Rachael and I became best-friends… We did everything together and were always around ourselves. She brought out a side of me I didn’t know existed, she was the best friend I never had and I loved her so much; Our friendship was envied by many, we were called “friendship goals”… We brought out the best in each other and that was enough for me.

It is saturday and the skies are blue… I was supposed to go to the gym with Rachael; we just started this journey and it was very thrilling, but she is kinda reluctant.

“Aliyah, must we go to the gym? I don’t understand how gyming would solve my boy issues.’ She hasn’t forgotten Goke but she is really trying and I was there to encourage her.

“We’re going today and there’s nothing you can do about it. You better get your flat ass up from the bed and get ready.” I tell her whist getting ready.

She didn’t argue, she just got up and strarted dressing; she listens to me and its one reason I adore her. We got dressed and went for our intense workout. Our gym was close to school and we had a really cute instructor, one i’m lowkey digging but I’m too proud to make a move; he’s the reason why I go to the gym regularly… Dude looks like caramel dipped in chocolate, mixed in rainbows and sunshine and wrapped with bows; he was that fine. He’s Chris Hemsworth in Idris Elba’s Body With R.M.D’s swag… Oh God, i’m about to explode.

We get to the gym and “Mr fine boy” is nowhere to be found, today is not just my day. I became uneasy and Rachael noticed.. She gave me the “get to working out cos i’m not doing this alone” look; she had so many looks and this was her favorite. She didn’t know about the instructor yet but I planned to tell her if anything happened between the both of us. Yes, I was praying, hoping and dreaming it would cos I have these thoughts in my head that I want to experiment and only with him.

He walked in few minutes later looking so damn fine.. His chest was bouncing underneath his tank top and his muscles were just looking so built, I wanted to grab his arm. He had on a grey sweat pant and I can swear I saw a bulge; I think I’m dreaming ‘cos he can’t have that not when I haven’t given him me yet, when I aven’t even gone down on him or better still, I haven’t taken him in. If Rachael knows this she’d call me a hoe and give me a long sermon of how I shouldn’t be having these thoughts. I couldn’t stop staring and at some point, my mouth was watering, I tried so hard to look away but it was just too hard; my guy was perfect!

In my trance, I could hear him talk to me and touch me, unknown to me he was right in front of me trying to get my attention and it was Rachael who brought me back to reality. I don’t have to type “I was embarassed” cos obviously you guys know how that situation would look like.

What happened next was very very intense.

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