I was spread out like a turkey prepared for Thanksgiving Sunday… Yes, my legs were spread wide. He kept staring at me like I was a meal… Okay, I was at the moment but then I wanted to be treated with more respect; I’d have to admit I really like being spread out like this. He tied my wrists to the bed and told me not to make a sound. He got down on me and as soon as he stuck his tongue in, I moaned and my body shook. His tongue felt even better than his dick did… I’m exaggerating but damn, this felt so good. His tongue went deeper in me and I moaned louder than before. With each thrust of his tongue, he rubbed my clit with his fingers; I was blown away. He kept on doing this until I poured out my juices, he licked them up and kissed me.

You taste so damn good, I’d like you to taste yourself too.

He moved his lips up to my chest and started kissing me all over again. He inserted a finger inside me and started thrusting it in and increased the number of fingers he had in me. I wanted to hold him but I couldn’t cos of the restraints.

“I want you so bad.. I want to take you again.” he said huskily as he took out his fingers from inside me. He rubbed his cock against me and I could feel he was really hard.

“Take me now.. I want you to fill me up.” I whispered, taking charge. Before I knew it, he was on top of me again and his cock was rubbing against my folds.

“I hope you’re ready cos this would be better than the last one.” He said as he slid in to me. He went in deep and fast and I moaned loudly. the pleasure I felt wasn’t like the first time, this one was different and better. As his speed increased, I moaned louder causing him to groan loudly as well.

“You like it don’t you? Tell me how bad you want me… Speak you dirty skank.” He said still thrusting in deep.

“Alex, please don’t stop. Go deeper and faster.. Please don’t stop.” I whispered slowly.

He increased the speed and thrusted in deeply not caring if it hurt or not.. It didn’t thank heavens. After a few minutes, we both orgasmed and he nutted all over my body again. He loosened the restraints and we lay down and went to sleep. I didn’t care about the stench of sex ooozing in the room, I just slept. I woke up an hour later to the smell of food… It smelt really nice and I rushed to eat it, I was really hungry! I heard water running and I figured Alex was in the shower. After eating, I went straight to the bathroom and I met him cleaning up himself. I stared at his body and it looked better with water running through it. I wanted him to take me again in the shower but I don’t think my body can handle it. I just stood and when he noticed me, he smiled and walked out. I got in the shower and put on the tap; the water felt so good on my body, it calmed me down. I used his soap well it was the only one there and I imagined him running it through my body. I took my time rubbing my body as I thought he was with me. I ran my fingers across my breasts and I moaned a little. I teased my nipples till they were erect, I tugged at them and kept on running them through my fingers. As I did this, I moaned a little. It felt so good and I got horny again… I wanted Alex and I wanted him to take me from the back.

I rinsed my body and went into the room to dress… Alex was dressed already and was waiting for me to come out.

“I see you’ve eaten already. Did you like it?” He asked as I came out of the bathroom.

“Oh yes, You’re a really good cook.” I replied

“I’d be waiting for you downstairs cos looking at you in this towel is making my thoughts go south and you really don’t want that.”

“How would you know what I want and not want? You really don’t know how long I’ve planned and waited for this moment.” I said and dropped the towel waiting for his next move.

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