It is finally the day of my date with Alex, oh how I would love to moan his name all night long; I just wanted him for one night only if that wasn’t too much too ask for. He made arrangements for the “date” a week ago and only told me he’d send details when it was time. I was nervous. I didn’t know what his plans were or how I should dress and this right here is a big problem, A major one infact. It was a lunch date, that’s the only thing he told me and I just hope I won’t be caught unawares. Surprises aren’t my thing so I try as much as possible to know everything going on around me. My phone chimed and rescued me from my thoughts, it’s from him.

“Dress Casually And Please Don’t Wear Heels, It’s For Your Own Good. P.s Wear Shorts, Your Legs Look Amazing.”

He always writes the first words in his text in capital letters, he said it was a habit he’s grown in to. His texts always have a playful vibe to them and this one was by far the best. A casual date? No heels? Shorts? Definitely, we are not going anywhere fancy. The biggest and most important question is, Why does he want me to show off my legs? Well, I’d just have to find out later. I’m all alone in my room with no one to help me dress or even come up with a good dress code, my room-mates decided to go out without me. Rachael said “Have a nice date with your man… We’d try not to have fun without you.” So yeah, nah only me waka come. The text said to dress casual and to wear shorts so I chose a Jean shorts from my closet and picked a tee from Rachael’s. He doesn’t know I’m a sneaker girl and I decide to shock him so I pick my favorite Nike.

Its still 10 am in the morning so I really don’t have to rush but knowing myself I have to do these now so I’d be ready before lunch. I quickly prepare breakfast, its not much btw… Bread, egg and sausages; That was my go to meal when I want to indulge myself. After eating, I text Rachael to tell her my plans, she didn’t text back so I’m guessing she’s busy. It’s a minute past past 11 and with nothing to do, I decide to tackle my makeup, with that out of the way I’d be ready in no time. I shower first then head to my dressing table and start the beauty process. Makeup isn’t a big deal to me, I usually just draw my brows and powder my face but today I wanted to look extra nice for my date; full face makeup but a natural one was my go to for today. It took me 45 minutes to achieve the look I wanted cos I kept on changing the lipstick colour. I was finally done and dressed, the only thing I was waiting for was Alex’s text which came in almost immediately.

“I Hope You’re Dressed, There’s A Cab Coming To Get You And He Should Be There In 5 Minutes. Please Don’t Be Late.”

This is romantic but very creepy.. Why isn’t he picking me up himself? What is really going on? Like I said earlier I hate surprises and this right here is getting me scared.

As if he knew what I was thinking, he sent another text message which read… “Come Down Quickly, We Don’t Have All Day.” I pack my stuff into my bag.. charger, ear phones, makeup purse and some other things. I drop a note for my room-mates since none of them was replying, lock up my room and head outside. What I saw was a beautiful sight, Alex was looking like… I think you guys already know how he looks; damn my man is fine as hell. Hew wore black shorts and a blue tank top with converse sneakers. His hair was properly trimmed and his eyes shown bright. He was smiling at me and I was blushing from head to toe, I walked up to him and we hugged.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” I asked as we entered the car.

“If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise.”

“Talking about surprises, please tell me you don’t have any tricks up your sleeve cos I can’t take any more.”

“Just sit back and enjoy the ride.” he said to me while motioning to the driver to start the trip.

The driver drove out of school and took us to the island. I really don’t know much about the route he took but i know we were headed towards Ikoyi. He noticed I was getting tense and he held my hands and reassured me with a smile. We got to a very beautiful house and the driver parked, he paid him and we got down.

“Welcome to my lovely abode, I hope you like it.”

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