He stared at me for a few minutes and I could see the desire in his eyes; he wanted me and I wanted him too, the only problem here was who’s gonna make the first move? Was it me, Aliyah or him?

“Tell me what’s on your mind” I said.

“You look so good babe. I just want to…” He says whilst walking towards me.

I walk towards him and kiss him, taking charge. He was hesitant at first but he kisses me back too; the kiss was filled with burning desire and need. We didn’t want to let go of ourselves.

His hands were running all over my body and I shivered a little. I longed for him, needed his touch and wanted him.

“I can’t take it any longer because I want you now.”

He places a finger on my lips and whispers into my ears, “calm down babe, you’d have me soon”.

He gently pushes me on the bed not breaking the kiss, slips a finger into me and I moan a little, oh that felt good. Almost immediately, he slips another in and gently thrusts in, deeper and slowly. I moaned some more, louder this time.

“Keep quiet angel, don’t wake the neighbors.”

He puts his mouth on my nipple, sucking it like a hungry baby and I lost my breath. I just wanted him and I wanted all of him.

“Take me Alex, Take me now!”

As if he was waiting for me to beg, he slid into me thrusting deeply. With each thrust, I moaned his name. God, it felt so good.

“Don’t stop Daddy, Don’t stop.” I moaned eagerly.

He thrust more deeply and faster and I was almost at my peak, he moaned loudly and collapsed on top of me. We got lost in each other at the same time.

We fell asleep admist the smell of sex in the air; I was finally where I wanted to be.

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