His house was far from beautiful, it was glamorous. It was a 3,000 square foot house sitting on an acre of land in a very private and secluded area on the island. The gate to the main house wasn’t a walking distance, you had to drive to and fro; it was that big. Alex was rich but why was he acting like a broke ass, not like I cared though.

“This is my cubicle, hope you like it. This is where I lay low when things get too rough for me.” He said as he led me into the living room.

“You should see my room in school only then would you understand the real meaning of cubicle.” I say laughing loudly.

“Well, I’m glad you like it. Get comfortable and make yourself at home.”

He went upstairs and left me in the living room.. still bewildered, I walk around and stare in astonishment at his “cubicle”. There was a picture of a lady on the wall where he kept his awards and stuff, she was beautiful and looked really elegant; Who is she? A girlfriend? His wife? I was starting to get jealous and it didn’t always end well. I walked back to the couch and sat down waiting for his return. I don’t know why I’m threatened, we’re not even dating yet and I’m already having such thoughts. I push the negativity away and focused more on having a good time.

He came down and he had taken off what he was wearing earlier, he was shirt-less and wore a grey sweat; allow me to say he looked breath taking here. He jumped right next to me and was just staring at me, I stared right back; a vibe was created here and trust me it was a good one mixed with dirty thoughts. I could tell he wanted me too which was a good thing. He wasn’t desperate and that was very nice, he was taking things slow just how I like it. Staring at him was becoming my favorite pastime as there’s always something new about him each time. Today, he was looking extremely different maybe cos he was at home so he had this lazy and playful vibe to him.

“Would you like anything to eat or drink? Excuse my bad manners please”

“Water would be nice, I had something to eat before you came to get me.”

“Well, I’d still cook for you. I promised you lunch.” he said before going to the kitchen.

He brought water and a plate of cookies, chocolate dipped ones. We ate and talked about everything we could think of. All of a sudden, we stopped talking and everywhere was silent; you could hear a pin drop at this moment. I stared into his eyes searching for answers and I got none, he was blank; I played with my fingers nervously and was getting uncomfortable since we weren’t talking anymore. Suddenly, he moved closer and put his arms around me and kissed me; It wasn’t a normal kiss and move thingy, he kissed me with desire. He kissed me like I haven’t been kissed before, there was hunger in his eyes; a burning desire that needed to be fueled.

Brethren, this was the moment I’ve been waiting for and I didn’t fail you guys.

I kissed him back with the same hunger and desire he had and damn, I felt so good. HE lifted me up in one simple move and took me upstairs not letting go of each other’s lips as we ascended the stairs. He broke our kiss as we got to his room, opened the door and continued kissing me; he dropped me on the bed and wait back to lock the door. The lights were off save the lamp by his bed and I was already hot and ready for him. He climbed the bed and pulled me closer to him, his hands were all over my body and I was already getting goose bumps; I loved his hands on me. We kissed again but this time it was deeper than before and extremely sloppy. He got on top of me and took off my blouse, I thanked myself for picking lacy underwear today. He unclasp my bra and took one of my nipples in his mouth, he bit on it and I moaned a little loud. He stuffed my mouth with my bra, tied my hands with a rope I didn’t even know he had on him and it was at this moment I knew it was gonna get real! He told me not to make a sound as he would not take it lightly with me.

What did that mean? I asked myself expecting an answer that wasn’t gonna come.

He took the same nipple in his mouth and licked the tip with his tongue slowly and very sloppily. My legs shook and my body quivered, he was hitting my spot. He bit down on it and even though I wanted to scream, I couldn’t. he rubbed the other one and moved to it, doing the same thing also. His hands moved downwards touching my thighs and rubbing them slowly. He moved a little bit upwards and touched my already wet panties.

“Someone is a little naughty girl. How bad do you want daddy? tell me how bad you want me you little whore.” he said. Even thought the words were a little bit harsh, I still got turned on by them.

It was like he knew what I wanted to hear and didn’t hold it back. He pulled the panties off, sniffed them and threw them to one corner of his room. He took in my scent and said, “You smell really good. We’d have had a problem if you didn’t cos I wouldn’t be able to taste you and I do really want to taste you.”

Hell, I was already dripping. I just wanted him to thrust in deeply and hard and fuck me like the whore he thinks I am. As if he could read my thoughts, he stuck a finger in deeply and pulled it out; I moaned. He put it in his mouth, licked it and put it back in me. Oh shit, this felt extremely good and I didn’t want it to stop. He added extra fingers and fucked me fast and hard and when I thought I was gonna cum, he took out his fingers; that was torture but it helped build my need and want for him. He undressed and climbed back on top of me continuing with finger fucking me… When he noticed I was already at the brink of a huge orgasm, He slid in fast and hard; I gasped for air. He was just as I thought he would be. He filled me up entirely and was touching my spot. He thrusted really fast and I just wanted to scream but I couldn’t.

With each thrust, he grunted and moaned a little. After what seemed like hours, he finally orgasmed and poured out his seed all over my body. He took out the bra, freed my hands and I let out a soft moan. I orgasmed and let my juices flow down my thighs.

Now it’s time to taste you.

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