Goke texted me saying he’d be done with work around 4pm and he should be in my hopstel by 5 or 6 pm. I had two hours to dress up, it was 2pm. I had to figure out what to wear and all the other stuffs, I didn’t have time.

I had a black palazzo in my box and i paired it with a white body-con top and wore black heels; if I know Goke, we’re going somewhere fancy. I quickly did my makeup and looked at myself in the mirror, I was looking like a snack; Goke would be wowed.

He finally arrived at half past four, a man of his words. Seeing me, he was short of words; I’d cleaned up so bad, I wasn’t the Aliyah he used to meet in front of my father’s house anymore.. I was Aliyah, The Slay Queen.

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