I was waiting for this moment for a long time but still I couldn’t speak, I opened my mouth but nothing came out; I was lost in this mans eyes. They were blue and they seemed to sparkle when light reflected on it, they were beautiful.

“Aliyah, is everything okay? You seem dazed?” he said

“Ermm.. Ermm.. Ermm..” I stutter. This didn’t even shock me at all, I always get nervous when I’m around guys I like especially cute ones. Well Rachael came to my rescue and I was so happy.

“She’s a little stressed from the workout session we had earlier. We did a little cardio exercise before you got here” she said smiling. I looked at her and smiled sheepishly. she didn’t even acknowledge my smile, she just walked away. That is Rachael being crafty and I think I know what she’s planning.

“You don’t seem to talk much, are you shy or is it that you just are around me?”

“No, c’mon, It’s not like that. I don’t just talk much, I’d rather listen than contribute in a conversation.”

“Well, I would like to talk with you and I hope you’d be part of the conversation. Is a breakfast date okay with you?”

Here’s the part where I act all busy so I don’t seem like an easy girl… Yes, I have to do this. I can’t let him know I’d rather be strewn over a table with my legs hanging in the air for him to beat me up. Yesssssssssss, My juices are flowing for this man and he doesn’t even know.

“Oh I’m sorry. I have some work to catch up on plus my friend and i already made breakfast plans. Can we reschedule?” I said smiling. Let’s hope he buys it ‘cos I don’t even want to lose my chance with this man.

“Oh wow, that’s quite sad. I was really looking forward to spending time with you. Tbh, I really enjoy your company and I want us to be more than gym buddies.”

Wait, is this man asking me out or am I just imagining it? The insecurites roll in pretty much immediately… why me?, I’m not even beautiful?, I’m a mess, he could get anyone else but why me?, Do I look like “sex”?

“I know you must be shocked about my approach… well, I thought the earlier I tell you, the better. I just want to be friends, I promise I don’t bite.”

“This is a little bit weird. You don’t even know me and we haven’t even had a convo before today.”

“Lol, seriously? That’s not even a good excuse. It’s the lamest I’ve heard so far.” he said while laughing. I laughed too and I realised he was really fun to be around. We exchange cards and we went our separate ways… I went back to where Rachael was standing waiting for deets while he went to meet his other clients. Rachael was really excited when I told her about it and she was already planning something. She promised to lay out her plans once she was done with them so I focused on training. I really didn’t ‘cos I kept staring at “my man”… oh wait his name is Alex.

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